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  1. My pharmacy has been trying to order some of my meds all week. I used up the last of my migraine medicine this morning. I need two more shots tomorrow if it comes back, if not, I could end up in the ER, taking space from people because I can't get a prescription even if I'm willing to pay for it if my insurance won't. It is really scary right now. If I run out of other meds, I could have serious problems as some can't just be stopped. At least with the migraine medicine the worst case is more migraines, with others if I had to stop suddenly....very bad.
  2. Hope you are both OK. Hopefully her hospital has adequate protection for her. Doctors and nurses have to be brave every day. Kudos to your daughter and really hope both of you and the rest of your family stay safe. I've read stories and comments in the Washington Post and NY Times where nurses haven't been tested, some told to quarantine because they don't have enough tests. Honestly, pointing out that our president has been denying that this virus is a danger is not political, it is a fact. I have seen him speak. If I wanted to be political, I'd say a lot more. I worry for brave folks like your daughter Michael and if some here think that what I've said is political, so be it. Some thing transcend politics. Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike are buying bottled water. We all are adding to landfills. We all need to try to do better. This is not politics, it is a cry for leaving a better world for the future. We need to be able to have factual discussions.
  3. Fog begins to lift in the early morning hours as the white night turns into a colorful sunrise, Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden: Mist rises from the Gullfoss Waterfall, Iceland: Mist rises as the Chappaqua Fire Department and several neighboring fire departments fight a blaze two doors down from my house in the early morning hours. This is one of the first photos I ever took with my Olympus OMD-E1. I got it hours earlier and it was charging when I was awoken by the fire. Thanks Jill for taking this over. Great concept. I didn't realize how many misty and foggy images I had. I also just spent ages fixing keywords, etc. These contests are such a good way to take a second look through images - It makes me realize what I haven't uploaded and also shows me how many images have next to no supertags and way too many keywords as well as missing ones. Thanks again for stepping up Jill. I really enjoy seeing everyone's concepts each month.
  4. As an over-60 person with 5 autoimmune diseases, I'm scared but I have healthy friends in their 50's who are still planning vacations abroad when their kids are on spring break, and everyone here in Westchester County, NY, which has the highest number of cases in NY, doubling every few days, is still going to work except in one square mile around the town which had the largest outbreak (where they have called in the National Guard to clean the area). There aren't enough tests to go around, and even if you have symptom, you can't get tested unless you have been to China, Italy or S. Korea or in touch with someone already and have symptoms, but even then they will test you for flu first, unless you are a member of Congress, then you get a test without symptoms and the best medical treatment available. Our President denies climate change and until recently said the coronavirus was a hoax. And those who don't believe him and want to prepare for the worst are buying water in PLASTIC bottles to pollute the earth - and it's not a hurricane where people on well might lose power and need water or have their pipes broken and need it. Our plumbing won't be effected by a virus. It's just insane. Until people see their friends dying or hospitalized they won't do enough, and even then there's been so much "it's just like the flu" misinformation, and let's face it, most of us have lived through the flu at least once (I've lived through pneumonia three times) so human nature tells us, we'll be okay. Until we're not. I shudder to think of what a mess our world will be when my 18-month-old grandson is my age. I've cared about the planet since the 1970's when we first knew there were issues, but big business won out on so many fronts. Did you know the plastics industry came up with the recycling concept so people wouldn't mind using disposable plastics? Yet we've only ever recycled about 10% each year. But I know the water in Long Island Sound and the air in NYC are both noticeably cleaner than when I was a kid in the 60's and 70's thanks to the Clean Air and Water Acts - it can be done - and yet our government is trying to undo even that progress. This pandemic may change attitudes and it may not. I hope we all live to find out.
  5. I uploaded an hour ago and still in QC but it's end of business day even here in NY, so I expect to have results in the morning.
  6. A friend's 11-year-old literally fell off a cliff last month while hiking. Losing a child that tragically certainly does put our concerns in perspective. Sorry, that's an expression I'll never be able to use or hear again without reacting. It puts my fear of the coronavirus (living in the epicenter of the NY outbreak - Westchester County. with over 80 cases so far compared to about 20 in NYC - and only those with direct links are being tested since we don't have enough tests, so it is probably much higher -and being over 60 with several autoimmune diseases, so at higher risk of becoming a statistic) in perspective also, though it certainly doesn't mean I don't think I'm too young to die. I worry about relatives in Italy and really just the entire world right now. Way more tragedies to come, I fear. But watching our income tank is still a disappointment, especially in uncertain times Easier to grouse about that than worry about the really tragic stuff, which can become overwhelming. Maybe this world-wide tragedy will focus attention on how we all need to work together, a dress rehearsal for our fight to save the planet from global warming.
