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  1. I see that it works on the iPhone via Google Photos. Anyone know of a similar app specifically for the iPhone? Or Betty you have it on your iPhone? Or your Android and thinking of your iPad (it should work since it's an iOS device) Here's one by state or (some) provinces for wildflowers (it does other plants too) - only for the US and parts of Canada but it's got links for Android and iPhone for all of them - and it has a database for Yellowstone/Grand Teton too - larger app (100 megs) as works offline. Good if you're out in the woods without a good signal. https://www.wildflowersearch.org/search?page=Apps One I downloaded ages ago and then forgot about is LeafSnap, started in the northeastern US and Canada but now covers the UK too and will soon cover the rest of the US. They also have a website: http://leafsnap.com/ Hope this isn't considered off topic but there are a lot of handy apps out there. It's great to share those we've tried and which work best. Thanks for the suggestion Betty and the help/any further help re: online use.
  2. So if the app works on my iPhone I can use it to take a photo of my screen? I think that's what you're saying. Thanks. (otherwise I'll have to steal my husband's phone LOL). Or ask the forum.
  3. How do you use it on your Mac? Are you just talking about using a google photos search to find your photo (and similar ones - which it does sometimes)? Or is there some other way? Does Google photos work the same way as Google Lens for an iPhone? Google Lens itself isn't available on the app store for IOS devices. Thanks!
  4. I originally answered this before reading all the answers, but as a US photographer, I would say don't worry that being in Europe is a disadvantage - IMHO, it's not! Here's my (edited) experience: Although I’m based in New York and about 75% of my portfolio is US travel and/or nature, those images only account for 65% of my sales and, even more surprising, half of those sales are to European clients. In fact, half of all my sales (studio, nature, US, UK, other European travel, US editorial) are to Europe, and a full 24% of all my sales are to the UK. Only half are to the US. I haven't seen any other regions show up. I'm including Russia as part of Europe. European images make up only 6% of my portfolio, but account for 12% of my sales; UK pix do even better - only 2% of my pix are from the UK (taken in 2007 in Scotland before I ever heard of stock photography) and since 2011 these old photos have accounted for 7% of my total sales. (I only reviewed my sales going back to 2011 - I wasn’t sure when the US office opened but I remember going to a meeting at the Brooklyn office in the fall of 2010. I met up with my daughter, who I believe was in her first year at NYU, earlier that day) All of my sales in the $100-450 range were to US clients and most of those were US travel or studio shots. There were also a lot of low $ US sales. I didn't average them all out. Many of the exact same or very similar images are licensed by both European and American clients: travel scenics, famous architecture, lighthouses, studio concept images, and even health warning signs. The only location-specific exceptions (from a quick but admittedly not exhaustive review) are that all of my UK photos (taken during a 10-day trip chaperoning my daughter and her fellow actors in Edinburgh) were licensed to UK publications, and all of my photos taken in small towns in Connecticut, and in cities in Ohio and Maryland sold to the US. Many other larger and smaller US towns and cities sold all over the world, and my other European images have sold to the US (the exception, the Edinburgh photos, are 6MP and mainly just of the festival, the Tattoo at night w/ a D70, & architectural details). I have had one sale to Canada, an image stolen by a library that Alamy chased up for me (again, not what I'd expect from a Canadian library - but life is never what we expect is it?) Popular destinations sell best to a worldwide market but smaller towns and cities do best locally (I think Alamy's unedited collection really makes it a good source for licenses of small town/smaller city America and I would imagine it's a great place for images of small towns and out of the way places in the UK, and of festivals - I've certainly done relatively well with my photos of the Fringe Festival, which still sell years later. In June Alamy licensed a tall ship photo from a festival in 2012. On other sites my US/non-US sales also seem to be evenly split. Most of those portfolios have more concepts and backgrounds, but also some editorial and travel. I have found a fair number of my non-Alamy images on Latin American sites, particularly Brazilian, and have licensed countless images to Canada as well as throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. The same types of images seem to sell for me everywhere. I don't really see any strong preferences even with 1000's of licenses from a very small portfolio (<350 images) on those other sites. Anyhow, that's my experience. I have to say, when I look at the photos sold on here, it always seems to me like the European photographers are selling the lion's share. America is not as monolithic as some people think, especially in today's global economy. But it's a great place to visit. 😎 I really want to go back to Edinburgh, and to London (last trip there was in 1980!), and to the English countryside, which, along with Wales and Ireland are on my bucket list. I really wish that travel photography could fund those dreams.
