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  1. I tend to put everything as 'requires PR / haven't got one' for anything man-made and identifiable. In other words, if there's the slightest possibility that someone could see it and say 'that's mine' or 'I made that'. 

    I make an exception for ancient Roman coins that I own, but that's about it.

    Erring on the side of caution, I know, and I hope I'm not losing hundreds of sales as a result. 

  2. I find the old version really useful. It's much better if you have a lot of similar images and you want to do some cutting and pasting of captions or keywords. 

    I also find the 'is it a cutout?' feature useful. Not because it is in any way relevant, but because I like to check captions and keywords twice.

    I do them once to get them on sale then, maybe a couple of weeks later, I take another look by selecting the "on sale but needs more details" option.

    I then go through them again, ticking the 'cut out or not' button, to show ME that I have finished. 

  3. Once again the irritating little 'Chat Now' thing is obscuring data and I can't do anything to get rid of or even move it. Yes, I can do a quick subtraction and work the number it's covering up but it's that irritating little blob that I really want to subtract. Is it just me?

  4. I'd say the more information available in graphs, the better. The 'most useful' varies from person to person. See above.

    The most interesting, if not important, stat for me is the earnings per image. Seeing a 10% rise in income is all very well, but misleading if you've doubled your portfolio in that time.

    Having said that, it's also been the most depressing stat recently. After five years of consistent earnings per image, almost to the penny, in the last year it has almost halved.

    My net income has remained almost unchanged, but I've grown my image collection by about 50%.


    Of course, it's not that hard to produce any of these graphs yourself, even though it's a lot more convenient to have Alamy do it for you.


    this is just a heads up for Alamy:  in the little box at the bottom left of the blue graph it says I have 8 sales this month but if I click the grey button to the right titled "View your sales History" it takes me to the older page which shows 9 little thumbnails of sales this month. 


    One of the images is listed as selling twice; same German client, two different amounts.


    not losing any sleep over it



    Similar problem for me but the other way round. The figure shows 17 more sales than I've actually had this month.

    Interestingly, 17 is the number of NU sales that have come through. It a bit ironic if they count double!

    I still like the new look - it needs a couple of glitches sorted out.

  6. I know the amounts are tiny, but the interesting thing is that, with a couple of exceptions, the images that have sold for novel use haven't sold otherwise, suggesting that it really is a different market.

    Though looking at what has sold NU, I really can't see a pattern to why certain pictures do and others don't.

    I've made $120 (net) from novel use over the years - that's the equivalent of quite a few regular sales these days.

  7. I like it. yes, it took a while to find the forum and Net Revenue, but I especially like the fact that you can see whether there are any images passed and waiting to be keyworded, without having to go to the submissions screen.


    Though I must say, being faced with the sales graph every time I log on is a bit depressing.




    Just noticed a mistake. Looking at the sales figures for 6mths and 1 year, the figures up the side of the graph go -  $500; $1K; $2K; $2K; $3K.......

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