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  1. Thanks Betty. I love shooting during the blue hour, either end of the day. I just had an article about it published recently. https://greatescapepublishing.com/travel-photography/how-to-take-great-photos-at-blue-hour/


    The first image isn't mine, and honestly it bugs me since I sent them 5 and don't particularly like the top one they chose, don't know why they didn't use just mine, but they licensed the other 4 from me. Anyway, nice to see my work in use. That's the plan for our work after all. 

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  2. Not a lot of birds in my portfolio but here's a butterfly: Taken with my Olympus, inexpensive 40-150mm lens and a Nikon 4T filter. I love my 90mm macro on my Sony, but this setup has served me well. As is, no image stacking, I like my backgrounds (and sometimes foregrounds) out of focus. If everything was in focus, I think it would be less effective. What do you think? 



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  3. @Betty LaRue, so glad your daughter is on the mend!


    My Joy for today: When I spoke with my daughter last week she mentioned that my 19-month-old grandson has decided he wants to help her vacuum, so I found a toy Dyson (that apparently actually picks up bits, if not so well) on target.com and sent him that along with a Little Tykes slide for their yard. It arrived this morning and he spent most of our daily FaceTime "vacuuming" his room, big smiles and giggles, even though it arrived without batteries. Great exercise for the little guy. Love it when I can make him happy which is actually quite easy since he's been a smiley happy kid since birth. What a joy to see him every day even if it's virtually. 


    I also sold 2 framed prints this week, either one of which more than paid for the vacuum and slide, so guilt-free grandchild-spoiling. (Not that I ever feel guilty spoiling him, it's my second job¬†ūüėé)


    @Mr Standfast Enjoy your granddaughter's birthday - grandkids are the greatest gift! (And technology is a life-saver right now).

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  4. 1 hour ago, meanderingemu said:



    As stated by Alamy above:




    so are you saying that even though the image were Exclusive as per the contractual term they refused to pay you 50% just because you didn't check-mark them properly?  That doesn't seem lenient to me.


    True, but if I didn't mark it that way, how would they know? So I'm mad at myself, not them. I wouldn't expect them to pay me for something they didn't know.


    But I am chagrined at uncollected amounts. I have one sold on S over a year ago that appeared in over a dozen US newspapers along with 49 other Alamy images and I still haven't been paid. In that respect, they're being too lenient on their buyers, and unfair to us. Why not collect upon download like everyplace else? Now that would be a change that would make a big difference, and it would be for their benefit as well as ours. 


  5. I've had images that I didn't mark as exclusive sold here, much to my chagrin, but assumed that was my fault for not marking them that way. 


    But from this discussion it would seem this new definition of "exclusive" is beyond the pale - no other stock agency defines "exclusive" as the only photo of a certain subject. It is certainly far from the standard definition in the industry. When the terms from micro agencies are more generous, it is concerning. 




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  6. First gardener mowed down my sage and basil. I only ever grew snapdragons and zinnias as a kid helping my grandmother out in her garden and helping harvest the figs before the birds got them. My grandmother had an amazing garden, roses climbing up the side of the house. Lilac trees you could play hide and seek in. I did not inherit her green thumb but have never mistaken a plant for a weed. We've had our best luck with trees, lilacs and Japanese maples we planted over 20 years ago - and I've grown 8-10-foot tall sunflowers, but between a bad back after a series of accidents and frustration with deer, rabbits and squirrels, this will be my first attempt at gardening in some time. 


    My husband transplanted these from a seedlings in a neighbor's garden. We have another in the side yard. I can't seem to find any photos of the lilacs. Hmmm, surprised but I'll have to upload some. Tons of these and our other Japanese maples. This one was in two calendars a couple years back. 




    Colorful bright red and orange Japanese maple leaves on trees (Acer palmatum) and scattered on the grass on an autumn day with a child’s tire swing in Stock Photo




  7. 10 hours ago, Thyrsis said:

    No images of our compost bins on Alamy! So here is our wisteria from a few years ago. Not quite out at the moment.



