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  1. Thank you Armstrong for starting this thread and all who contributed to this discussion. I've gained a lot reading through the comments.
  2. but from what I read on the forums, you end up making very little from distributed images. Possibly true most of the time but I had a distributor sale last month of $269.55. Nice! The general rate of distribution sales seems to be more in the $15-50 range, so that a great sale.
  3. The images you have with paid models (depending on what they are) can be quite marketable depending on the subject matter. I would assume you have releases for those, and images with releases have a better shot than those without releases. But it sin't worth it to pay models specifically for stock photography. The returns just aren't there. It has taken me about a year and a half to add my 1500, but I don't do much in the winter at all. Been working on cut-outs over the past week. Jill I have model releases, and the pics are really cute. One shoot was with kids in the park and one with ki
  4. This is a very interesting question and would love to see answers to this question as well. I don't want to hijack this thread, but perhaps the question may also be content verses quantity. I've seen photos that people put up that look like snapshots and that adds to the amount of their images, but I don't think that guarantees more sales.
  5. Jill, I do event photography and love it. I'm an expert still image and video editor.I have a lot of passion for photography, still I would need A LOT of time to build up a portfolio of 3,000 images for stock photography. I really don't have that time, but will still put up images and add slowly. However, my expectations now are pretty low now.
  6. Jill, I'm having second thoughts if stock photography is for me. Didn't think I can make a lot of money with a few hundred pics, just some money on the side, but I think I need more than a few hundred pics for that. I just read an old thread on this subject and they wrote one needs about 3000 images.
  7. Spacecadet, so a contributor needs a few thousand images for a few sales a month?!
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I assumed I wouldn't make too many sales with so little pics, but not to the extent you mentioned. After reading the forums, though no clear number was given, I assumed a contributor needs a few hundred pics to make a decent amount of income, but didn't realize that 40 pics will get me approximately a sale in two years. Oh well, I guess I need to get serious about this and start shooting different kinds of images that doesn't involve paid models.
  9. I'm new to stock photography, I just recently had my initial batch of 4 images pass QC, but from what I read on the forums, you end up making very little from distributed images. On Alamy I'd rather sell less images for more, as the images I will put on Alamy are more specialized.My plan is to also sell more standard stock images through a different microstock agency. I'm not sure how this strategy will work out, but I will not continue to sell these type of images if my returns are equal or less than what I payed to make these type of pics that require payed models. I'm putting up 2 collect
  10. I know my view will not be popular here, but I do agree with this bill if they would add that consent is needed only for commercial use. I would be terribly upset if anyone would take a photo of me and try to sell it without my consent. Exceptions for a crowd of people, or newsworthy events (not editorial) makes sense too.
  11. I guess I'll just deselect all regions in April. But I did want to make sure I opted out completely from distribution, not only deselecting the regions. I guess deselecting all regions has the same effect as opting out completely, by that's my assumption. I like things spelled out clearly and in this case I'd like to see the red "out" next to distribution.
  12. Is there a way to opt out entirely from the distribution scheme or can I only opt out of individual regions in April? When I click on distribution "out" on my Alamy dashboard page it take me to distribution info the with option to opt out of individual regions only. There is no info or option to opt out completely.
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