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  1. Just in case anyone was wondering this sale turned out to be a billing error, now corrected. The sale was to Germany not UK. Stu.
  2. Hi Geoff. This is the detail of location given in sales - Country: United KingdomUsage: EditorialMedia: Newspaper - national Alamy distribution commission 30% Distributor Commission 40%. Am I missing something here? Stu.
  3. I've just had a sale pop up for a national UK newspaper. Not a great price but worth having, even with the flat rate per image quantity discount. What killed it though was paying a distribution commission. I don't think I have seen this before. Have you? Paying distribution commission for a sale in the UK? Stu.
  4. You could call it slow, but that implies some kind of movement. Sales have dropped by over 50% this year, none so far this month. I was getting ten to twelve sales per month last year. This year has just died. I can't see the point in revisiting my portfolio in response to the new AIM or search algorithm when we barely understand it, and there is no guarantee of rewards, let alone improved rewards. It seems the game is no longer worth the candle.
  5. I normally get one or two sales per week. Now I have one sale in six weeks. I know we see fluctuations and droughts but is this something different?
  6. Worst month in years. And first time no payout in a few years too.
  7. Slow month? More like Alamy has actually stopped. Has it? No sales, no updates, no money clearing, no questions answered, are infringements chased?
  8. Can we do this all again when the rest of us get the news tools?
  9. Nice to see so many obsessive checkers here. Remember, the first stage is accepting the problem. I had planned to work through my images and see if keywording could be improved in the New Year. As it seems a rather daunting prospect I was only going to look at Essential KWs, but with the new tools on the horizon this task will now be selecting the higher tags. I think I'll leave keywording until the new tools arrive, though having said that I wonder when that will actually come to pass. (Cup of coffee sale this morning.) Stu.
  10. I had a couple of reasonable sales this month which only fuels the fires!
  11. OK. Own up who has checked their sales over the holiday period? Possibly justified with the odd Sunday sale but really...? Is it a learned physical habit or a worrying sign of a compulsive disorder? And who has been catching up on their keywording and who is waiting for the New Year?
  12. I've just exceeded last years gross revenue! After going down for a couple of years! Stu.
  13. Well it remains a mystery. The duration appears to be 2016 - 2021. Usage website, not magazine. Also seems unusual to give a further geographical area "territory" when the licence is worldwide. Clear as mud. Cheers all. Stu.
  14. Morning. I had a sale drop in yesterday. I noticed something in the licence I do not recall seeing before. Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Image Size: Any size Start: 15 June 2016 End: 15 June 2021 Territory: United Kingdom. Duration: Monthly Has anyone else seen this. And what does it actually mean guys? Stu.
  15. Thanks guys. I think we have the definitive answer, courtesy of Phillippe. Have a good weekend. Stu.
  16. Thanks Jim. I think I'll stick with Black Tailed then. Colourwise probably the dingiest shot ever!
  17. Thank you. You can't see so well in this shot but the throat feathers are turning an orangey brown.
  18. Hi Joseph. Thanks for your reply. Taken at the end of February at Thornham salt marshes on the the North Norfolk coast.
  19. Morning all. I have a shot of a wading bird and I am not sure of the correct species. I have it as a black tailed godwit but might it be a bar tailed godwit? Appreciate any help. Stu.
  20. Hi Rob. I think the lower one is Piptoporus betulinus, commonly known as the birch polypore, birch bracket, or razor strop, is one of the most common polyporous bracket fungi and, as the name suggests, grows almost exclusively on birch trees. Not sure about the top one. Stu.
  21. There must be some work in extracting the fee from the distributor which I assume Alamy undertake. I have been waiting months for a fee to appear in my account. Each month Alamy say email us if it hasn't appeared and each month they email back saying they are "still working on it". What work is this I wonder? Sending out a bill and waiting?
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