    So jealous. The guys that cut our grass decided to help out and cut my wisteria back. It had taken 5 years to bloom and was amazing. My husband and I had even built a trellis for it using bent wood branches that had fallen in our yard. The guys cut it back in the fall without asking me  - that was 4 years ago and it hasn't bloomed since. Wisteria is my absolute favorite.

  8. There was a coyote at the end of my street as I was walking around twilight, so now I'm taking my two walks a day in the late morning and mid-afternoon. We live on a main road within walking distance to town, but we have a huge herd of deer that regularly run through our yard, sometimes to scary and startling effect, and various rabbits (though fewer bunnies since a bobcat was seen two doors down last summer). One surviving pair of rabbits and their offspring lived under a large bush in our yard last year. 


    I was going to turn the compost pile today but it was pouring, so I just printed out a new recipe for orange cranberry bread. We were going to make Swedish meatballs (using cranberries instead of lingonberries, since they don't sell the latter near us) but hubs decided to make regular spaghetti & meatballs instead, so I'm about to bake some bread. The cinnamon coffee cake I made last week was delish and we had no trouble eating all 15 servings before it went stale.


    I have not gotten on a scale since this started and luckily my sweatpants fit fine. I


    Should take some pix as I bake but I don't need to wash my hands many extra times (before touching camera with sticky fingers for each stage, again to go back to the food so 2 x ?  )

    My hands look 20 years older than I do despite liberal amounts of hand cream. Trying different hand creams to see which works best is another leisure activity LOL. So far no recommendations. 

  9. Sold one fine art print and having a few micro sales (some Covid-19 related), but April is extremely slow. A family friend's brother-in-law died of Covid-19 here in NY, in his 50's, last week, putting financial losses in perspective, but it's all really bad. How we went from a handful of cases to more than any country just in our state in a month's time is truly frightening, and I fear that the numbers will grow outside our area as well. Reading about rural areas in Georgia, for example, where 2 hospitals will need to care for cases from surrounding 16 counties is appalling. Those poor people, how can they even get to a hospital in time, and how overburdened will the system be.


    We will have to see our healthcare system revamped when this is over. Though I wouldn't trust our government to run things any better .... I'll stop there, I could go on, but I'm not going to change any minds, and I know most of you would agree with my views, so no point in it. Hope you are all well. 


    A group in our town started a gofundme to help local restaurants send meals to hospitals in Westchester County and the Bronx, as well as to first responders in our area (our fire and ambulance are all volunteers). Being able to help them out in some small way was a good feeling, when they are risking their lives. Whether it is neighbors smiling and chatting from a safe distance when we are out walking, or groups getting together like this, it all gives me faith that we are in this together, and somehow we will pull through. 


    Trying to think of things to shoot at home, got a bunch of seeds starting but it'll be some time before they bloom. At least I'll know what they are for keywording (if the deer and bunnies don't get them first).¬†¬†ūüėéūüćÖūü•ēūüĆłūüĆĽ

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  10. Took this photo a few weeks ago while out on a hike - the park is next door to the New York headquarters of a pharmaceutical company working on a cocktail therapy they hope may cure the virus and/or act as a vaccine. They hope to start clinical trials this summer.


    Meanwhile, they have started clinical trials of one of their rheumatoid arthritis drugs (Kevzara, not hydroxychloroquine) in New York, with other clinical trials being run in Italy by Sanofi. I sure hope something works.  It's so scary that our state has more cases than any country, and so scary for the entire world. Truly something unprecedented, at least in most people's lifetimes (loved hearing about the 90+ Italian man born during the Spanish flu who survived a bout of Covid-19).  


    This image and some illustrations that I developed with a slightly political bent, have all been licensed, though not through Alamy as yet. It's good to know that they are being used. 


