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  1. I fly a drone - UAV the camera fitted is a GoPro, commercial drones can actually take a DSLR as their method of capture, not cheap but effective and the software and gimbles today are very sophisticated for keeping a camera steady in flight. As to the off the rack phantoms and others not so keen on them, better to spend the money and get training and a licence to operate and put on proper image taking device into the air. Video here of mine
  2. Anybody else getting emails from them? I received one complaining about a bunch of files that they thought had people in them with no releases. The pictures were of car parts! bonnets and engines, not a person in sight! We all make mistakes but it took me an hour to go through them and then email back, I could have been sleeping for that hour.!
  3. Lightroom and Photoshop but not equal, lightroom great for cataloguing and quick Camera RAW to JPG conversions using profiles, but if doing image stacking or multiple image manipulation and using layers you can only use Photoshop.
  4. I hope they read this, I have to thank QC, the first time in 8 years I included an image that should not have been uploaded 6400 ISO for goodness sake! anyway tried to get it removed but no go, so figured I was in for a 28 day wait, surprise! got rejected today, I know strange I am happy about a rejection Anyway I have a 9 day penalty before I can upload again, getting old, need to be more aware and attentive, still learning life's lessons. But thanks QC for minimising my embarrassment.
  5. Long delay could mean a rejection and waiting as long as a month to be told
  6. Hello Bill long time no talk, I'm getting back into it, and I too received the same email from Alamy about the shrine, had about 20 images deleted. It seems like a revenue grab by the Trustee unfortunately many quangos are going this way, pay up front no guarantee of a licence and worst still pay and hourly fee whilst taking images. It's not as though I made any money from the images I had so no loss moving on. David
  7. I never started by asking how I get my images through! and it was only ever 1! since then I have had other approvals, must get around to key-wording! Some here seem to think that if you don't frequent the forum you are a novice! I have been with Alamy since 2009 and have over 2400 images approved. My original question was," IS there a list or did somebody use the EXIF!" now the slant of the conversation is downsizing, I know full well what that it is, and would never do it, I sell elsewhere but never really had that good an image I couldn't do again or just forget. So can we focus? Hav
  8. In over 4K approved images I have never downsized nor enlarged from what comes out of the camera, and I don't know what you are going on about regarding size, here is the dimensions from my PSCC 2017 And if you were to save the image from this page to your computer it would be 4608 x 3456 only 75 DPI It was not my intention to consider the Sony or any other camera for that matter, whilst I do not frequent the forum as much as you obviously do, I am sure you can see by my portfolio that I am not a novice to taking photographs, I think we should move on from here clearly we are at c
  9. Hmm AWFUL! well in your opinion anyway, you don't happen to be an inspector are you? did you click to see the full image? Because Alamy won't host off site pictures I had to use a third party so the EXIF is there but you can't see it! no reduction and true size, I could live with a 200mm but why? I am shooting with a Nikon ASP-C the P900 was an experiment. Here is the FULL and unabridged EXIF for your 'picking' File: DSCN1731.JPG Date Created: 31/10/2016 7:55:35 PM Date Modified: 14/12/2016 6:05:33 PM File Size: 7.05 MB Image Size: 4608 x 3456 File Info 2 Date Shot: 31/10/2016 19:
  10. Thanks for all your comments and I don't disagree, I have a portfolio with Alamy for many years shot on Canon FF equipment and just getting back into it with Nikon DSLR. The industry will not evolve if we don't embrace new technology. I pickup the P900 on a whim but could not fault the versatility of the camera and end product given we have a focal range 24 to 2000mm (35mm equiv) with 1 lens and 1 body! It does not shoot RAW a thing Nikon corrected with their B700, but think of the versatility a photographer has carrying a single camera with that reach and producing an image that i
  11. Thanks for your response, you only have to click on the picture to see the full image. Happy New Year
  12. The last time I uploaded was in 2013, back then I shot with Canon 5D MkII +III, I am now using Nikons and vowing not to go overboard in costs again, given the poultry sum paid for images today. So my first upload in November was Failed QC the reason given Soft or lacking definition Digital camera not suitable for Alamy so I came here looking for the camera list and read it no longer exists but I wonder if it is still used secretly. My first upload, met all the technical size criteria stipulated by Alamy it was however a modern 'bridge' camera with a small sensor but what is called a 'supe
  13. My last uploads and approvals were back in February 2013, a long time ago I know, so I have decided to get back on the horse and started uploading again last month, but so far they are just sitting awaiting approval! has something changed in terms of the approval process? the blog states about a 24 hour wait, and last time here I was certainly not getting rejects. Could I be being penalised for my absence? Should I contact contributor relations? or just wait, Getty is quicker David
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