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  1. I had a fail for the first time in years back in July and when I reviewed the image in question on my iMac I scratched my head and wondered why I had even tried uploading it - I was traveling and working from my Macbook with Retina display and just took a look now and it looks so much better on here (the laptop) - I have just learned a very valuable lesson here. I thought that with the Retina display I'd see detail better since my 13" screen has more pixels than my 27" screen but now realize that means just the opposite is true. More pixels compressed on a tiny screen means the image looks muc
  2. If you have large RAW files Time Machine isn't a very good solution IMHO. Much better to get a RAID system. You can get a fairly inexpensive 6TB WD Mybook RAID dual drive - it's pretty small if you don't have room for larger servers. When my macbook pro died a few years ago, I discovered that the Time Machine backup which I thought I was keeping up to date had run out of space without notifying me and I lost 6 months of photos and documents - a very expensive lesson as some were only backed up to Time Machine and it cost a fortune for data retrieval. When I set up my RAID and other backup solu
  3. In 2011 I flew Icelandair and they had an 11 pound carry-on limit. Since I was headed to 4 countries to shoot stock I very very carefully packed some of my equipment in my check-in baggage and told them as I was checking it that there was camera equipment in the bag (I had called earlier and was told that the 11 lb limit was firm). Well, the gate agent said they didn't want to be responsible and let me carry on three cameras and various lenses in a couple of camera bags and my carry-on Lowepro backpack. Had 3 other flights after that and they let me carry on everything. I don't recommend this
  4. Marriage Equality Concept Crime Prison Concept Save the Earth/Eco-friendly/Earth Day Concept These have all sold at least a few times for me - concepts are key. PS Lisa, I have the sheets that match your comforter - love them!
  5. I thought about getting a 4TB wireless drive but wouldn't that be much slower if you keep your catalog and photos you're working on on the drive? Even with fast Verizon fios I'd be worried about lag time - not to mention a problem if your network is down. Don't want to highjack the thread but would welcome comments on working with wireless externals as your main HD vs. thunderbolt. Thanks! SFL, I'm way too slow at processing my images so I had the same problem you did - getting that 4TB drive ( and an even larger RAID backup) really helped.
  6. I have a 4 TB LaCie powered drive with my main LR catalog because my 1 TB second internal drive on my iMac filled up way too fast. Thunderbolt connection is fast and seamless. I shoot a lot of travel and nature, and often shoot a lot and don't process it all right away and also have client files I'm processing right away so they fill up fast - especially when you bracket your shots it's a lot before they are culled. The 500 GB drive on my macbook seems to fill so quickly when I'm traveling too. Working off the LaCie has been great and lets me have all my images from the past 6 years organized
  7. Good discussion Betty - I've had some chosen for creative and they sell here but they are mostly concept and travel images that meet alamy's sharpness standards. Did get a few more "creative" images past QC a whilte back but they were also mostly sharp albeit filtered composites. I'd welcome an alternative to Stockimo especialy since despite back and forth with member services trying to help, I can't get the Stockimo app to work on my iPhone. Thanks Robert B. for the list of alternative outlets. It can be time-consuming to try out many agencies but also rewarding to have other outlets for
  8. June and July were much better but had one sale in August for $50 a repeat seller for me so that's always nice. All in all not too bad for the summer which is usually slower for me. Hoping September brings some more sales from the zooms I've gotten earlier. 8 zooms so far this month with 769 images so that's a positive. Still waiting to see if sales show up from zooms by image number. Found some unreported stuff so hoping for a decent September.
  9. Congrats! Great job and with such a small portfolio!
  10. I have the Sigma 50-500mm and it is sharp all the way to 500mm. I love it. Hefty but I've gotten some nice images all the way at 500mm. Here are a couple: Bought it refurbished at B&H in 2009. I just shoot really fast and on my D700 or D5100 in good light, don't worry about using a higher ISO. Have also used it on a tripod (for the boat photos) - it has a tripod brace and works well. (handheld)
  11. I use commas and a space in LR 6 and commas or semicolons and a space in PS CC or Bridge (I tend to do my essential keywording in LR when I download from a card and then finish up wherever I happen to be before upload) and I've never seen this happen. When the keywords arrive in the Comprehensive field in Alamy they no longer have commas and I wouldn't put them back. I had CS5 before CC (upgraded <2 yrs ago) and never saw the problem occur then either. On the other hand, I can't get the Stockimo app to work with my iPhone no matter what I do, so I guess we are all plagued by some gremli
  12. Good luck John! I bought some nice MF Nikor lenses on ebay and keep thinking I should try it for selling stuff. Had good experiences buying stuff there. I keep bringing carloads of stuff to Goodwill (a charity thrift shop here in the US) because I'm trying to downsize my house, and every once in a while I'm tempted to try selling the stuff instead. For those of you who've sold stuff there, is it worthwhile after the hassle of packing, shipping, etc?