  5. I have to replant an aloe plant that has broken its pot it has gotten so large (and is also doing poorly since we were out of town to boot) - great idea for something to shoot. I haven't tried out the timer on my Sony yet, so a good excuse. I'll put my old hands to work LOL. Perhaps it will pay for the bag of potting soil eventually? I really need to experiment with some self-portrait type work, something I'm reluctant to do, but this seems like a place to start. Thanks for the inspiration!
  6. Agree. Would be great to be able to manage from my computer & not just iPhone. Would be nice to get the same info re: views zooms etc. Enjoy being able to upload right from my iPhone. It’s a great way to shoot on the fly & love the freedom to be creative. One by one keywording is tedious & it’d be nice to go back to add more from an easier interface. All in all really love S.
  7. Some are fine with 30 or thereabouts - I have a lot that aren't in the green and they are fine. I've been trying to be briefer, but with old ones my aim is to cut them down to 50 or fewer and just move on The old AIM really encouraged way too many keywords. We all live and learn. Supertags are the best thing about the new AIM LOL I realize i fixed a bunch of old ones and I don't think I added a single supertag. UGH! Getting bleary-eyed!
  8. Actually, if you have exactly 50 keywords, even if you get rid of the spaces, you need to add fewer than 50 and then you can add the last one. Frustrating but I'm hoping at least my keywording is better now. Sometimes you really need all 50. It's surprising what words are used in searches sometimes. Maybe I was wrong about the spaces but I found that when I used a batch without spaces it worked if it had just under 50 keywords, but it did not work with the spaces if I pasted them all in at once. I'll try a different one and see. EDIT: FIXED ABOVE TOO - SPACES DON'T MATTER - BUT YOU CAN ONLY PASTE 49 KEYWORDS AT ONCE. THEN ADD # 50 - I'M NOT YELLING JUST WANT TO BE CLEAR. UGH SO MUCH TIME TO FIGURE THIS OUT. Meanwhile, some of my images have doubled keywords, some don't, old and new, no rhyme or reason Sorry about the space thing - I thought without spaces I could paste all 50 words at once, but I shortened most to fewer than 50, didn't realize the key was 49 words or less, so thought I needed to get rid of the spaces. Now I've tried pasting in exactly 50 with and without spaces, it doesn't work, but both ways work with exactly 49 keywords (and this includes phrases as a "keyword/tag")
  9. After much time and experimenting: if you have exactly 50 keywords and you want to paste them all at once, you can only past 49 and then you have to add the 50th later. It does not matter if you have a space after the comma or not. Harry is correct. But you cannot paste in all 50 words at once, I have checked with and without the extra spaces and you can only past 49 at once. Many of mine have fewer than 50 but some have more from the past and I cut them down to 50.
  10. UGH! I have typed a response three times now and it disappears when I hit submit. It tells me my previous comments have been restored but they've actually disappeared.
  11. I usually do mine in LR as I upload with a broad group of similar keywords, then I trim them/add new unique tags as I process the photos. Since LR puts them in alphabetical order, being able to pick super tags rather than having to re-order keywords is a benefit of the new AIM, the only downside is that it choses any word even if it is part of a long tag - although that has kept my keywording shorter since I try not to repeat single words that are part of a phrase (with the old 3-part AIM my keywords have so many repeats). If I'm adding photos elsewhere, e.g. top POD sites, I often cut and paste into a text document so I can play around with the different lengths of captions, etc. and then when it's a problem with AIM I end up cutting & pasting into a text document. It's time consuming but at least they are done correctly. Shortening up my keywords does not seem to have helped my CTR, so I wonder why I bother, but I'm a bit of a stickler for doing things right, I guess. I sometimes wonder if I should just concentrate on quantity instead, and ignore fixing the old ones. But that's just not in my nature. I just hope they get it fixed. I have to say, I like this new AIM much better other than the fact that it means I have so many messed up photos from the past. It seems unfair that those of us who've been here the longest have to work that much harder to get our old images up to par, after having once before done all those quotes for no reason. Another reason why those of us here for years (I've been with Alamy since 2008 - this was my separate account started in 2010 they made me open up for "reportage" when they invited me to join that scheme - then in around 2014 they combined both accounts. I used to have to wait ages with $240 in each account waiting for one to reach $250). With all we've been through as Alamy experimented, it would have been nice to have been grandfathered in to the 50% commission as promised, not to mention to Live News which I was also invited to join when it started. Get sick for a couple of years and you lose everything it seems.
