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  1. Cost £2.25 Sold for $6.98 (net) = £5.50 (Personal Use - it'll make a great greetings card!) Free supper and enough left over to invest in some trout Which also sold for personal use! and another £1.50 profit. I'm off to the shops......
  2. Always take a camera when you go to the shops. Presentation/newsletter, paid for half the shopping
  3. I think this more about the fact that he refuses to reveal his true identity and therefore copyright can't be properly attributed. As long as you finally reveal your true identity, I think you'll be OK "Ian".
  4. Fingers crossed you don't get it refunded because someone thought they were buying the box....
  5. Better than usual for the beginning of the month - largely due to one much bigger than usual magazine sale. I find the first half of the month is usually much quieter than the end - if that's the case this month I won't be complaining.
  6. Biggest sale I've had in years just came up. $$$ net. A rather appropriate subject:
  7. There are endless threads on this forum and elsewhere about people taking copyright pics from the internet and putting them to various uses without paying or crediting the photographer. Also complaints about customers paying $9.99 for 'Personal Use' and using them for advertising. It's very easy to do. It's very difficult to stop, catch, or get anything back from those responsible. It's very easy to get away with. Many people argue that any image on the web is 'fair game'. Does that make it ethical or acceptable?
  8. You are more than welcome, given all the work you put in finding our published photos.
  9. Green shield bugs – Palomena prasina. Same species but different stages, both nymphs, Adult
  10. "If you were not prevented from taking photographs they are fair game" seems to suggest 'getting away with' something that isn't really allowed. If ( I stress IF) a condition of attending an event is that you don't take any photos for commercial use, then the idea that if you don't get caught it's OK is hardly, I would suggest, "professional". "Taking photographs is not theft" is an argument I have heard endlessly from those who copy and reuse photos they find on the internet.
  11. You could say the same about shoplifting if you don't get caught.
  12. That's what I use and I find it OK (when I last looked about 3 minutes ago). Nikon Capture NX-D
  13. All my images are RM. There has been a downturn, yes, but I'm still getting sales. No plans to go RF.
  14. Selling to Serbian websites via a distributor is certainly depressing, but the occasional Japanese TV sale makes it worthwhile.
  15. Yes, it looks just like one of my 488 GTBs.
  16. Both of a mackerel, to a German website. Trying to remember if the $1.98 I get will pay for the fish.
  17. Always worth taking a bit of stock during the long periods of inactivity in The Street.
  18. 2004 for me - scanned slides on a CD, mostly now deleted
  19. Best month since November. If I hadn't lost $50 to the Artwork Exclusivity Reclaim Fiasco it would have been the best month since last July.
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