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  1. has Alamy issued GDPR white paper?

    My prediction? Wait until the PPI brigade get going - GDPR compliance looks like new meat to me. "Have you ever shared your data with a company? Do YOU know what they've done with it? Is it 100% legal? Let us run the checks for you. No win, no fee."
  2. Have you found any Alamy images in April 2018

    Cheers. It was a couple of weeks' work at least - mainly researching and remaking the bridge as it was 50 years ago.
  3. Have you found any Alamy images in April 2018

    Not showing up yet as a sale but I'm sure it's in the pipeline.
  4. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    No harm done. I'll probably delete the original myself. Just felt like letting off steam. I've had plenty of higher figures too, but it seems weird that Alamy would sell anything for so little.
  5. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    Yay, three so far, all for different outlets. I'm especially pleased to see people legitimately licensing images for presentations.
  6. January

    They were, yes.
  7. January

    Surprisingly good for me. 11 sales out of a total of 375 images on here, grossing $650. Skewed no doubt by no fewer than 9 being bought for a single book, including the cover! I'd love to know what it is ...
  8. Correct description of licence in "My Sales"

    In my experience magazines simply lie. Or let's be charitable, the editor *means* to do one thing and that is what they pay for, e.g half page. But then oh my goodness me whoops what a slip-up, the pesky art editor/designer/office scapegoat decided to change it at the last minute and it came out as a double-page spread - twice, once on the contents page. My point? Very often we have no idea because we don't see where it goes (not least because we aren't told where it goes). My question is, with Rights Managed, how much does Alamy actively check? GE
  9. DACS TV Sales

    Like this? = = = Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Television (editorial) Print run: Unlimited transmissions Placement: Use within body of show Start: 05 July 2015 End: 05 July 2018 UK and Eire, unlimited TX over 3 years, including streaming within context of original programme across any Channel 4 branded or affiliated platform, 6 months catch-up on any Channel 4 branded VOD service and commercial VOD rights.