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  1. I wouldn't do pics I can take again, but I'm concentrating on foreign travel - places I can't see myself getting back to for a while. I'm only doing pics that a) have potential and don't live up to that potential due to my lack of Photoshop expertise at the time. Others I find are getting deleted.
  2. I'm trying to upload some images now but the uploads are simply stopping at about 6%. Is it just me or a system thing?
  3. I'm doing that right now. Some of mine from the past have very poor colour saturation and very low contrast. When I haven't got any new photos to go through, or need a change, I go back through my old travel stuff and redo the ones with most potential. I also find, when going back to my drive fill of RAW files, that there are some I didn't bother processing back then and are worth doing.
  4. Maybe a new thing in Alamy Measures to highlight images that have been on file for years with views but no zooms, to help culling.
  5. Very few images are competing against 50m others. Some searches still bring up only a handful of results - if you photograph things other people aren't doing, the size of the whole collection doesn't matter so much.
  6. I had a book cover - also crime fiction - in Poland and I didn't get anything like that much.
  7. Remember you can opt out on a regional basis - you can keep Japan and drop the Czech Republic if you want, and I could understand why you would.
  8. (05 31.43) only 2 sales 06 96.87 07 70.93 08 58.33 09 49.01 10 43.82 11 33.67 12 36.47 13 24.20 14 27.14 These are NET, but show a similar pattern
  9. Just got back from the shops and found three of those nice $180 textbook sales had appeared. Things are looking good
  10. You mention Scotland. That might be worth a try. We don't hear much about them in these parts but you could get lucky and hit on some news story we haven't heard about.
  11. A couple of weeks ago I was photographing the cleaning of Big Ben and was approached by someone who ran a London website. He seemed really interested, took my card and website details and said he'd get in touch. He didn't.
  12. Looking up for me - 14 sales (16 - two refunds), mostly last week, and some good zooms on individual images, as well as finding one in the Telegraph Monday morning. Why is it that my fortunes always seem to be the opposite of most other forum?members?
  13. and a greenie for Betty - no particular reason, just so you don't get stuck on 100 for ever.
  14. I tried exactly that a few years ago, putting all my sold and zoomed images together - but as mentioned above, the inevitable happened. I got one psuedo with a really high ranking and one on the last page. I do now have several different pseudos, but arranged by subject matter. I have far more travel pictures than studio images, for instance, and the studio pics do much better and have a much higher ranking. It depends on how you see it - either your better images are helping out the worse ones, or the less good are holding back the best. One really useful side of pseudos is for viewing
  15. Bad pun, already made above. Deleted
  16. I hope sales to Scotland won't be through a distributor in future.
  17. Quite a good first week - 6 sales and no insulting amounts. Also two pics found in the papers for future money. This week? - two of those sales refunded and resold at half the price. Still, it's only Tuesday.
  18. As a general starting rule: Two cameras. one with a 17-105 zoom, shutter priority, ISO 200 BUT set to auto ISO, min shutter speed 100-150, max ISO 800 the other with a 70-300 zoom, shutter priority, ISO 200 but also on auto, min shutter 320-400th. That way I'm set up for quick grab shots at any focal length. If I want more depth of field for something, I can always change the settings. I didn't realise my cameras had auto ISO until I read something on here. I have found it EXTREMELY useful, especially when covering news or sport. RAW and auto white balance.
  19. I tend to put place names in English and the local language. I'm sure most people do know the English names but I can imagine a citizen of Rome typing in Roma by force of habit and I have certainly had images of Venice come up in searches for 'Venezia' before now. I wouldn't go mad though - the Italian name for Munich is Monaco, things could get confusing.
  20. I have done it on occasions. I recently did a search to see what Alamy already had and misspelled/mis-spellt the search word - I got over 250 results. I can't remember the actual term, but I did include the ronglee spelt one on that occasion. I often do it with hyphenated words where nobody seems to be sure what's right - double-handed / double handed / doublehanded. I wouldn't bother wasting time wondering how people might misspell something unless I'm unsure myself.
  21. not necessarily... km Keith, you live in the UK. Alamy is based in the UK I live in Belgium and there are as good as no Alamy publications in the Belgian press. In other words, there's very little demand (by Alamy's customers) for pictures of Belgian traffic wardens, Belgian supermarkets, Belgian courthouses, etc. So, yes it pays for some foreign contributors to travel in order to make sales at Alamy. Besides, my only costs are diesel and toll (No hotels nor restaurants, I sleep and eat in my little van). Hey, you only live once. I also like to see with my own eyes what's on
  22. I never batch process anything, except for adding keywords to multiple similar images. I do each image individually and try to get at least 100 a week done (on average). With twenty thousand images and ten years with Alamy that's an average of about 40 a week, though I am now full time and not limited to weekends and school holidays. If you are doing nothing else (like being out taking photos) 20 or 30 a day isn't that many, though it does often feel like a lot more. (If anyone knows of a job in a school in the Maidstone area. let me know).
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