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  1. Editorial sale, printed and online SuperDry store, Westgate Shopping Centre, Oxford, United Kingdom - Image ID: KH4B8F
  2. Police incident in Central Oxford Prince Charles and Camilla visiting the Covered Market in Oxford Iconic Oxford Randolph hotel on fire
  3. Who said big sales don't exist any more :-) Dropped in on Friday for £££
  4. I have a few panoramic images on sale, but only one of them (EMJGFJ) sold a few times.
  5. 25th June 2018 Luca Pescucci HWRG0P Julian Money-Kyrle CE9X12 www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2018/jun/25/train-came-insanely-close-why-graffiti-artists-risk-lives-loughborough-junction
  6. Front view of a BMW UK police car
  7. I can no longer do Google reverse image search from the image web page as well, but the following worked for me: Click, hold and move the image next to your browser tabs. This will open a new tab with only that picture and when you right-click you get the usual menu with 'Search Google for image' option. I use Chrome browser.
  8. Brighton Pier, United Kingdom Luxury yacht at sea Caribbean sunset beach boat
  9. St Albans Clock Tower, United Kingdom Usage: Magazine, editorial print and digital use, cover and/or inside, repeat use within a single issue, $$
  10. After absolutely no sales in March and most of April, today I stumbled upon my own picture in the Telegraph. Not showing in my sales report yet, let's see how much it made.
  11. Oxford Eights boat races (bumps races), Oxford, United Kingdom Practicing kayaking against the stream, United Kingdom The Water village of Kampong Ayer, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
  12. Good topic. Here are my three: A Crystal Ball With Santa Claus New UK currency Car fire on Iffley Road
  13. I think I can close the poll now and announce Wim as the winner. I look forward to the next challenge.
  14. ACYC5A Winter hillwalking in the Scottish mountains, Lynne A61X1H Husky sledding in Lapland - Finland, gvallee CTJ4JY Kinderdijk (near Rotterdam) in winter, wiskerke BJMA3E Snow apprehension, Martin P Wilson JGEPCB Skier in Bormio, Brasilnut DKN56T Love is everywhere, Mihai Popa M4XAD8, spotting bored wildlife, Dave Nelson H8NTK5 Mulled wine, vpics
  15. Thank you all for submitting your pictures. This challenge is now closed.
  16. Last few hours for this months challenge...
  17. Pieta statue of the Virgin Mary cradling the dead body of Jesus, St Peter's Basilica, Vatican
  18. Leadenhall market ceiling, London, United Kingdom
  19. This month’s Challenge theme is “Winter Activities”. With a good load of snow this year in Europe, I want to see your best shots of professional / amateur sportsmen or kids and families taking part in all sorts of winter activities. Usual rules apply: 3 pictures per person from your Alamy portfolio. The Challenge will close at midnight on 28th February. A few samples:
  20. First of all, congratulation to Richard Watkins on winning the competition. I'm sure there is a good reason why he is not replying. Nonetheless I will take on the next competition and announce it shortly
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