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  1. I always shoot everything hard-set to daylight. It worked in the day of film. I vastly prefer the results rather than AWB. For instance, if I'm shooting a street market at night, I WANT the bulb lights to show a warm glow and not look like pure white leds. Daylight. all one needs.
  2. For me it is all about size and portability. Aps-c out of necessity, if there were comparable FF size I would buy it. SIze = much more discrete - positives in every instance, less intimidating to people you shoot, less attraction from thieves, more stealth everywhere, Portability = gear fits in a small messenger bag & comes along at all times now without a second thought + less strain on body As to sharpness etc. Hig megapixel FF can be really tough to nail shakewise. I suggest 1) try shooting everything at 2x the shutter speed you normally do for a while see it any difference. 2)
  3. I take it you mean pollen polluting sensor during lens changes? At least for me this is one of the main reasons I am not a fan of lens changes - at all. I shot a wedding once where a lot of images had blotches right where faces tend to get shot in vertical. never saw it while chimping, even zoomed in. It was a nightmare to post-edit! This was with a Pentax that I will only remembered as being a real dust-magnet. My Nikon d70 and D300 had not as bad but still pronounced sensor-dust love. So far with Sony a6000 (3 bodies by now.. don't ask) not a single problem and I have probably changed lenses
  4. You are correct. All 8 uploads failed with only 1 file commented of all. LOL. I guess lesson learned is to upload only 1 and wait for results. Can't remember it being this way before.
  5. You are not alone! I am in the bin too. I suspect I managed to upload an image intended for microstock. QC bin is.. um.. irritating.. in that a single fail stops all QC for a month - or so it seems. I have 8 uploads waiting since April 17 for what may be just 1 image mistake.
  6. Seems the new firmware has eye detect. At least on Sony if works most of the time with animal eyes too. Perhaps the same will apply to this new Fuji update
  7. I am guessing they will await the launch of the XT-10. Even though this will be a simpler camera, I wouldn't be surprised if a few of the functions are results of xt-10 development. I am with Sony for the moment but really like the xt1 body. Fuji ir runing a test and buy campaign here. perhaps i should give a kit a go. the campaign kits are xt1 with 18-55 2.8-4 or xti with 18-135... not sure the 18-125 would make me happy with corners?
  8. I just realized my image is there too. Thanks for including, and thanks for the challenge!
  9. A couple from Swedish newspaper, online version http://www.dn.se/ekonomi/jobb-karriar/tipsen-som-kan-ge-dig-hogre-lon/ Spot size http://www.dn.se/ekonomi/jobb-karriar/ http://www.dn.se/ekonomi/jobb-karriar/
  10. I also follow this with interest as I haven't got a pocket cam but am getting ready to buy one. I just hope they don't make it a superzoom and give it a quality lens. Doesn't have to be superfast either, just good.
  11. One from the Old Town district in Stockholm. A shop fluffy animals
  12. I always sharpen my images, always have since my first stock submissions back in 2005. If you shoot raw, go ahead and sharpen. if you look at jpegs output at standard settings by basically all cameras, they apply substantial sharpening in-camera. these jpegs are well accepted by every agency i know of including Alamy. if you shoot raw and develop yourself, sharpen if you like. Just don't overdo it. less is more. About sizes, many of my images were grossly up-sized during last decade when Alamy wanted tiff files of at least 48 megs with Adobe RGB profile. Times change. Such a file at 90
  13. As above. I did this the other day and it worked without problem. I had an image already on sale. I uploaded a replacement. After it passed QC I did not put it on sale, and did not fill in any metadata (since I wanted the info already registered with the image that was on sale.) Mailed member services with the file numbers and asked them to do the switch. Received a response a day later, all sorted. It's one reason I have always liked Alamy - great and quick support!
  14. Not been my experience with the 50mm f1.8 Mike. Are you sure that your Olympus adapter is allowing infinity focus? Mine allows focus way beyond infinity so you have to be careful to ensure that you hit the spot. Take a look at this comparison. Yeah the adapter is ok, I'm using Fontasy adapter It lets me go past infinite just a tiny bit. I agree the Olympus 50 1.8 is a steal but my copy seems to have been around the world at least a couple of times Anything other than f8 delivers poorly at longer distances so I'll just keep it at that. (EDIT: more positive after further testing..
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