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  1. How about a new forum for Stockimo as we now have no where to discuss?
  2. So we cant discuss Stockimo anymore, the Stockimo sales thread has been locked...............well this is probably the last you hear from me...bye!
  3. Does Stockimo have ranking like the regular Alamy and if so what affects or improves your ranking?
  4. I my last 4 was an out of focus (uploaded when not wearing glasses) close up of a cow, I tend to average 2.7 - 3.0
  5. Just read clause 6 of the T&C's We’ll report sales on the app and pay you by PayPal if you have made at least $10. Looks like I'll be waiting awhile for my $3.07
  6. My first put a smile on my face this morning! https://www.theguardian.com/books/2016/mar/08/handbook-on-hanging-charles-duff
  7. I find the acceptance process a pain, sometimes rejected images are accepted after a heavy filter is added others I've resubmitted with subtle lens blur or saturation boost or crop and they get accepted. Definitely add caption and keywords after acceptance.
  8. I've had photos with shadows accepted with the no people box ticked, I've also had one rejected for not ticking the one person box when my own reflection was just discernible.
  9. They are routinely taking longer than 24 hours and have been for some time and have got no better since the "routine maintenance"
  10. Hi Matt Yeah I understand that I thought she was implying you could see the scores, which you can on customer likes
  11. Interesting it may be that people now do less zooms/views as a result of larger thumbnails but there has been a change my photos did appear in the likes evert other day and I haven't seen one in there for about a month now.
  12. My photos used to show quite a lot in the customer likes but the last month or so they rarely appear is this something other people find happens to theirs?
  13. on searching myself I found a photo of mine on dijitalimaj.com do they work with Stockimo/Alamy?
  14. Hi Are these all the sales ever made from Stockimo or just a some of them?
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