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  1. On 09/10/2019 at 08:29, IanDavidson said:

    I highly recommend the Nikon D5.  Most of my news work is fast moving and low light.  The D5 works well in low light and shoots at 12 frames per second.  Costs about USD 6,000 plus lens.  Downside is that it is very heavy, loud and large so no inconspicuous Street photography.

    I'd say the downside is the $6000

  2. I used to shoot RAW backed up with JPEGs on the second memory card. When doing live news I used the JPEGs but now I just do RAW for everything, news included. It's an extra 2 seconds to get the file open and if I need a bit of exposure or contrast adjustment I do that in RAW first before converting.

    I know time is of the essence in filing live news, but I'd rather have better quality images going through two minutes later.

    Most of my 'news' sales come later as stock anyway rather than next day newsprint and I like to spend more time getting better quality stock to replace the ones I did in a hurry on a laptop in a cafe in Westminster.

  3. I suspect most Germans who have used the German language website will have soon reverted to the English one - or a German distributor - after pulling most of their hair out.

    The translating software used for captions and keywords is brilliant for comedy but not for accurate information - or business purposes.

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  4. Is it about BIT depth? I use Elements and you have to change to 8 bit to use the transform tool but grown-up PS might be different. I know If I try to save a file in 16 BIT in Elements it doesn't give the JPEG option. If I change to 8 BIT, it appears.

    (Edit - I see MDM above has said the same thing)

  5. 4 hours ago, ACC said:

    I’m 53. I did O Level photography at school and have loved it ever since. My daughter is doing GCSE photography and has spent the afternoon preparing “contact sheets”. . She looked blank when I explained how negatives (wot?) used to come into CONTACT with the photographic paper. Her teacher might not even remember that.


    I still do invigilating at the school where I used to work full-time. GCSE and A Level Photography are now exams in Photoshop - the kids hardly go near a camera. It's all rather depressing.

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  6. I've seen a few of mine on TV - payment times and amounts vary widely.

    Most TV programs these days are not produced by BBC or ITV but smaller independent companies.

    Have I Got News For You pays a lot better than Pointless.

  7. One I've just noticed - "Butterflies in Belarus". 

    Ironically, there is a chance they actually are almost newsworthy, as they are Painted Lady butterflies that will have migrated from Africa, and that is a story every year.

    Shame, therefore, that there is no mention of migration in the caption - or even the species of butterfly.

    How do these get through???

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  8. Report it by all means but don't get your hopes up.

    I am a big supporter of Alamy but their Unauthorised Use department is consistently the most disappointing part of the business.

    Expect to get a message in a couple of weeks saying they sent an email but didn't get an answer so there is nothing more they can do.

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  9. On 08/08/2019 at 10:22, AlanW said:

    Cheers Iain 👍



    The Times - online




    BRD3TJ   PjrStudio   Interrail Ticket - Global 15 day pass - with map and Traveller's Guide



    Thanks for finding that - there's been a lot of interest in photos of my extensive collection of Interrail tickets this week.

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