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  1. It looks like it could be some species of Rock Thrush - possible immature or female? It certainly looks thrushy
  2. I have always used Elements. For basic editing and tweaking levels, exposure, contrast, colour and general cleaning up etc. it is perfectly fine. I imagine if you are into much more creative arty stuff with loads of manipulation that takes ages to work on, you'd be better off with something else,.
  3. Not sure how photos of Frank Sinatra in 1974 or Tom Sellick in 1996 deserve a place on the Live News feed today - even if they have added today's date to the caption.
  4. Tagging certainly depends on subject matter and some subjects require more keywords than other.
  5. I have no problems with the concept of 'discoverability'. If it was measured by how many of the fields - mandatory and optional - had been filled in, it could be very useful. But as it stands it is in direct conflict with what used to be the thinking behind the whole Alamy ranking system - which rewarded relevant keywording and discouraged keyword spamming.
  6. Ignore the bar. Just ignore it. Really - ignore it. I'm a big fan of almost everything Alamy do (almost) but this 'discoverability' is simply a waste of time. Use keywords that are relevant to the image. The more the better IF they are relevant. NEVER add more just to change the colour of the bar. I have nearly 40,000 images on Alamy - 55 of them are 'optimised', about 1500 have 'good discoverability'. I'm OK with that.
  7. Might be the same for me, it's hard to tell. I tend to check IM more frequently than my emails, so I just delete the messages when I see them as I've usually edited them already.
  8. Yes, maybe it was just four days late, rather than early.
  9. I had an email from Alamy this morning telling me my images had passed QC. They haven't. Just me?
  10. Captions - as long as they need to be. But remember, if they go over a certain length, they move to 'other information' on the optional page. This can be useful if you want to include information that you don't to come up in searches (the 'other info' isn't searchable, the caption is). For instance, do a search for any tennis player and you will get loads of unwanted results for other players - who happened to be playing that person at the time so are mentioned in the caption. Tags - as many as are relevant. IGNORE the little orange line that turns green when your image suddenly becomes "optimised". NEVER add a tag you don't think is relevant just to make the line change colour. I add captions and keywords before uploading. It helps if you submit (might start submitting) to another agency. I then check and add/delete/correct spelling at the IM stage.
  11. The Image Manager seems to have problems with basic European diacritic marks like accents, so I doubt it would cope with the Japanese alphabet.
  12. Brilliant! Thanks for that - I don't sell much tennis stuff so it's nice to see them get used occasionally.
  13. Thanks - that's intriguing. Wondering which one of my sport photos is in a book of ghost stories!
  14. You probably mis-captioned a fire hydrant as 'definitely not a fire hydrant'.
  15. I would like to think a bit of discretion will be used. If you get a bank robbery in progress or the prime minister being struck by lightening (sorry, is it just me?) then filing within an hour should be not only possible but common sense. I and others here spend a lot of time hanging around College Green in Westminster waiting to pounce on unsuspecting politicians and sometimes hang around for two or three hours before filing the images. I doubt that Alamy would reject the first ones I took that morning because they were taken more than 61 minutes ago. As has been mentioned above, the guidelines say "aim" to file within an hour. I think that has always been the case.
  16. Thanks - that pic of Boots get used somewhere every time they get in the news
  17. I asked for an explanation of this, mentioning that I would post the reply on the forum. Here it is: "This is part of our new simplified popular pricing licenses that we have been testing with market addressable customers. These have proven very successful for both customers and contributors. Customers are entitled to use the image in each of the mentioned uses but from our experience, customers do have a specific use in mind and won't be using it in each area, it simply makes things a lot easier and simpler for customers looking to license images on an ad hoc basis."
  18. That's only happened to me once or twice, but the last time was on Thursday - and I was sitting next to another photographer who uploaded at the same time and her pics didn't appear either. When uploading live news I NEARLY always wait until the images appear before leaving the cafe or wherever and going out to take more photos. This time I didn't, and didn't find the problem until I was on the way home. Uploading has been very slow recently and, it seems, a bit less than reliable. I sent a submission via FTP on Friday. Hours later it hadn't appeared, so I sent it again and, of course, now everything is there twice.
  19. If it said "one of the following" it might be OK, but it says "one of EACH of the following" which is ridiculous. If it's a misprint it needs to be changed very quickly.
  20. I had three of these yesterday: Country: Worldwide"Usage: Business use, One of each of the following uses: Personal use, presentation, internal communication, student project, reference for artist, personal website, personal social media, personal print or card, business website, small book (up to 1000 print run, excluding cover use), small magazine/newspaper (up to 1000 print run), a digital marketing campaign. Worldwide license. Excludes advertising.Start: 21 March 2019Duration: In perpetuity" One of EACH - not one of the following. "Use for as many things as you want all over the world forever" If the fee was $12,000, OK. It wasn't.
  21. All of it, every time. If you have a lot of similar images to do, they can often be done in bulk anyway, with a few tweaks.
  22. If the camera strap is long enough it's easy to just grab the camera and use it like that with the strap still over the shoulder. I tend to have the telephoto over the right shoulder and the second camera either over the left or more often the old amateur 'round the neck' style, especially if I'm walking along getting very wide-angle not-looking-through-the-viewfinder street shots, which I usually am when wandering around London.
  23. I've never seen the attraction of camera straps that attach to the tripod bush on the bottom of the camera. I imagine the camera must bounce around much more. I see nothing wrong with the strap that came with the camera, fixed to the two lugs provided for the purpose, over the shoulder as Russell describes above. Can anyone enlighten me?
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