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  1. RM Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Book, print and/or e-bookPrint run: up to 25,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1 pageStart: 25 June 2019End: 25 June 2024Rights granted for the life of the product for supplementary educational publications and materials. Electronic editions of the products also included. Print Run: 30,000; series :IT'S MY STATE; title : Connecticut: The Constitution State (Second sale this year where it's given me the title of a book about Connecticut) Mid-$$ It's a live news image from 2012. They still sell nicely, especially the ones of just the ships (which do well as gallery and POD prints too). Summer clothing styles - shorts and T-shirts don't really change.
  2. LOL yes we women seem to keep springing from Adam's rib. Counterintuitive since we are the ones to bear children - jealousy on the part of those codifying the language perhaps? My best guess.
  3. My son-in-law and grandson are visiting from Ohio (Daughter is at a Bachelorette Weekend - a Hen party I believe you Brits call it) and we are going through all the family ancestry research my s-i-l did to see if we and my daughter can get EU passports (with grandson asleep in his lap). We knew my husband had ancestors were from Ireland but we didn't know where - looks like it was Sligo. Small world. Sorry it didn't work out there for you Edo. Would have been nice to be near the forum folks - I thought Colin said the busses were good there. Gotta be so hard living out of a suitcase all this time when you don't have a place to go home to. Best of luck with your house search Edo - hope things finally work out. And Alan - hope the surgery goes well.
  4. Beautiful. You've already got lots of suggestions, and I can't think of any others, except if I lived where you do, I'd shoot even more boats. Those colorful fishing boats are gorgeous, but then about 75% of the photos I sell are pictures of lighthouses, with the occasional boat, beach and gull thrown in. Seriously, your photos are outstanding. I got a very heavy and pricy macro lens for my Sony late last year which more than doubles the weight of my gear and I have been struggling to shoot even a handful of images that approximate yours. Really beautiful work.
  5. Thanks for the sites Gary. I was googling a lot and think it might be greenshield too.
  6. I meant to get photos of the leaves when I was back there a week and a half ago but forgot. Hopefully I can id it from that.
  7. Sending hugs to you both Allan and Edo. Allan, I was nervous about general anesthesia for some minor surgery I had last month and, other than sleeping for most of the next 24 hours, came through it all fine. But we worriers worry, don't we? So sending you an extra hug. Hope all your stuff gets sorted soon. Just think of how much better things will be in a few months when this is all behind you. So sorry for your loss, too. Having to move on top of it all seems so unfair. My husband and I actually want to move and our realtor assures us we will have no issues selling our house, but it is still so hard to get myself motivated to sort through the stuff we've accumulated in 21 years of living here. I think of myself as an adventurous person, yet I realize that it is so much easier o stay curled up on the couch I know with my laptop than to get out and move to a new town. You two guys are much braver than I am (Betty too with your recent move). You are all an inspiration to me 🌈
  8. Got a sale for over $200 which is always nice. Still waiting on another I image I found online (with my name and Alamy) but which hasn't showed up in my account after more than 3 months, so I can finally write and ask them to follow up. I get antsy waiting so long. Shame about Central America. So many places on my bucket list there.
  9. A couple, including a woman in a hijab, view the Maryland 9/11 Memorial in Baltimore, Maryland:
  10. My daughter and I visited Gettysburg on a spur of the moment detour as we were driving home to NY after visiting schools in the midwest. Until I got there, I hadn't really thought about the fact that it is a memorial to both sides, the North and the South. It was eerie to think we were walking along where Lincoln had given his famous speech, and on ground where so many lost their lives. It was similar to how I felt walking through the Roman Forum and thinking Julius Caesar had walked there. We Yanks have such a short history. Monument to the Civil War Veterans of the 111th New York Infantry, Gettysburg National Military Park Gettysburg Pennsylvania USA
  11. This one has a personal connection, as my husband and I frequent the dry cleaners run by the deceased soldier's parents and surviving brother - Even though the intent of the photo was to honor her, her son, and her family, I felt almost like a voyeur taking this photo on assignment as the pain in her eyes was palpable. Gold star mother Soon Chay whose son, Army SSgt Kyu Hyuk Chay was killed in Afghanistan, being comforted by Hillary Clinton during a Memorial Day celebration in which a bridge in the town was named after her son. SSgt Kyu Hyuk Chay, an army cryptographer who survived his first tour of duty in Iraq, was born in South Korea and emigrated to the US with his parents in the 1980s. The SSgt's father and surviving brother stand just behind. - Image ID: EMXW9N Since this choice obviously really got me thinking, I'll just that add that the young naval officer in white to the left played soccer with my daughter back when they were both 5-year-olds, and they graduated from high school together. Both of these are kids (the boy who died and the young officer pictured) who could have easily just gone on to college and lived a privileged upper middle class existence, but they chose to join the armed services. I'm just glad that today, unlike the Viet Nam era during which I grew up, even those of us who are against the war feel an intense pride in those who have chosen to serve, rather than casting aspersions on the kids who were drafted and lived through war's horrors. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we lived in a world where there was no need for any of this?
