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  1. Thanks Ed thats pretty poor of me I have to be careful in batching these and trying to save time in key wording which has created problems. I have been going through my sets to cull and work on key words. Thanks for picking this up.
  2. Matt it is surprising though images in the right context I would guess and a little quality behind them.
  3. Hi Chuck this has been a big learning curve and I want to do it right as I can so I am grateful for the comments. It does surprise me what I have sold though and the prices are good when they do.. I just want to keep learning much as possible. Interesting you say about CRT which goes over my head a bit. Key wording as you say I need to take more care of and I propose as best as I can to be more selective rather than ditching loads on here. Thanks Steve
  4. Ah right thought i sorted this will check and double check this thanks for pointing it out to me...
  5. I had one sale $2 happy to have a sale but still learning. It is nice to see that it can be done by lots of you so there is that hope to keep persevering.
  6. Thanks Betty for you input very kind of you. I definitely think I have been lazy and just dumping images on here expecting results.
  7. Ah thanks started going through these a bit so will take a look
  8. Thanks for that very sloppy of me cheers for the heads up though
  9. Thanks for really looking at this in detail valid comments... One big problem I have not taken care and attention and just loading for the sake of it.... Hence why they don't stand a chance looking realistically... Normally my shots are from walking around so yeah it shows so I will try and filter out at the end... This is all good stuff I really did not think I would get as much help this is so appreciated....
  10. You would not think I have been taken pictures as long as I have I will have to go back to the drawing board. I think that maybe I am putting any old thing in without much thought. I will have a re think on what I am trying to achieve rather than just quantity.
  11. Would you say getting up to good or 50 words is best I must say I struggle with that and probably looks spammy thinking about it after reading some other posts. Thanks for the tips though.
  12. Thanks David appreciate the thorough reply. I thought with people in the pics I would have to have model release forms but I take that on board though. Yes I take the point being a bit drab it does take someone to point that out . Point taken on the patio will try harder on this.
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