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  1. Putting your home address in the keywords is cheating!
  2. Today equaled the number of sales I made last year - over a month to go. Money received isn't as high yet, but given the change in commission that's not surprising - not that far short and still hoping to beat last year's total.
  3. I tried diversifying into video - which meant looking for a new agent. When I found one I discovered they sell short clips of music as well. So I bought a cheap manuscript composing software program, dusted off my O Level harmonising skills and started writing string quartets and piano duets. There's half an idea to link them with suitable video footage one day to make a complete package - if I ever write anything suitable. I do it at weekends mostly, so I don't feel like it's getting in the way of doing something that might actually make some money one day.
  4. This month I've had more $$$ sales than I can remember for years. Normally the first half of the month is quieter for me and I always keep my fingers crossed that the floodgates will open in the last week. This month has been great so far and hopefully, when the newspapers report, it will get better. I hope I'm not sounding too smug or boastful - I just want to point out that these things go up and down and it's impossible to deduce a trend from a couple of months' sales.
  5. In theory the ranking system does deal with this. I have always thought that the way the search engine decides which images are seen first is THE MOST IMPORTANT feature of the whole Alamy business. I'm not sure how this works now - it doesn't seem to be as straightforward as it used to be.
  6. I recently bought three bars of chocolate - dark, milk and white - with the plan: Buy chocolate, photograph chocolate, eat chocolate. Somehow managed to get it in the wrong order and had to buy more chocolate.
  7. Best start to the month ever - sorry. It goes up and down. The bigger and more varied the portfolio, the greater the chance of consistent sales. I've got quite a few on file and my income still goes up and down like a (not very enthusiastic) yoyo.
  8. I got several today of that prime minister who will be resigning tomorrow (fingers crossed) You were missed - you had something better to do?
  9. I had a book cover two days ago for a very healthy amount. I've had covers that left me with $20 before - this one was a nice $$$
  10. Yes, that does make sense. Thanks. I think adding "better updated version available, see 2HK4NSV " as mentioned above is the best plan.
  11. This has been interesting to read. I can't find anything in the contract about changing / deleting captions and tags once images are on sale. I do it rather a lot. Can anyone point me to the relevant info?
  12. Get a cheap but good camera that gets you access to a professional system so you can upgrade easily. I'd recommend the Nikon D7000 / D7100. £200-300 secondhand and brilliant quality.
  13. I used to shoot RAW backed up with JPEGs on the second memory card. When doing live news I used the JPEGs but now I just do RAW for everything, news included. It's an extra 2 seconds to get the file open and if I need a bit of exposure or contrast adjustment I do that in RAW first before converting. I know time is of the essence in filing live news, but I'd rather have better quality images going through two minutes later. Most of my 'news' sales come later as stock anyway rather than next day newsprint and I like to spend more time getting better quality stock to replace the ones I did in a hurry on a laptop in a cafe in Westminster.
  14. Well this one's had a couple of sales recently - I quite like it.
  15. I suspect most Germans who have used the German language website will have soon reverted to the English one - or a German distributor - after pulling most of their hair out. The translating software used for captions and keywords is brilliant for comedy but not for accurate information - or business purposes.
  16. Buy a cheap fisheye lens and shoot from the hip. Fast shutter speed, f8, a hundred random photos, 3 or 4 of them will be good.
  17. Is it about BIT depth? I use Elements and you have to change to 8 bit to use the transform tool but grown-up PS might be different. I know If I try to save a file in 16 BIT in Elements it doesn't give the JPEG option. If I change to 8 BIT, it appears. (Edit - I see MDM above has said the same thing)
  18. I still do invigilating at the school where I used to work full-time. GCSE and A Level Photography are now exams in Photoshop - the kids hardly go near a camera. It's all rather depressing.
  19. Statues and stained glass windows. (If you were down here I wouldn't mention it, but if you promise to stick to Liverpool.....) Having had a look at your stuff, I see you're doing statues already. They do well for me.
  20. Glad you found a way of sorting it out. I've recently abandoned the habit of taking JPEGs alongside RAWs. Processing in the field takes a couple of extra mouse clicks but I'm much happier with my workflow.
  21. Well done. It's a nice shot and getting any sales at all with only 196 images on file is quite an achievement.
  22. Yes, this happens a lot, and it's why I was very disappointed when they stopped displaying the keywords in alphabetical order. They were a lot easier to find then, but it didn't last long.
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