  12. Excellent choice. It's really a great topic for what we aim to do with our images, convey that emotion. Your examples reminded me of seeing the rows of crosses and the occasional Stars of David at Normandy on a 3-week trip I took to France, back in 1989. My Great-Uncle Bill, who survived being shot twice in World War II, and who was later a POW, was supposed to land on the beach in Normandy on D-Day with the men under his command, but my aunt almost died in childbirth, so he was kept back and instead ended up in the Japanese theater. All his men died there, and it haunted him, so seeing those rows of graves, so far from home, and knowing his personal connection to some of those buried there, made it even more poignant, as did the fact that my friend Sonja, with whom I was traveling, had lost relatives in the camps. It really brought the enormity of the war home in a very tangible way. Seeing those rows upon rows of graves was more powerful to me than any of the many stories I had heard. A picture, even if it is in our heads rather than one we've taken, can really bring it home to us So many powerful images here.
  13. Atlas Obscura: Stories June 10, 2019 https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/alang-shipyard-market Dinodia Photos/Alamy: here is the 2nd photo: CE763B
  14. Atlas Obscura: Stories 6/10/19 https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/alang-shipyard-market Dinodia Photos/Alamy: See the second one in reply below. I still lose what I type when I try to include a second photo.
  15. Works great actually, although with pix that have nice bokeh or night scenes I've used it selectively with either the radial filter, graduated filter or the brush tool. So much better than the clarity slider which was always too much IMHO. I bumped some up to 50 or more with texture and they are all online, but not here yet. Alamy thought I overdid one, first fail in years, so yes, worth being cautious but really it works well. My Sony A7rii has so much texture in the photos to begin with, I think I went a little crazy. I'd been working on artsy stuff & textured walls right beforehand and got a little heavy handed. But it's my favorite new tool.
  16. Some good news for those of us who shoot travel photography. Personally, I've seen my book photo sales continue to grow: DK Publishing, Moon, Frommer's, Fodor's, Workman Press all come to mind off the top of my head. Print is not dead! 😎Long live print! https://www.forbes.com/sites/garystoller/2018/02/20/so-you-thought-travel-guidebooks-were-dead-guess-again/#b461a9658107 So, go out this weekend and shoot! P.S. I know the story is from last year, but it has a lot of valuable information and also it's a nice positive topic to start the weekend,
  17. KHA, Back when I started in 2006, I vaguely knew RAW existed.but I thought it required fancy software in addition to LR and PS, so I shot only jpegs for a few months, and I also had no idea that I should not be working on my original jpegs. As a consequence, I had some jpegs from Washington DC that I overprocessed. Well, some time after that, I was updating an old LR catalog (LR2 perhaps?) and realized that, while I had finalized some in PS and those changes were set in stone, there were some other images that I had only processed in LR and I was able to take them back to their original state, make a copy, save it as a TIFF and start fresh. Lightroom does not alter your photos until you export them, and the original you worked then still remains intact since the export is a copy. Alan, Capture One software is free for Sony owners. I found it cumbersome but it does a beautiful job converting the RAW files. You could then save them as TIFFS. But I"d recommend you get the $10 (10 pound?) subscription - with those huge files you need something that will process them quickly and with LR's new texture slider, I barely even bother with my Nik plug-ins anymore, not to mention that the spot remover does more than deal with dust in the latest version. And if you are into artsy stuff they now have a tone of Vintage, Modern and other filter-type color setting in addition to all the Sony camera settings - which are really excellent. I've been using Sony Camera Deep for some of my nautical images lately - even the B&W choices are nice for a fast look (I'll never give up on Nik Silver Efex). A little tweak and they are gorgeous. You may find you'll want a fast computer. I upgraded after finding my 2013 machine was too slow for my liking about a year after getting the A7rii. You will love that camera despite it's annoying interface, the pix are stunners. But you want to get the most out of them. In the other discussion, I asked the difference between a TIFF and a DNG? What's the benefit of one over the other since the DNG doesn't have a sidecar file? How is it any better than using a TIFF file?