  12. I had that happen on some too but even weirder as I was fixing tags and doing super tags in a few bunches on AIM, a few of my images ended up with 12-15 super tags. And several with more than 50 tags because of doubling. It took quite a while but I was able to clean them up. Then I went in and started working on some of my old ones that have way too many from the old AIM and have weird super tags such as "of." Annoying but it's given me a chance I guess to shore up some older images from before I knew all that much,. Glad that we can now select all, copy all and delete all in AIM. I've been hitting "select all, copy all," moving them into a pages (word) document where I can clean them up, hit "delete all" and then paste them back properly. Ending up with about 35 words for a lot of them so not "discoverable" but probably goo. I did this as I was going through my RM images and deciding which to mark as "Exclusive to Alamy." After getting a few sales of images that are only on Alamy, it seemed like a good idea to make sure I get the better commission next time.. Frustrated that we keep having this problem even with new images. Hopefully the tech folks will get on it again. I had so many old ones with quotations marks around them. It's a lot of work to have to keep going back when I have so many new images I should be uploading instead. Oh well.
  13. I agree. I don't think that Alamy needs to advertise the exclusive images. In fact, I agree that it could cause problems as there are many contributors, me included, even though I have now ticked "exclusive" for about 1/3rd of my files, who would not want to see their non-exclusive images disappear from the search. I have images that sell here often enough that also do well elsewhere and I'm sure that I'm not alone. It would hurt Alamy to hide those images. Better if buyers can ask when they want exclusivity, something they've been used to doing in the past.
  14. Just to set the record straight. That's not exactly how it works. Just like with Alamy's new exclusivity, and that of other sites that have a similar exclusive by image deal, you are paid much more for any download of an exclusive file regardless of use, you do not have to agree to any "all rights" sale (and if you do you can set the price at whatever you want), and if the image is used exclusively for a period of time you can decide whether or not to agree to it. I had only one exclusive use and it cost the buyer $750 for a one-year use of an image that had already been licensed before, I got $375 net (more than Id have likely earned from that file in a year - it was earning me about $150-200/year). I eventually earned $$$$ for that image, which still gets licensed often. I have earned $$$ for non-exclusive use of other "exclusive" images, including editorial use only ones. --- This is why I think that Alamy can take advantage of exclusivity and use it both for marketing, to negotiate more for images, and of course we get more for those "exclusive" images no matter whether or not the use is exclusive for the buyer. They are less likely to be all over the internet, a boon for buyers.
  15. That's what I was thinking. Even to the point of doing those searches when I'm not sure where I may have an image. Early on I joined a bunch of sites that promised higher prices and honestly I'm not even sure if some of them are still out there. I gave up on a few but decided it wouldn't hurt to leave my images that I'd already uploaded and keyworded online, so I need to check out all the shots I took & uploaded between 2008-2010 - lots of admin. But I really don't want my images in the database of places that are bound to go under.
  16. I just marked a total of 250 or so RM images as exclusive here, and I plan to add more once I remove a bunch from some small boutique European sites that have been losing the battle in trying to keep prices higher. Some have taken to selling RM images at micro prices and they all seem to be struggling in this stock photography marketplace. I might as well keep my RM images exclusive here, since Alamy seems to be keeping up with the marketplace, even if it means that they cut our commission (still unhappy about it, but we all know the marketplace is a nightmare). Of course, I also have a lot of RF and while I've pretty much kept my micro and Alamy portfolios separate, where I've split a shoot between the two, I'd keep those different but similar images non-exclusive. I would think a buyer who really wants exclusive shots won't want to see a similar image at a different price point elsewhere. Going forward, it would be easy to add new exclusive shots as RM so it's easy to keep track. The 20% bump in income per sale will pay off, even if the image doesn't get preferential treatment. I hope it's okay to discuss other sites without naming them as they compare to Alamy, especially since the comparison is favorable to Alamy. When we're talking about whether or not to mark images as exclusive, it obviously means that we license images elsewhere, so it's hard to discuss this without making a comparison. I have one micro agency where you can add images as exclusive (they do contests). I have a few there that have made me $$$ and one $$$$ over the years, so conceivably this exclusive by image could really pay off here at Alamy. Exclusivity could help Alamy when they are negotiating prices. Alamy is already known as a place to find unique and out of the way images, images that may not sell often but when they do, could go for a good price. If someone is looking for images of a small city or town in the UK, the US, or anywhere else in the world, I think Alamy is often a first choice for such a search. I know I've gotten some $$$ and some decent $$ sales from my small town images here, and I tend to just upload them to Alamy. I think that is what helps excellent photographers in this group from small cities and towns across the globe to do well here, and it seems like a smart move to mark those files as "exclusive to Alamy."
