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  1. This doesn't make a bit if difference for me. My sales volume of Alamy vs others makes exclusivity not worthwhile for me. All you exclusive peeps who are Woo-hooing at this change, you are still taking a hit because prices overall are going down, correct? Sorry, not satisfied with this concession. What would appease me is if existing contributors would have their current contracted 50 percent rate honored ("grandfathered in", as they say), and NEW contributors would have the NEWly reduced rate. This seems the proper way to roll in a change.... especially accompanied by a price drop overall. Sorry, Alamy, I'm still shaking my head in disapproval.
  2. But as the legal copyright holder, it would be my option to authorize you to pursue or not....not the other way around. You are not the copyright certificate holder or my legal counsel.
  3. The crucial words are "if the picture has been sourced from Alamy" - what we are saying in this clause is that we will either pursue the infringement and if we don't, you as the contributor are authorized to do so.
  4. I don't like New Clause 27 at all. I'm going to start pulling many images off as a result of this. Copyright and it's recourse are my rights! Not Alamy's! If it is not a customer of Alamy infringing and image, it is my loss only, not Alamy's, that is being recovered with any infringement suit. They are getting excessively greedy here. I hope others will join me in demanding the deletion of this clause. It's ridiculous !
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