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  1. 17 hours ago, MizBrown said:

    Years ago, I had an old professional grade microscope that I believe cost me around $150.  The older ones are often quite good optically and have removable eyepieces as well as removable objectives.  I never got around to getting the attachment for this microscope.   You'd probably want to read more on microscope photography.   I think for the most interesting things to photograph, 50X to 150X to somewhat higher.  This microscope only took two objectives, but I could have bought others and switched them out......




    Many thanks. I wasn't planning to get down to bacteria level but I've had enough of trying to stop a large collection of extension tubes wobbling. I'll do a bit or research.
    Thanks again.

  2. Not only is it a public space, but most protesters are there for the sole purpose of getting publicity for a cause. If there were no media there, what would be the point?

    I've covered many really huge marches through London that didn't make it onto the TV news print media is the only coverage they're likely to get.

    Most protesters I've encountered are more than happy to pose for photos - even when you don't want them to.


    Just try not to look like you're working for the police.

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  3. Less and different. I'm stuck in Kent and  haven't been to London since the start of the new era, so doing no news (apart from 1 almost news image yesterday) and lots of garden birds - I know for a fact I am not alone in that!

    For ages I have been meaning to do more video and I am finally doing that now - mostly mad woodpigeons. I've never done enough video to have an idea of whether it is really worthwhile so this could be useful.

    I am doing more really boring studio stuff. It's what I usually resort to when the weather has been bad for a LONG time, but it does sell.

    I've also written a couple of piano duets - not expecting to make a fortune from that though.

    So I am shooting, snapping, photographing, recording, making and doing anything I can really.


  4. Whatever you buy, I'd get it second hand. Camera Jungle and MPS have some very good prices on quality equipment. 

    I use D600s - probably the best Nikon available if you don't want to spend 10x as much on a D5 or D6.

    I've been using Sigma prime lenses recently but the Nikon 24-120 f4 is a great lens if you only want to carry one. 
    As for insurance, I've never bothered and have got away with it so far. 

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  5. Maybe the Live News Feed should be renamed the Live Newspaper Feed. 

    The photos on there are aimed at today's and tomorrow's newspapers. Anyone who's ever looked through a newspaper knows not all the pics are hard hitting current affairs. They have humorous pics of people, cute images of furry animals and garden birds, the Telegraph 'Pictures Of The Day' and weather - whether or not it looks like any other sunny/snowy day in history..

    If it's something that a newspaper might want to use, for whatever reason, it's legitimate.

    Having said that, of course, I still agree that not everything on there is.

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