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  1. Just found your bw image being used with additions on twitter by @Coldwar_steve - a parody account. Just thought you’d like to know as unsure if they are the original buyer.
  2. Mid $$ - although most recent at that price was refunded a week later (and not re-purchased)
  3. Decent $$$ - educational usage Zoomed last month
  4. You should get him a treat He already comes into our house (as does his sister - my cats significant other) and eats my cats food! Just paying his keep
  5. Three figure direct sale this morning of a neighbourhood cat - taken just outside my back door
  6. I only have images starting E and F - having joined 12 months ago. For me, as I have low sales but increrasing zooms, I was looking to see if there were any patterns. Thanks for your inputs
  7. Hi all, Not sure if this is helpful to anyone but I went through the 'images found for October 2015 thread'. I added all of the sales by image numbers starting A-F. Here are the results: A - 147 sales B - 193 sales (best by quite a margin) C - 159 sales D - 144 sales E - 125 sales F - 40 sales (unsurprising as current) 808 total images mentioned - 61.75% in the A-C range so we can extrapolate that older images do sell well. Note - I have only complied these from the thread entries where image is visible or the number has been added in the text description. I tried to
  8. Earlier issues in the week resolved but I'm unable to upload this afternoon. Anyone else stuck?
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