  7. I like Byron. But they are all wonderful. With the world going to hell, this is the stuff we need to keep us sane. Thanks AlbertSnapper for some comic relief.
  8. Congrats AlexB - I voted for yours! And thanks again for including mine in the finalists.
  9. Thanks so much John! Made my day. It was my first $250+ sale here many years ago. I keep thinking that I should do more still life, just need to find room in my house to set up my strobes, softbox, etc. - it's such a production. I shot that one at a friend's studio years ago. Wish I had room for a dedicated studio space myself. I keep thinking I should gather props for a bunch of different concepts, set everything up, and then shoot them all over the space of a week or so.
  10. At the end of the month, $11 out of the $15 gross I got earlier in the month for a 10-year worldwide use of an RM image in print and online was refunded, so I ended up with $2.00 net for that one instead of the $7.50 I was expecting. Not a great loss, but weird nonetheless. My average return per license on the micros hovers around $2 and volume is substantially higher. Hope things start to pick up here with new management. Views are up and CTR has been strong all month. Fingers crossed for March?
  11. Thanks for including one of mine. Great challenge. So many good choices, I think I've narrowed it down. It made me think of keywords I should be adding too.
  12. Mine went down too (about 11%) but I think that they said that last year a lot more people applied for payback so the percentage people got went down. I wrote to DACS and asked last year and this year too, and hopefully this year I'll hear back before putting in the April portion of my claim.
  13. I don't know why I was so confused. Could be that I've had a series of migraines this week and there has been discussion about whether "worldwide" was applicable in the past. I could not remember what I did last year and started adding to my list before I thought about it and then didn't recall what I'd added. Spent most of the weekend sleeping. Relieved I'm well today and worried about not getting it in since I could not log in until about an hour before it was due, just hit submit.
  14. My three: Compact fluorescent bulb environmental concept: Photovoltaic cell array solar panel near my home with reflections of clouds emphasizing the environmentally friendly aspect: Dexter Grist Mill on Cape Cod - a working 17th century mill that uses water power to grind cornmeal sold to help sustain the historic building
  15. If you click the arrow on the right just under the headline where they show the sites they distribute for, you'll see they claim to be a distributor for Alamy. So, I'd guess you don't need to worry.
  16. Does this mean websites in the UK are now admissible? That would add to my claim. I thought it was only print books and magazines (and tv) - e.g. I though ebooks were out. And what does that mean for websites? I guess they have to be .co.uk but what about advertising or other non-magazine sites? Or do they just mean magazine sites if you don't have the ISSN? What about when book publishers use your image on their blog? I've had that a few times, where my photo is in a book and on the publisher's blog about the book?
  17. Had so much trouble getting on to the site, when I finally did about 20 minutes ago, I just hit submit with what I had as of Saturday. I guess they'll delete some of mine, but I did put in the amazon uk site where I could - though it was grayed out most of the time so I couldn't add websites. I'll call them in March when they are less crazy - getting voicemail for an overseas call is a drag, and see what I'm supposed to add or delete for when I put in my part 2 claim. I had a lot more books this year, but some may not have been correct. Maybe they will answer my email so I can correct it for my Part 2 submission. I assume now that I hit submit I can't edit. I was having problems with the site and just hit submit rather than adding or deleting anything, so at least my claim would go through. I tweeted to them when I couldn't sign on all morning and they replied - and I guess they got the site fixed because I managed to submit just before 11 AM EST (I wasn't sure if we're 5 or 6 hours behind you folks in the UK)
  18. I'm so frustrated that I did not do this sooner! I tried calling DACS several times and got through only to end up in someone's voicemail. Wish I'd wondered about this sooner. In reviewing my notes, I see that I asked the same question in an email last year and did not get an answer, but notice that some, but not all of my USA books were deleted from the list I gave them so that's why I think the CLA thing may be the key. I think I will add the "CLA-approved" books and delete those that don't show up as available for copying. Hopefully it won't be a mistake that costs me having my claim rejected, but they seem to be very reasonable and helpful in the long run. I thought that books available in the UK were fine and didn't think to question it until I had some of my books removed from my list last year, Up until now, it was just a couple of books, but this year I found more than a dozen new books - about half of which are "CLA-approved," which from one interpretation of the rules at least seems to be the key. If I get an email from them I'll share the info with you. I don't want to wait until the very last minute and have trouble with the site being too busy - that happened to me last year and I almost lost out on collecting...so I think I'll delete the half dozen that don't get hits on the CLA list and keep the rest in... I spent so many hours searching this year. I get so many hits on google and apparently there are a couple of authors with my last name and one who seems to have written books with someone whose first name is "Marianne" so no matter how I narrow my search, I get so many hits that aren't me - google search seems to have deteriorated to the point where you can't narrow it down. I also have images that are ©wordplanet from a small pseudo here and from one of the micros and even if I put "wordplanet" in quotes it brings up everything with "word" and "planet" in it - ugh! It's like spellcheck, always thinking I don't know what I'm searching for. Sure wish the US had something like this - I have thousands of images and articles in magazines here - it would be a bonanza. Just grateful the UK lets me collect. (Even if they take VAT).
