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  1. Remember it could be cropped to cut off the wording - without that it's a good general picture to illustrate books / literature / reading / shelves / library/ ...
  2. And some more today - more pics of politicians with the name of the website in full. Very helpful and welcome.
  3. immortality; space; philosophy; philosophical; choice; afterlife: I'd certainly upload it. If I stopped uploading all the pictures that I thought probably won't sell, I'd lose a third of my sales.
  4. I'd agree with the comments about similars, but I would say getting 2 sales within two months with 100 images is exceptional. I think your problem may be that you started far too well and have now reverted to normal.
  5. Bought and cooked some pulled pork. Half way though eating it for some reason I decided to take a photo - over to the 'studio', quick shot, carry on eating. It ended up on a Scandinavian website. Similar story and finally the rare and elusive potato spider (Arachnus spuddii)
  6. Sometimes you really do wonder what they were hoping to find UK%20OR%20Wales%20OR%20England%20OR%20Scotland%20OR%20'Northern%20Ireland'%20OR%20Britain%20OR%20British%20OR%20'United%20Kingdom'%20 [FS] 100 views, no zooms
  7. And it's an Alamywhack! The only search result for 'grumpy redwing'
  8. Lizzy Yarnold's Olympic gold medal as she was showing it to schoolkids on her victory tour
  9. I had a few of these last week: Usage: Editorial, 550 images UK Based Websites & The House, Parliamentary, Civil Service World & Holyrood Magazines.Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic The more info, the better
  10. I can't remember. I don't know when I last had a "holiday". I used to go travelling a lot, but I was on my own and seeing the journeys very much as business trips. I still get sales from my Interrailing days - two yesterday in fact, a statue in Vienna and a cubist lamppost in Prague. But as I said, they really weren't holidays, enjoyable as the trips were (and I claimed them as an allowable expense). and now I've read the other posts and realise what is was all about. No. I've had a couple of sales from the New Year's Day celebrations in London but little else.
  11. Many thanks Bryan - that one was in the Guardian twice this week too. I didn't get any live news sales that day but I've done quite well with stock sales.
  12. As said above, if the reason for leaving is a lack of sales it is far too soon to give up. It would have been extraordinary to have had even a single sale show up after 3 months with 400 images (if you have then you really should stick with it). You have some nice images - give it another year and another 2000 uploads, then decide.
  13. I am currently working on some weird psychedelic stuff for a print-on-demand site. They are better suited to t-shirts and phone cases (I hope) but as said above, if you've done all the work already, why not upload them here? Fingers crossed.
  14. Due to a lack of other opportunities, I have recently been going back to RAW files I took in 2006/7 with a Nikon D100 - also 17.2MB. Better software and 15 years experience of Photoshop mean I can now produce much better looking JPEGs than I could back then (not to mention captioning and keywording). Any cropping or even straightening means they drop below the 17MB limit so I have been resizing some of them, but only by the minimum necessary. They've all got through QC so far, though I'm not sure anyone's actually looked at any of them... As Chuck said, lucky we got into the habit
  15. In the Times Online today - I was just on my way home and only took my camera out of my rucksack to make room for shopping. Got a couple of shots of the empty town centre and it proved worth the effort. If anyone gets the papery version of the Times I'd be interested to know it it made it into print.
  16. You should photograph them on a giant chessboard - really helps with the exposure.
  17. That's interesting. I'm sure Alamy could find a way to make it very clear to PU buyers that they can't get a refund for their digital download - as well as pointing out that that they are paying $9.99 for use of an image of a Ferrari, not an actual high performance sportscar.
  18. Can you download music and then get a refund because it 'wasn't the song I was thinking of' I wonder?
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