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  1. I had more than 30 years contributions, but as several years were contracted out, I had a shortfall. I have back payed an number of years and will pay each year until I am 65 and this will get close to covering the shortfall. As others have said, the amount paid in versus the amount of pension increase is a no brainer. I suggest anyone with a shortfall on their pension forecast would benefit from looking into this. If you worked long term for a large private sector company with a non-contributory pension, then there is a good chance that you were contracted out as companies used it to pa
  2. How much are the BBC willing to pay for my contribution?................Thought not.
  3. Three of us returning from China on Finnair last week, the cabin baggage was 8kg. They weighed the bags and the first was about 16kg, but we showed them that there was a laptop bag inside so that was OK. Second bag was OK. Third bag was my Lowepro with a lot of camera gear - maybe 12kg plus. This was on my back and the only one they didn't ask to weigh. Probably could have juggled between all the bags as long as they were not counting the laptop bag as there were three of them and three ipads. Serious point is that weighing is getting more frequent. Disappointed that I also had
  4. Being Dubai, there will be several answers dependant on your ethnicity and who you are taking pictures of. Do not take photos of local women or women in local dress unless you know them as this may well cause offence. The main problem is people from some sexually repressed cultures who visit public beaches to view (and maybe photograph) scantily clad women on the beach. You can normally spot them as they walk slowly by for the third time. If you wanted such shots professionally, then surely you would ask permission whether in Dubai or Brighton.
  5. You can, of course, do both. I submitted to the monster with two SS's for some time before I started with Alamy last year. Since then, most of my work has gone RM on Alamy. These days, I am trying to vary this a little. I tend to put images with unreleased people or images on Alamy, but I will look at the competition and if my photo is likely to be swamped then I might put it on the monster as RF editorial if the subject fits. As a variation of this, I went on a short train journey on Saturday to take some News Photos. On the way, I was able to also take a couple of pictures of tra
  6. Basically, the European system works along the following lines. The French invent new laws. The French being law breakers, (and a few others) ignore those same laws if it suits them. Northern European countries, being intrinsically lawful, follow the rules, often at huge incremental cost. The French laugh, and think up the next new law.
  7. As you only sell it through Alamy, you should contact Member Services first. Is there something distinctive about your photo that will help to confirm that it has been copied. If you need it, Shutterstock's contact for this is infringementclaims@shutterstock.com
  8. Thanks Russel. Morrisons are doing well for me. I make sure I shop there with the proceeds!
  9. Hi Alan. I have just joined (Paul Martin) and would be grateful if you would approve. I am relatively new here, but have been submitting elsewhere for a couple of years.
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