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  1. Hotbrightsky, I have wondered this myself. It does appear that there is a void of specific info needed to claim under the ISBN numbers. First you have to know where the image appeared. Without that you can only use some of the on-line search companies to track that search. It does seam that if you are going to have such a good program as the DACS, then the needed info needs to be provided. Especially if you live elsewhere than UK. Have a good Christmas or Holiday.
  2. https://www.dacs.org...uestions#FAQ160 Very interesting reading about what DACS is and how it works.
  3. Exactly what are DACS? This is the first year that I received one. It listed as other income DACS
  4. Have an image over 90 days that isn't showing cleared. The balance is carried forward but not in the section that shows cleared. It sounds like this is normal. Alamy has no colection department?
  5. I am still trying to figure out the navigation on the forum. Anywho, I read the May needs about needing pictures of a house moving. I just uploaded images from an earlier shoot in April of this year. Now, I'm not sure that I submitted what is needed.
  6. Just keep shooting and carry on! Then patterns don't really matter. BTY can Alamy point me to where they state how long it takes for sales to clear?
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