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  1. I had a few of these last week:


    Usage: Editorial, 550 images UK Based Websites & The House, Parliamentary, Civil Service World & Holyrood Magazines.
    Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic


    The more info, the better

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  2. I can't remember.
    I don't know when I last had a "holiday". I used to go travelling a lot, but I was on my own and seeing the journeys very much as business trips. 
    I still get sales from my Interrailing days - two yesterday in fact, a statue in Vienna and a cubist lamppost in Prague.
    But as I said, they really weren't holidays, enjoyable as the trips were (and I claimed them as an allowable expense).

     and now I've read the other posts and realise what is was all about.

    No. I've had a couple of sales from the New Year's Day celebrations in London but little else. 

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  3. As said above, if the reason for leaving is a lack of sales it is far too soon to give up. It would have been extraordinary to have had even a single sale show up after 3 months with 400 images (if you have then you really should stick with it). You have some nice images - give it another year and another 2000 uploads, then decide.

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