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  1. Sorry, can't really help, but "Potato disease identification" has to be the best subject title I've seen for a while
  2. Biggest TV sale I've ever had. I'm always a bit surprised when this one sells, considering the number of pics of her Maj available. Let me know if you see it on the opening titles of QI or something similar.
  3. I think anyone wanting to forge a banknote would work from the finished banknote . I see your point about exam papers, though the one time I had such a sale, I heard about it long after the exam had happened.
  4. Looking at the example you've posted, there are a lot of long-term Alamy contributors with far more images online than you have who would be pleased to have that many sales. To get any sales at all in the first six months is impressive.
  5. Got this in a Secret Santa years ago and this pic has sold 3 times - originally a keyring but after some brain surgery it is now one of my figurine collection. (Tintin has sold a couple of time too) Social psychology textbook!
  6. Yes, on behalf of the much lazier among us, thanks for the effort in posting finds.
  7. Thanks - I actually saw that one. Alamy, yes - might pay for a coffee next time I'm in Prague airport, if that ever happens.
  8. Thanks for the help - it seems like a lot of effort, you might have to just put up with smaller pics. Sorry.
  9. First proper NEWS story since March, and a fun one to do
  10. I still can't work out how to get the bigger images on here. I just right click and copy the image URL and I get the small ones. I'm not going to be losing any sleep over it, but I'd be interested to know how you link to the huger ones.
  11. Pleased this one sold - adding 'social distancing' to the keywords got the sale.
  12. Very encouraging to see the number of nature pictures selling - especially as that's all I've been taking for the last three months. Fingers crossed.
  13. This one sold again - that was 60p well-spent in Sainsbury's
  14. Many thanks. My dad will be pleased his garden made it into the papers, (even if it was a story about greenfly)
  15. Many thanks. I wasn't planning to get down to bacteria level but I've had enough of trying to stop a large collection of extension tubes wobbling. I'll do a bit or research. Thanks again.
  16. This is a topic I've been wondering about for a while. Does anyone who does this have any recommendations for a suitable microscope - not hugely expensive - that can be attached to a Nikon?
  17. I use the Nikon 105mm a lot for insects and studio work - it's a great lens.
  18. Better than Jan-Apr. Not good exactly, but an improvement. As for cleared balance, however......
  19. Do you think I should stop wearing that plastic souvenir helmet then? The one time recently that I've been approached by a protester was one who was worried about being traced with facial recognition programs.
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