  17. Mark, I had a handful of images randomly exclusive, probably from the old days of "only on Alamy" which I ticked for very few (since I also have an RM site in Germany I submit to). So, my experience is not linked to exclusive sales, but my return per image has gone up a lot this year, less than half as many sales as this time last year, but gross revenue is already tied with all of last year. But, certainly could be random here, my portfolio being much smaller than yours.
  18. I just made about 100* images exclusive. I have to check a lot of my older ones, they may be with a couple of boutique sites I joined eons ago that aren't going anywhere. I have some similars on other sites where they are selling well, and while I saved my best shots in those cases for Alamy, I need to be careful that I'm not making similars exclusive, as that doesn't seem right, even if there are no "rules." I've been picking places I've visited at random and trying to bulk process bunches of photos, but I am still too picky and it is going slowly. My goal was 2000 images here by the end of the year. LOL I am far off but now that our beautiful weather has turned to rain, it's a good use of my time, I suppose. I worked on a bunch yesterday instead of going out and shooting more, now regretting that. It's easy to forget that summer weather is fleeting in this part of the world. The admin is the hardest part. I had a LR catalog with collections for various sites but when I switched computers I messed it up. I should probably do a backup catalog with all my stock images, but it is all so time-consuming, though it is probably a good exercise. I often think I have images online only to realize they are still on my hard drives and not uploaded. I just don't want to tick everything I think is only on Alamy, only to find that I've made a mistake. Keeping track of over 80,000 images is so difficult but also so frustrating that only a very small handful of them are available for sale. *250 - and I plan to make a full third of them exclusive, but have some additional admin to do first.
  19. Thanks John. It really does seem like a no-brainer then when the image isn't anywhere else. Makes life easier just uploading here. My sales volume is about par with last year, but $$$ is actually up - gross income is already even with last year,. As so many sites add 100s of thousands of images each year, ticking that exclusive box may well be a boon. I've been so torn about where to upload, and it has slowed me down. I was really gung-ho here last year but after adding more images, I had a very disappointing year for sales, but things seem to be turning around this year, and with only 1100 images, it's bound to be uneven. I actually have closer to 1200 when you count my iPhone photos. I was gung-ho there too but it took until I had about 100 images there to start seeing sales, so I started slowing down, thinking all the work was for nothing. Now it's paid off. Love that I can go out to dinner, see something beautiful, take a photo, and upload it on the car ride home (not food, I'm talking about sunsets LOL though I do have some food shots on there too). Anyway, John, I think that the only way for me to figure it out is to take the plunge and tick "exclusive" on some of the 100s of images that are only on Alamy. Wish I'd done it on my last several sales pix, since they were all only here.
  20. Getting those photo of the day type images up quickly has got to be a good reason to go that route. I guess reportage does the same but the images aren't featured the way live news is.
  21. You're welcome It must be amazing to see all these animals out in their actual environments. And cool for you to switch from NYC to out in the wild.
  22. Certainly a lot of weather shots - lots of animals too... Interesting to me was the sheep in Germany being used to keep the landscape in shape. They do the same thing here in New York in a state park by the Hudson River where they use goats and sheep to keep the long grasses in shape. It saves the gasoline and cost of lawn mowers and helps the local farmers. Yes we have farms within about 1/2 hour from midtown Manhattan. I used to upload those types of photos to live news and found a fair number sold, though usually later on. I think there are enough UK newspapers who do those "shots of the day" and probably rely on the Alamy news feed for these quirky types of photos. Wish that they were streaming them to US newspapers who look for the same.
  23. I've looked at the other topics discussing this issue, and none seemed to be exactly on point. I just got a bunch of photos passed of a tourist attraction here in the US. Not a vastly popular one, but in an area where surprisingly I've licensed a fair number on Alamy and some via my site on Photoshelter too - I think that these are two places where editors go for those hard to find images. I'm tempted to tick "exclusive to Alamy" because they are not the types of images I expect to sell often, hence I've uploaded them here, and I don't expect they'd be a big draw on either of the other two macro sites where I could also upload them, but obviously just having them here lowers my chance of licensing elsewhere. Have you found that ticking "exclusive to Alamy" has boosted sales? I know the extra 10% is nice and am kicking myself that I've had a few sales of images that are only here but which I did not tick as "exclusive." Most of my Alamy images are not on sale elsewhere, but I'm reluctant to restrict them. I'd love know what people's experience has been so far with this new development. I'm also not sure how much this locks me in. Am I correct that I can still license an image myself? How long is the exclusive period for? Can I change them back by giving Alamy a certain amount of notice? Has "exclusive" been defined? At other sites it usually locks you in for 6 months, or 2 years, or 5 years. Does anyone know what the time is here? Thanks for input.
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