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  1. It's been 7 days and I still haven't received it, which is a bit strange all things considering PayPal payments are received in seconds. I understand Alamy is a company and it might be making mass payments, but "there's a holdup this month" doesn't inspire much confidence. Anyway, it will be interesting to see when it arrives.
  2. Mines says: Paypal initiated You should receive payment within 9 working days($65.16) Nine days for a PayPal payment? Fortunately it's not much so I can wait, but...nine days?
  3. Thank you. I found my sale at Metro News: http://metro.co.uk/2013/03/27/bangkok-from-kickboxing-to-cookery-thailands-capital-is-a-city-of-extremes-3560650/ My photo is the one of the wooden and stone penises against the tree.
  4. Found my sale at Metro News http://metro.co.uk/2013/03/27/bangkok-from-kickboxing-to-cookery-thailands-capital-is-a-city-of-extremes-3560650/ Although the article is from March 27, I was invoiced 5 days ago. Oh, my photos is the one of the wooden and stone penises against the tree.
  5. Thanks Gentlemen... There was a time when I wrote and shot in SE Asia for every boxing magazine in existence and was capable of paying the bills. Now several of the mags have gone under so I have begun to shoot more of Thailand, where I live, and Southeast Asia but absolutely zero boxing. It's simply not worth the time and effort. I sold sets of photos to HBO a couple of times — they pay well — but these type of gigs are hard to come by. Dave - I completely understand what you mean about shooting in your neighborhood. The last month I've spent photographing a two-block area of abandoned buildings with graffiti plastered every possible place imaginable. It's a block away from my home and one day while walking to a mall I saw a little bit of tagging and graffiti on some of the buildings. The area was pretty hip for a while but for whatever reason everything has now closed and the graffiti artists have obliterated the place. Now part of the plan is to go around Bangkok to the different areas where graffiti artists are most active. Anyhow...I'm on a budget...and it's not nearly as flexible as it used to be.
  6. Will definitely email Alamy to find out what the specifics are. Thanks for the help. Honestly, a photos in a newspaper with a 2 million run for $20? Absolutely ridiculous.
  7. Just logged in and noticed I got my first sale on April 24. Finally. Selling is great, however, the sale was for $20.64. I was surprised at how low the price was so I checked out the licensing. Below are the specifics: Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Newspaper - national Print run: up to 2 million Placement: Inside and online Image Size: 1/4 page Start: 01 March 2013 End: 02 March 2013 One use in a single editorial or advertorial article used within print and /or web versions, with re-use of the article in other titles or web versions within the same newspaper group. Digital use includes archive rights for the lifetime of the article. This said, several things surprise me. The start run date is March 1 and yet the sale shows as April 24. Anyone know why this might be? Second, I did a price check for the exact specifications shown above - $245. How does an image go from $245 to $20.64? Whatever the reason, I'm not too happy as this "subtle "pricing difference cost me $115. Since when does Alamy take liberties with the pricing or give huge discounts with what is effectively my money? Or is this possibly an error? If I wanted to make $10 a photo I'd do nothing but sell on Microstock sites. If anyone can help me understand this I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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