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  1. 9 hours ago, Bryan said:


    PjrNews  Leslie Evans (Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government- principal policy adviser to the First Minister and Secretary to the Scottish Cabinet) ar - Image ID: R9X38K


    Thanks for finding that. It's well worth putting in a bit of effort identifying people who wander in and out of Downing Street - that one's sold half a dozen times now.

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  2. On 27/07/2020 at 18:07, John Mitchell said:

    My PU/presentation sales this month are all over the place -- e.g. 6.99, 9.07, 11.06, 13.96, 19.99 (all USD).



    $11.06 is €9.99.

    On the plus side, from January €9.99 will be about £28

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  3. 13 hours ago, geogphotos said:


    It is the point of the thread. But, for example, I wouldn't post an image that had been licensed for exam paper use. 


    So now we know that this country is designing a new banknote and the source image of one element of it.


    It's of course up to you but I would personally be more concerned right now about doing whatever I can to keep my sale from being refunded. 


    Very nice of you to share and fingers crossed for you that it sticks.

    I think anyone wanting to forge a banknote would work from the finished banknote . I see your point about exam papers, though the one time I had such a sale, I heard about it long after the exam had happened.

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