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  1. I agree - in fact I think it is where the exclusive box used to be.

    I was going to check that I haven't mistakenly ticked it instead of 'exclusive' but 'public domain' doesn't appear one of the attributes that can be searched.

  2. Some can be surprising. I photograph a lot of politicians, as do a lot of other people. The ones everybody's heard of are very well covered buy I am frequently surprised, when I get a back-bencher wandering around Westminster,  to discover that Alamy have no/very few images of him/her, even moderately well-known ones. 


    The best way to find niches is to photograph EVERYTHING and find out what sells because nobody else has photographed it.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Harry Harrison said:


    Is there a downside to suddenly changing the pseudonym on a bunch of images that have been there a while? Presumably it doesn't matter if they've sold under the original pseudonym but can their ranking be affected in any way?

    As mentioned above, if you create a new psuedo, it will start with an average ranking. If yours is below average, that might help, for a while.

    I think the way Alamy ranks photographers/images has changed and I'm not sure if anyone really knows how it works these days. 

    The average CTR on Alamy last month was .57 (about normal) my better-performing pseudos were at 1.3 and 1.09 - the worst were .28 and .07!

    It's swings and roundabouts.

  4. I don't think it really affects sales but if you cover several distinct styles / subjects in your photos it can give you some useful information about how well they perform compared to one another. I have several pseudos for different categories and find it very useful to find how they compare.

    Also, if, like you, you have thousands of images online, it splits them up into more manageable collections.

  5. Please make 'personal use' and 'presentation and newsletters' sales UNREFUNDABLE.

    There is absolutely no way of knowing whether an image has been used after it has been downloaded (and refunded).

    Obviously it would have to be made very clear to customers before they pay that the sale could not be refunded, and that if they buy a pic of a Ferrari, they are buying the licence to use the image and not a £200,000 sportscar, which seems to be excuse given for most refunds.

    And if a company spend $10 on an image for a Powerpoint, it is not unreasonable to expect them to write off the $10 if the presentation disappointingly never comes to fruition.


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  6. Sales don't get reported anywhere 'as they happen'. They get reported when they are invoiced by Alamy, which can be a while after publication. The money turns up later, when the invoice has cleared.

    As said above, most papers report in the last couple of days in the month - the same month if you are lucky, more commonly the following one.


    But making any sales at all with only 140 images online is quite amazing

  7. You have some really great images - especially the insects and frogs - but I'd agree that more information in the captions would be a huge improvement.

    Latin names at the very least and where the animal is from, even if photographed in captivity. 

    I have never had much success with selling natural history on Alamy but there are people who have, and most of your images are better than mine.

    Good luck

  8. It can't do any harm putting it on sale - without identification it probably won't sell, but some expert in Cambodian birds might do a search for 'Cambodian birds'  and recognise it - you never know.
    Main thing is don't put the wrong name. There are far too many incorrectly captioned wildlife pics on Alamy already  - some of them spectacularly wrong.

  9. I have always used Elements. 

    For basic editing and tweaking levels, exposure, contrast, colour and general cleaning up etc. it is perfectly fine.

    I imagine if you are into much more creative arty stuff with loads of manipulation that takes ages to work on,  you'd be better off with something else,.

  10. On 01/05/2019 at 11:43, gvallee said:


    Wow! Most of the time, 50 tags are not enough for me. I have built templates based on extensive research of AoA. Birds used to be my number one subject sales (215 to-date). Not any more as I have switched to other subjects. As an example, here's what I do:



    Tagging certainly depends on subject matter and some subjects require more keywords than other.  

  11. I have no problems with the concept of 'discoverability'. If it was measured by how many of the fields - mandatory and optional - had been filled in, it could be very useful. 

    But as it stands it is in direct conflict with what used to be the thinking behind the whole Alamy ranking system - which rewarded relevant keywording and discouraged keyword spamming.



  12. Ignore the bar. Just ignore it. Really - ignore it.

    I'm a big fan of almost everything Alamy do (almost) but this 'discoverability' is simply a waste of time.

    Use keywords that are relevant to the image. The more the better IF they are relevant.

    NEVER add more just to change the colour of the bar.

    I have nearly 40,000 images on Alamy - 55 of them are 'optimised', about 1500 have 'good discoverability'.

    I'm OK with that.

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  13. Captions - as long as they need to be. But remember, if they go over a certain length, they move to 'other information' on the optional page.

    This can be useful if you want to include information that you don't to come up in searches (the 'other info' isn't searchable, the caption is).

    For instance, do a search for any tennis player and you will get loads of unwanted results for other players - who happened to be playing that person at the time so are mentioned in the caption.

    Tags - as many as are relevant.

    IGNORE the little orange line that turns green when your image suddenly becomes "optimised". 

    NEVER add a tag you don't think is relevant just to make the line change colour.


    I add captions and keywords before uploading. It helps if you submit (might start submitting) to another agency.

    I then check and add/delete/correct spelling at the IM stage.

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