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  1. HI Ed, Yes my OP said 12 - Geoff then said this was setting the bar very low and it should be 10 times that so I increased my goal to 120. Hi Ed, Great shot there - I can see why you didn't add Rome, Italy as the location is not relevant to the image - the image could have been taken anywhere in Europe.. Hi John, Thanks for the feedback - no personal use sales at the moment. OK guys I am getting some great brain chow here thanks for the input, I really do appreciate it. I've got a small project tomorrow (a local Russian farmers market) just down the road from me, so I am hoping to catch some decent images - ethnic/real people/activity - just hope the blighters smile a little (not so common for Russians)
  2. Thanks Geoff and thank you for looking through my port - not harsh at all I welcome the honesty - I don't want anyone blowing smoke up my rear .. I will re-evaluate my subjects and get to grips with looking at the Alamy database of images for where I need to be as a photographer. I had a feeling my artsy stuff was not going to do well here - and as for the backgrounds, they are weak I agree.. Your advice helps me realize that I need three channels: 1) Artsy images need to go to POD sites. 2) Stock textures and backgrounds should not be uploaded here - these should go Micro as RF (however textures have been done to death, so I really need to stop photographing these!). 3) Pure Alamy stock of events/people/locations/activities etc. something with a definite subject needs to come here From Alexandre 4) BW images should also go to POD sites, providing they differ from the color versions at Alamy. Looking around I feel part of the key is getting accurate location/time/action into the description - this I feel I have been failing to do. What I want to focus on is Subject strong images... My thoughts on keywording is lean=mean. I want to focus on the essential and main - with 15 words max. I will disregard the comprehensive keyword box unless, I really have the right keywords. I will see if changing to RF licences for my port (weak images) as it stands today is a good idea. As for 120 sales a year - sure I will raise my goal But first I need to get into the Alamy mindset with my images.. Thanks again John
  3. Hi Alexandre, None of my sales have been in B&W - I think I will consider not uploading B&W version in future - thanks for your words, it makes sense to only upload a color version. Cheers John
  4. Thanks Micro for the feedback- yes I feel keywording is an issue for me, something I am weak on, and yet I realize it's the most important part of selling images... I've gone through the Alamy Guide on this and will rework my ideas on the new batch I will be uploading over the next few days.
  5. Hello All, Struggling a little to get my head around the ethos at Alamy - getting a few sales, but is my port heading in the right direction or is it too Microstock orientated? I have a 200 London images and 100 or so in Russia that show people and locations - that I feel are better suite to the site. I am prepared to take the harshest criticism with grace.. My goal is to hit 12 sales a year - and to upload and keyword effectively pure RM material.. Thanks for looking John Williams
  6. Hi All, Just a quick hello from an English guy living in Russia - need a critique on my current port as I feel it is lacking something... Cheers John
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