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  1. Thank you. I knew about that one. I was just wondering if there might be another e-mail address.
  2. Thank you for the info. That's very interesting. Do you know an email address that I can use to email them about it?
  3. Hey, there! I just noticed when I was going through my photos that some of them have been deleted. Does anyone know why that would happen? I'm a little concerned. Thanks! Carolyn Franks
  4. Thank you, John! I'm sure glad they always come through! I'm so excited to be getting my very first payment from them!! Woohooo!
  5. Hey, guys! I checked my account and finally have money coming to me through my Paypal for the first time! The problem is, is that is shows the funds were 'cleared' April 1, but nothing is in my Paypal account. Any ideas? Or how long does it take to actually get into your Paypal account? Thanks, guys! Carolyn
  6. Thank you both so much, Jill and Kathy! I think that is gonna help me tremendously!!
  7. Thank you, Kathy. I need to cut back on the words used in my pseudonyms? Is that correct? Can I go back and changed some of the ones I have already created?
  8. I don't see a comment from fotoDogue anywhere. I guess I'm confused about the pseudonyms. To me, I thought they were like 'categories'..I'm not even sure if this answer from you, Kathy, is for me about increasing sales or for someone else.
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