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  1. Here are my entries: Concept: Property buying Concept: Departures Concept: School's out
  2. View of the Broad Street and the Bodleian Library (Clarendon Building), Oxford (F0AT9M)
  3. https://torrentfreak.com/cnn-cbc-sued-for-pirating-31-second-youtube-video-150813/
  4. The tall towers of San Gimignano in Italy (ER7F7R)
  5. Electric future, boys explore the BMW i8 sports car (EW8N2N)
  6. Historical Globes in the Museo Galileo in Florence (ETKD93) Doors and gates collection from Oxford (ETWYG9)
  7. The Dome of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence (ETKD9T)
  8. A tram approching platform in front of Basel Main train station (EPDWPY) Charging electric cars in London (ER2G8J)
  9. Highest is 3.7 sadly no sales :-( More of my Stockimo pics here
  10. Baby green turtle running towards the sea Little red ladybird Baby girl and Orca toy
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