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  1. I don't like to consider my images just 'pretty pictures', but challenging, beautiful, compelling work. But I get your point, and I took a look at what sells. Yep, as you noted customers have quite specific needs - it was kind of an eye-opener for me. Much of the sales are, to be as equally honest as you, awful from an artistic standpoint - not challenging, dull to look at, almost painfully dull. There was some craftsmanship, but most of the pics were devoid of anything personal, and tend not to have depth (there is a reason we skip ads!). But what sells seems to be informative - the images give information about a certain time and place, or information about a certain product. As for galleries, I have been showing in galleries over the last 15 years - it is gratifying to have a themed show that comes together to make a statement. And of course, it is gratifying to have people buy your images, wanting to live with them - you're enriching their lives! But there is no money in gallery work (even selling quite a few pics) - the gallery takes a portion, the costs of printing/framing are a significant expense, and of course all the investment in camera equipment is there as a real consideration if one is truly considering it a business. There is something else going on in this industry, too; as with music and books, the artists (whether musicians, writers, or photographers earn less and less in the internet age. I am not an economist, but it is clear this is happening (despite claims the internet is democrat and makes for opportunities).
  2. Hi all, Thank you all so much for your replies - it has been very helpful, and given me a lot to think about. I especially appreciate the people who shared their experience - that gives me/us something concrete to consider. There are various solutions and strategies proposed here, which are helpful. Thanks!
  3. Hi All, I've just started with Alamy and am wondering about the number of pics one should put up and the possible revenue stream for long time Alamy contributors. Its been 15 years since I was part of a stock agency - then I had only 20 images (yep, just twenty) with the agency and these earned a little over $1,000 per year for me after taxes. Not a lot, but it paid for gas/energy expenses each year. I thought if I posted a solid 200 shots here, I could earn the same helpful revenue stream. Although I don't have all 200 pics up, I've been surprised by not having a single sale - or even zoom - in a month. It seems the stock industry has changed. I've looked at some forum threads and found some people discus putting hundreds or even thousands of pics up (who on earth can put 1,000s of pics up, presuming one even has 1,000s of good pictures? Do you have your kids uploading and keywording instead of going to school?) I'm a passionate, serious photographer. Is online stock photography essentially a hobby with no remuneration? Any feedback here would be appreciated - thanks!
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