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  1. Ah thank you very much, not as easy as I'd like but to learn this early on in my Alamy experience will be a great help. Cheers, Rex.
  2. Sorry for what may be a stupid question but I just cannot find the answer elsewhere. I know some of my images have appeared in search results already but is there any way I can find out which ones so maybe I can adjust keywords etc. Thanks very much :-)
  3. Rex Jarvis


    Agreed, plenty of iPhone 5's under 150 quid on ebay. Connection to a mobile network is no problem. Sorry for my Apple ignorance but I didn't even know an iPod had a camera !!! I thought it was for music. But even 5MP is better than my new Samsung which only has 3MP. The iPhone 5 has 8 MP and is very tempting but I just don't need another phone.
  4. I only have 10 images up so far and am happy to wait for my retirement while my portfolio builds. All of my many 1000's of older images were pre DSLR compact camera so are useless for Alamy's quality control although other sites will take them. This summer I will just get out there on my travels with my new cameras and start to build a collection all over again.
  5. Rex Jarvis


    I must admit that the camera quality on my Android is a bit useless and Apple have the camera-phone market pretty much tied up so I have seriously considered getting an iPhone just so I can use Stockimo - But to be honest I just can't bring myself to buy one, I don't really want to get stuck in that iPhone rut, I like the freedom of a rooted Android.
  6. Well I have 3 photos that passed and went out in the snow on Sunday up to the ski jumps to try for the fourth and got some potentially great shots, deleted the damn lot by accident when I got home. Talk about amateur...... !!!
  7. I have to admit that as a total beginner here and an amateur photographer I was under the impression this was a forum open to everyone and had I received the above reply to my very first question it would have certainly put me off coming back. Which is a shame because some of us are here to learn, not to be shot at by those who are better informed.
  8. As a beginner here myself I am always willing to learn from other people and I have to say I prefer your second set. I now have both PS and LR and it looks like I need to spend the next 5 years learning how to use them !!!
  9. Further to my first comment in this thread - Not yet uploaded any photos - I took the plunge and sent in my first 4 test images. If I understand correctly, all four get refused if just one is below requirements. I had them refused with a comment on one being too soft, which I can understand. I took the photo of something that was my subject with quite a narrow depth of field so a lot of the rest of the image is just not sharp, perfect for my album but not for Alamy. No other photo had a comment so I think I am correct in assuming that I need to replace just one and the other three can be uploaded again next time. Yes? One out of three "ain't" bad for a beginner. Thanks very much, Rex.
  10. I shoot RAW+JPG so I can see what I am doing - Good point about the inbuilt CA in RAW, that just was over my head for some reason. I sampled a few images to Shutterstock a while back, straight from the camera, no post processing at all and every one came back stating out of focus and artifacts so I gave up!! I want to get it right now I am going to fiddle with LR before submitting to Alamy with some new images.
  11. Hi, I have a Pentax K-r which does have AA filtering. I am yet to upload an image here (not built up the courage) but before I do, would it be best to switch off the default sharpening in LR of 25, 1.0, 25, 0 as described previously? Also the "Remove CA" is switched off by default in LR so I assume I am better with that enabled even though I have it enabled on the camera? I'd hate to start off on the wrong foot so would rather get things right before I take my first steps. Thanks, Rex.
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