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  1. I will light a candle with you too , such a tragic event in Manchester yesterday, makes our daily life problems seem so small in comparison.
  2. Not the greatest of pheasant photos there are better on here, but taken with a 200mm lens @159. Regular visitors here, they wait for a handful of corn morning and evening.
  3. Jan Maybe take photography of what you enjoy the most, after uploading only 20 or so images a few years back I was very demotivated to upload more as I thought they wouldn't sell and the competition is fierce these days. I did eventually sell two out of my initial upload which spurred me on to contribute more. I kept an eye on market trends tried some table top photography but realised my heart just wasn't in taking photos that way. Now I take photos that are part of my daily life (which is a busy one most days) they maybe not highly commercial but to be honest the images I have sold I nev
  4. Just got the email they have passed QC, We don't have a good connection here so generally I upload and have to wait a while , a downside of living in a rural area ( waiting for super fast fibre broadband ..in my dreams that may happen), not really helpful to anyone who has a good connection and still has problems though.
  5. I uploaded four yesterday two thumbnails showed immediately and two were left processing and have now just appeared, so must must be a glitch, or at least I hope so !
  6. Looks like the pony in the foreground is tethered on a chain, I would maybe have taken the photo, with more of the tether showing to illustrate fly grazing which is a big issue in the UK at the moment, although they look in good condition. The blurring is probably a chain link fence out of focus, it is underexposed too, would have tried a few different angles to get the second pony more in the shot. More of the background to show the situation they are in , poor grazing or rubbish surrounding them if that was the case. Doesn't have to be a pretty photo of horses if it serves a purpose for a b
  7. Two sales so far that will give me a payout in January, not quite there yet with the hundred plus sales, but must admit I am surprised, what has sold !
  8. Funny you should mention that Allan, last year someone asked if he could buy it from us to restore, he looked really disappointed when my husband refused to sell it, felt quite sorry for him ! Sharon
  9. I think searches for 'tractor' buyers usually want a modern one ! most of our machinery is all old, not farmers here, keep horses and make our own hay. The tractor itself isn't restored, so maybe not of interest to tractor enthusiasts. I will take some photos when it is being used but wont make it a priority. Really appreciate every ones help, thank you. Sharon
  10. Thanks spacecadet, think I will take a couple of photos for RM and RF, normally wouldn't worry as you have mentioned there are quite a few Fordson images, ours is a Fordson power major, only one page of that particular model, so maybe worth including.
  11. Thank you so much for your help, I will take the photos with a mind not to include Ford trademarks, not that they are going to be great sellers, but you never know who may want a photo of a rusty old tractor of that particular era. It is nearly sixty years old and still working though
  12. We have a old tractor year manufactured 1957, I wasn't sure if the license should be RM or RF since we own it and I can assign a property release ? Sharon
  13. Hi Darrell, I don't have much advice to give since I am new here myself, but I especially love the photos of your cob, they are a favourite breed of mine, but I do think you have some good sellable photos there.
  14. Thank you Allen and Paulette, yes I think will put both spellings in and change the caption.
  15. One sale for 50 USD gross, not yet cleared, but encouraged so far to upload more.
  16. Thank you for the welcomes , Brian I must revisit my keywords, thank you for spotting that !
  17. Registered with Alamy a while ago with a few images, uploaded more recently, just popping in to say hello to everyone.
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