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  1. I've always used jpegs, but I saved it as a pdf and was now able to upload. Thanks folks!
  2. Thanks everyone. Still no luck. It's a jpeg and I've tried it at 4 different sizes. Same results. I feel like I'm missing something obvious.
  3. I've been trying to upload a new model release for a couple of days. The system tries 5 times and then says "Upload Failed. Cannot connect to Alamy." Anyone else having this problem? Am I doing something wrong? Haven't had this problem before. Thanks!
  4. Thank you so much, Joseph. I can be patient (as well as happy).
  5. Thanks for postiing this, John. The other is mine. Dumb question: do we get paid for these? Nothing shows up on my account.
  6. I'm new to stock/microstock and have been uploading here since February. I just found one of my Alamy shots online in a May 7, 2015 article in "The Telegraph." I'm thrilled to see it, but I don't see the sale in my Alamy account. Shouldn't I? This is clearly a newbie question, but I'm baffled. Thanks for any help.
  7. Hi All. I just had my test submissions OK'd and was keywording them when I came across the "pseudonym" dropdown. All it offered me was my full name. I never use that with my photos, but there was no place I could see to put in the name I use--egschiller. I've looked over my application details and there was no space for a pseudonym. I did use it where it asked for a company name, but that was not a choice in the menu. I know this is probably a dumb question, but how do I get it corrected? Thanks!
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