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  1. The D800 is definately going nowhere have al full arsenal of lenses and love them all but the more good thinngs I keep hearing about The Fuji the more and more I want one. It's going to be between the D750 or the Fuji as I am at that stage now where I need a 2nd body for my gig photography and the Fuji offers a whole lot more in the way versatility, i.e when not shooting gigs I dont have to lug all the weight of the Nikon gear around
  2. I am on the verge of, not switching from my D800 but adding the X-T1 as my general walkoabout camera. If anyone has used their X-T1 for live music photography I would love to know you're thoughts.
  3. I don't make the rules, I applied, they accepted.
  4. I have just been approved for the Live news contributor. The guidlines say Headings and captions must be added before upload, I cant see a way of doing this, can anybody throw me a line?? Thanks in advance
  5. The first attempt my computer had a melt down and only 2 were submitted, so I tried again immediately and submitted 4 with no problems. I have tried again and will see how that goes, thanks for the replies
  6. Hi guys, I have just failed my first submission and it was down to the number of images. I can only presume it is how I numbered them as I submitted the alloted 4?? Any ideas? Thanks
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