  13. I filed for the first time last year - and should have done it the year before. I used my CSV file from Alamy - I also went thorough most of the process to avoid the VAT then realized it would cost me $85 and since I didn't know what I was getting from DACS, and assumed it wasn't going to be over $500, which is roughly where I'd break even after bank fees, I decided to let them take out the VAT and DACs wired the money to my bank account. Even with VAT and bank fees it was a decent amount for a little bit of work. Alamy told me I had more eligible images than I could find in my account wh
  14. Thanks Lisa - now all I have to do is get the Stockimo app to work for me. You've had a lot of success with Stockimo. Really good of you to share tips.
  15. I got one of those $50 5-year iQ sales on one of my better-selling RM images Friday ($25 to me, less to me net than an EL on the micros). Nevertheless, I think I've learned to take the iQ sales in stride, but I get what the OP and others are agonizing over. I have tiny ports on a handful of the largest micros and my RPI on even the worst of the bunch is much better than here, but I still put most of my better work either only on here, or on here and on some on other small mid stock sites. Since I license some RM work directly, I feel it's worth keeping the better stuff RM, although my stat
  16. It will be so good when they finally give us an "Editorial Use Only" restriction to tick instead of going through that long list. We've been waiting a long time - hope it happens.
  17. +1 This would also be helpful for "old-timers" - I often struggle to decide whether an image would be more likely to be licensed as RM or RF and would love to know the advantage of RM-exclusive, since I have many images that, for all intents and purposes, are exclusively on Alamy although I haven't made them "exclusive" there - e.g. Do exclusive images rank higher in searches?
  18. +1 These are very helpful. I also like the idea about 10 best and others that will attract buyers.
  19. Florida Beaches all from Alamy - the article is from July but I just spotted it now & don't recall seeing it in the July thread. Beautiful images: http://www.travelandleisure.com/slideshows/secret-florida-beaches Boneyard Beach - Dawna Moore/Alamy Cayo Costa - Purestock/Alamy Santa Rosa - Ron S. Buskirk/Alamy Playalinda - James Schwabel/Alamy Gasparilla - Marla Holden/Alamy Caladesi - Charles Crust/Alamy Pensacola - Colin D. Young/Alamy I couldn't get the 8th image to load so if you have uncrowded Florida beach images check it out.
  20. I thought this example of programatic architecture found in Pennsylvania was fun: I was also happy to get a bunch of cyanotype florals online. I think this is my favorite of the bunch: I love lighthouses:
  21. Beautiful! Lisa, my daughter just moved to Ohio and I didn't know there was a National Park not so far from her - something to check out on our next visit. You are so thorough in finding photos - thanks!
  22. Love my 13" macbook pro retina display - the 27" iMac is better for working on photos due to the screen size but the 13" does an amazing job when I'm on the road and is lightening-fast with LR and PS CC - I have an i7 late 2013 with only 8 GB RAM and a 500GB SSD, 16 GB RAM and a 1 TB SSD would be amazing. The solid state drives are really the way to go - have one on the iMac too and the speed is terrific. I use the Wacom Bamboo tablet with no problems, assume you can use yours - guess you should check with the manufacturer for the latest drivers if it's not just plug and play. Don't know
  23. Regular upload still n.g. but Cyberduck appears to be uploading - it's slower than I'd expected (it said 10 minutes for 7 images and hasn't gone down) but fingers crossed it'll get them there. I realized I probably will end up with a couple of duplicates because in track images it looks like a few more made it but I think FTP will be the way to go from now on. It took me over two hours to upload just 10 images using the regular upload route, so 10 minutes is a breeze by comparison. Glad I checked out this thread. The last time I used FTP was for News images and I didn't know you could now
  24. I have been trying to upload first via Safari, now Firefox and a couple manage to squeak by on the fifth attempt but most fail completely. It's so time-consuming. I've managed to get about 6 uploaded in the past 2 hours. I'm trying to keep track so I don't end up with a bunch of duplicates which is what usually happens. I had trouble with FTP in the past - mostly because it took hours to show up and I did the same huge news batch 3x thinking they didn't upload - but think that I may give FTP a go again for whatever photos don't make it through on this batch. I had my fist QC fail in a
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