    .Tarrytown, NY - 21 March 2020 - Entrance to Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, a biotech company that hopes to start clinical trials this summer of a cocktail therapy of antibodies to Covid-19, which can either be administered to at-risk people as a vaccine before exposure or as treatment for those infected. Earlier this week Regeneron and Sanofi announced the launch of clinical trials of Kevzara, a biologic drug they developed for rheumatoid arthritis, for use against the novel coronavirus. Regeneron begins US drug trials in hard hit New York, Sanofi in Italy and other hard hit areas outside the US. Stock Photo







    Massed Pipes & Drums  during the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Scotland




    Crowds watch as United States Navy hovercraft lands on Hole in the Wall beach in Niantic, Connecticut during OpSail 2012 opening day celebrations, commemorating the bicentennial of the War of 1812 





    US President Bill Clinton reaches out to shake hands amidst a smiling crowd after the Memorial Day Parade in his hometown (and mine) Chappaqua New York. I doubt we'll be having the parade this year with over 18,000 cases in Westchester County where I live as of April 10. 

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  12. We're #InThisTogether - our entire planet - offering a price break when the world's economy is tanking seems like a reasonable move, 40% of something is better than 100% of nothing at this point. When I think of healthcare workers risking their lives, with over 100,000 cases already here in New York, not to mention those suffering and fighting this pandemic in the rest of my country and the rest of the world, I feel lucky to be alive. 

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  13. 5 hours ago, spacecadet said:

    After 30 years I've only just realised that as we have a bidet we don't strictly speaking need toilet paperūü§™

    Pleased to have about a fortnight's worth though.


    I bought one online for the upstairs bathroom and it arrived just before my husband got sick, so we haven't installed it yet as I'm currently living downstairs, using the half-bath and only venturing upstairs to bring him food and use the only shower. But he is on the mend (after a televisit with the doctor, our MD has concluded it's bronchitis). His surgery is meanwhile delayed indefinitely, but at least we have enough toilet paper to get us through until he gets better, and with improvement each day, hopefully that will be fairly soon. Out of an abundance of caution, I haven't been to a shop since he got sick, and the few items I managed to order from Amazon pantry (no lysol spray or wipes, TP or even peanut butter) won't be here for at least 3 weeks, knowing we have the bidet is a positive. (It's a seat you attach and they say it takes about an hour, so you don't need a plumber). Just FYI.¬†ūüėé


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  14. After a friend up in Waverley, Rhode Island who was up at her house for needed repairs has a state cop and and National Guardsman show up at her house (neither wearing masks), simply because her car has NY license plates, I received a very nice letter from the year-round resident head of our beach association at our summer house in Connecticut, just 20 minutes south of the Rhode Island border, expressing support for all residents (summer and year-round) discussing how they were trying to work out how things will work this summer so we can all enjoy the beauty of our surroundings and stay safe. My siblings and I were supposed to be up there opening the house for the season this weekend, but have delayed that indefinitely at this point, but with all the New York bashing going on in certain parts of the US (you'd think we invented this horror - it would be nice to see some sympathy towards fellow citizens - something that all we human need for each other right now. I was beyond angry and miserable to be an American yesterday and the letter really gave me hope in my fellow citizens. 


    I also found a great recipe for cinnamon coffee cake and I have everything I need in my increasingly bare pantry. Hope my sharing it here makes your day! 

    Sour Cream Cinnamon Coffee Cake


    Being on this forum gives me faith in my fellow humans and my fellow Americans. You are all the best. #InThisTogether 

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  15. There are Puffins in Maine too Betty, a little closer to home. Amazing birds, haven't seen them myself. Love those photos. 


    Here is one of mine - a place close to my heart - a beach near my family's summer place. Canada geese in it too - in keeping with the bird theme. 



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  16. I have a new great niece, born in Spain, mother and baby are doing well.


    My husband has been sick all week with a fever and cough, had to postpone his surgery ....but the good news, he finally got a visit via Zoom with our GP and she thinks he has bronchitis and not the dreaded virus. We have enough food for the next couple of weeks, and I got creative tonight with quinoa, vegan cheese, spinach and a bunch of spices. Which I made along with chicken sausage. We also have an entire shelf in our freezer full of blueberries. I'm thinking about making some sort of cobbler this weekend. 


    The sun was shining and I took a nice walk around my neighborhood. 


    I like this thread Betty! Thanks! I'll find the nature one too.


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