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  1. As I said above, I find it quite logical that alamy blocks a lot when it falls on a photo of poor quality. Since September 2012, I submitted 24,230 photos on 149 different lots. On 24,230 photos, 26 photos were rejected in 11 different lots. The reasons for each photo rejected "image processing error" Do you think I tried to hide pictures dubious? Do you think it's useful for me to make me wait 28 days without being able to work on my 800 photos waiting? More in the past, whenever I submitted several lots on the same day, if a lot had a doubt, the others were neverthel
  2. Often I wanted to delete my old photos that I did not love, but sometimes customers still choose ... so I keep them ..
  3. This is debatable because I work directly with the magazines, I have stock of old photos of low quality there several years, and recent best qualities. Each time I am surprised that a customer chooses a very old photos of poor quality as I have dozens of others on the same subject of an excellent quality. I think many people have been reimbursed pictures were very good quality. I personally have not had refund but this may come ..
  4. I do not work with an iPhone My goal has never been to send a photo of lower quality. I have thousands of photos in stock, old and newer. It is of course possible that in old photos there are some pictures of poorer quality. If Alamy blocked and rejected a lot, so I can totally understand and agree. But block all lots for 28 days and prevent photographers continue their work, I find it exaggerated and real shame.
  5. if This is really a cause! Since I have to wait 28 days for the reason .. And in the meantime I can not do anything referencing and longer even submit a new lot ..
  6. I understand why a lot of people here have several agencies .. As I am it impossible to be able reference for 3 weeks, I will devote my time looking one second agency for not wasting my time ..
  7. Dustydingo => Me either I've never met that. Last year I submitted two lot the same day, put in 10 days because there was only one bad picture. and the other was approved the next day They wrote me : "Yes, as your current submission is in our batch fail queue, any new images uploaded will also be failed along with the pending images."
  8. But I do not think because they wrote me by email ; "I have just taken a look and as mentioned previously by my colleague , your submission’s in our batch fail queue and you’ll have to wait 28 working days to receive your failure reason."
  9. Yes Joseph, I understand their method, but I have about 3 weeks before starting my reports and I still find it unfair to blocking me for maybe one photo.
  10. No, I'm not sure and they either I guess, there's no message next batch. (just "awainting QC") Lorque I wrote to them, they said it was probably a quality issue, but we must wait 28 days .. I downloaded a new batch photo yesterday, but they said that the new lot is also blocked 28 days?
  11. I'd like your opinion on the following question: I downloaded several lots of pictures in early March. There are about 800 photos spread over several lots. As it's been seven days I waiting for them be in "Manage Images", I wrote to ask why Alamy. They say that there is a quality problem and so I have to wait 28 days to receive due. I can understand they block a lot because of one or more photos of poor quality but why block all lots? Especially since I have 24,200 photos online and only a few have been denied so far. This is the only time of year where I can reference my photos (in wint
  12. It is true that is scary the concurrency with this new technology. But there is a detail that should not be forgotten, it is not because we have equipment that can do a nice picture or a correct picture. I am in the field of dogs and I have many friends who bought the same professional equipment to mine thinking they would be able to do the same. When I see their result, I'm quite reassured ! ;-) Vanessa
  13. a single sale of 30.88 (gross) I wait patiently for some of my zooms since January (137) become sales ;-)
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