  18. You can also download small versions of the photos by finding them on Alamy with the file# and then use those images when you do a google images or tin eye search. I cycle through mine periodically. Sometimes things from years ago suddenly show up. I just found a "presentation use" on a German website - so I think a bigger pricetag is in order. We'll see what happens.
  19. It sounds like maybe you were looking at the Total CTR column - that's the click through rate for all contributors for that search, which would be 50% or 2/4. You want to look at the column Your CTR. It's an easy mistake to make.
  20. You can import photos into LR at their current location, which means you won't need to make a second copy if the DNG files are in a folder you want to work from. Remember that Lightroom points to your files, they are not actually in the catalog. Be careful what you delete. I always work in RAW ( I have the LR/PS CC subscription as well as Capture One - free for Sony owners unless you upgrade to get the RAW converter for other cameras). Capture One does a really nice job on RAW files - I got the A7rii last year then spent a small fortune upgrading my computer, which saves tons of time and aggravation - unless I'm using Capture One which I found terrific for edits but so cumbersome and it kept dragging in whole folders, so I went back to using Lightroom - with the latest upgrades I only take my photos into Photoshop if I'm doing compositing or need to use layers for some other types of edits. I can even access all my Nik filters in LR. The newest changes make it so much better than older versions. $10 a month is two cups of fancy coffee (or your share of 2 presentation sales) You should consider it, but glad you found a workable solution. QUESTION: Once I edit a RAW file in LR, I might just export as a jpeg for upload, but I sometimes save a TIFF, since, like RAW files this is a lossless format - You can't go backwards with a TIFF the way you can with a RAW file, but even if you use ZIP or LZW compression, it is a lossless format, unlike jpegs which compress each time you save them and begin to lose quality. With a TIFF file you can also work on regaining lost highlights and bringing up shadows. What is the advantage to converting to a DNG rather than just saving as a TIFF? DNG files don't store info in a sidecar like RAW files, so I'm guessing that you can't convert them back to their original state if you want (unless the RAW file is embedded), or am I missing something? I usually upload my RAW files to Photoshelter as a backup (I do 90% of my ITPC info on import into LR, just tweaking before upload). Unfortunately, this means I lose most of the metadata since the xmp files don't upload so I have to remember to do some keywords on the site so I can find them if needed later - if I converted to DNG beforehand, would that mean I'd have RAW files with metadata backed up?
  21. Hey all you Yanks, Canadians, and other non-UK folks (i don't want to list everyplace and leave just one person out) - we can all apply for the German payback scheme via DACS if we have published work that is eligible. I replied to the DACS email I received and here's what they said: "Thank you for your email. Yes, you can apply for these royalties. I believe what the term UK-based on the information we provided refers to, is that the artist claims Payback through DACS, so is therefore represented by DACS – I think it has got lost a little in translation from the native tongue! " (emphasis mine*) *I trust they were referring to the translation from German to English and not Brit to Yank. In any event, I'm grateful to them for making this payback scheme work. 😎
  22. Hey all you Yanks, Canadians, and other non-UK folks (i don't want to list everyplace and leave just one person out) - we can all apply for the German payback scheme via DACS if we have published work that is eligible. I replied to the DACS email I received and here's what they said: "Thank you for your email. Yes, you can apply for these royalties. I believe what the term UK-based on the information we provided refers to, is that the artist claims Payback through DACS, so is therefore represented by DACS – I think it has got lost a little in translation from the native tongue! " (emphasis mine*) *I trust they were referring to the translation from German to English and not Brit to Yank. In any event, I'm grateful to them for making this payback scheme work. 😎
  23. You know you get a greenie for that 😎 Hope the move goes well.
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