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  1. My favourite pic from the day. Newspaper, print, decent fee - don't know which one, if anyone saw it I'd be interested to know where it was.
  2. I think this is about right. I know I have loads (thousands) of images that will never sell - the problem is knowing which ones they are. I know for a fact that if I had decided a year ago to cull 10% of my images, I would have got rid of some that have since sold. Culling similars is useful. I now have too many pics of some politicians and tennis players and I am trying to cut each individual to the best ten (maybe 15, possibly 20?) If I can't think of a reason why an image should be chosen rather than one one of the others, I will delete it. But I'm not doing it enough yet.
  3. If only it were that simple. Most of the images I had licenced as NU for 91c had previously sold for two and three figure sums. They are not microfodder, they are the same editorial images I rely on for my income, being sold in bulk for nothing to people who should be charged 'proper' (whatever that means these days) fees. .
  4. Me too. Originally NU was proposed as a way for people to use an image for a purpose that wasn't covered by the standard licenses - to put on a mug or a fridge magnet etc - and I was (reluctantly) OK with that, but it is now being used for sales that fit perfectly within existing licenses - use on a website with thousands of pages and millions of views is NOT 'novel use'.
  5. Thanks for finding that - the sale came through today and I wondered who had used it.
  6. Really glad this one sold - it's one of my recent favourites. Pity it made so little......
  7. I understand that some system is necessary, but why can't somebody develop one that works? If getting through the system that requires us to recognise a traffic light or a fire hydrant, is it too much to expect the system itself to know what they look like? And it's difficult to know whether a collection of bricks and a bit of a window are part of a shopfront. Have a security feature, fine, but one that can at least do what it is asking us to do, and can be used on a mobile phone without use of a magnifying glass.
  8. EDIT: OK, they are still there, but you have to click in the search box first. Ignore. Carry on...
  9. Hard drives for me. RAW and TIFF files saved once here and once at my parents' house, where I visit at the weekend and transfer the week's work (and get fed).
  10. That could be fun - I can't manage Saturday evenings but lunchtime is possible.
  11. My most useful pseduo is the default I use exclusively for all new uploads and news images. When image manager changed (a long time ago now) I had trouble finding the newly uploaded images that needed keywording etc. Now everything I upload has the same pseudo - news and new stock - and only when I am happy with captions, keywords and annotating, do I assign the images to their relevant pseudo. Live News images remain there, until and I decide to chose to properly annotate them or go back to the RAW file and produce a better quality version of an image for stock, when I can delete the first upload.
  12. I try to take vertical shots that way in the first place, but I do often end up 'finding' a better vertical composition with a landscape shot, so it's useful if you have enough pixels to cut the ends off.
  13. Most cameras have far more resolution than you need. One advantage of higher resolution is the ability to crop. I like to be able to crop a horizontal image to vertical format (and v/v) so extra pixels can come in handy sometimes.
  14. I agree, I'm sure that's what happened. I just don't want my images used for that little. I know people who have opted out of the newspaper scheme or distribution for the same reason - those sales are bigger and a serious part of my income, even if I don't always like the fees.
  15. In the past, regarding distributor sales and the newspaper scheme, I have always taken the 'something is better than nothing' view, thinking that my opting in or out is not going to cause tremors in the stock photography world. I have drawn the line at the Novel Abuse scheme and opted out last month. The sales I was getting were to a huge, very well-funded website with thousands of articles and $1 or less for use until the end of time was just wrong. When the Novel Use scheme was launched it was said to cover licenses that didn't fit any of the normal patterns - I think use on a fridge magnet or a single mug were the examples given. The sales I have had recently could very easily be covered by an existing licensing model - website use - and the prices were unacceptable. On the plus side, I have been happier with average prices recently - I've seen more of the 40-50 rather than 20-30, and a few more $$$ than in the past.
  16. I agree - in fact I think it is where the exclusive box used to be. I was going to check that I haven't mistakenly ticked it instead of 'exclusive' but 'public domain' doesn't appear one of the attributes that can be searched.
  17. Some can be surprising. I photograph a lot of politicians, as do a lot of other people. The ones everybody's heard of are very well covered buy I am frequently surprised, when I get a back-bencher wandering around Westminster, to discover that Alamy have no/very few images of him/her, even moderately well-known ones. The best way to find niches is to photograph EVERYTHING and find out what sells because nobody else has photographed it.
  18. As mentioned above, if you create a new psuedo, it will start with an average ranking. If yours is below average, that might help, for a while. I think the way Alamy ranks photographers/images has changed and I'm not sure if anyone really knows how it works these days. The average CTR on Alamy last month was .57 (about normal) my better-performing pseudos were at 1.3 and 1.09 - the worst were .28 and .07! It's swings and roundabouts.
  19. I don't think it really affects sales but if you cover several distinct styles / subjects in your photos it can give you some useful information about how well they perform compared to one another. I have several pseudos for different categories and find it very useful to find how they compare. Also, if, like you, you have thousands of images online, it splits them up into more manageable collections.
  20. I have just found quite a few from November that are still uncleared - distributor sales to China and Japan. And - perhaps more surprising - 5 UK newspaper sales from 30th January (The Sun, I think) and another 5 newspaper sales from February (The Sun, I think) I think perhaps it is time Mr Murdoch was sent a reminder
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