  19. SOME HELPFUL SITES AND I COULD USE SOME HELP WITH A QUESTION, PLEASE: I didn't want to start a new thread on DACS so here's some helpful stuff first - when google and amazon let your down - try these sites - you will need some info but these at least have all the ISSN and/or ISBN numbers: This site (which I believe I found via a link on the DACS site) has magazine ISSN numbers: https://portal.issn.org/ This is the CLA site which lets you check if copying of work is permitted using the title, author, ISBN or ISSN -- and of of course you can also use it to find an ISBN number if you know the title of the book or the magazine your photo has appeared in: https://www.cla.co.uk/check-permissions/search-publications?query= (I wrote to DACS this morning and got a reply that they'll get back to me in three working days - I left it too late) Now, here is my question -- this year I found a lot more of my images that have been published in educational books. Some of them were published in the US but according to the CLA site they are available to students and educators to copy in the UK And they are also available for sale on amazon.co.uk So, can I claim for them in DACS? Or am I out of luck? Any ideas? I may just try to call DACs in the morning and see if I can get through. Wish I'd gone online to do this sooner. Up until now, all my listed books were published in the UK, so I think that the day I spent tracking down all those photos was a waste. A lot of them say worldwide on Alamy so I hoped for the best ...thoughts?
  20. Fabulous to have someone with journalism and marketing experience in charge. Speaking of journalism -- I just got 2 of the 3 zooms by someone looking for photographs of my suburban hometown today and the first image Alamy licensed for me this year was taken in the small beach community where my family has a summer cottage, so I'm feeling more confident in my decision to leave many of my small town American photographs here. Although I was initially discouraged by the slow start this year, the low $$ pricing, and worried about PA Media's UK focus, since I am seeing more activity in terms of views, zooms and sales in my editorial pseudo, perhaps this bodes well for editorial images at least. A lot of my regular stock is travel, so my regular stock pseudo should get a boost from increased editorial activity, and my last two zooms in that pseudo were from place name searches. Hopeful, I think 😎 (I repeated some of the facts from an unrelated post those reading this might not see)
  21. No idea how my post ended up here since I never even clicked on this topic. Never used a Pentax.
  22. Some glimmers of hope: I just got 2 of the 3 zooms by someone looking for photographs of my suburban hometown today, so fingers crossed. The first image licensed this year here was taken in the small beach community where my family has a summer cottage, so I'm feeling more confident in my decision to leave many of my small town American photographs here, mostly as RM. My editorial pseudo seems to be seeing more action. Just licensed nine images directly earlier today to an overseas client, so my renewed efforts in that direction are paying off. Uploading to Alamy is so much easier, so hoping that things turn around and return to the nice regular modest to excellent sales I was seeing in the first half of 2019. Looking back my February 2019 started with a $10 license, followed a week later by one for $75 so maybe history will repeat itself.
  23. Non-Hispanic white children under age 15 now make up less than 50% of the US population, and non-Hispanic whites in all age groups account for about 60% of our population, so I guess our advertising is not "over-representing" our population. I recognize that the US, a nation of immigrants (much as so many want to shut the door behind them these days), is a different situation than the UK or other European nations, nevertheless, awareness that some groups have been under represented and making an effort to remedy that seems like a positive IMHO. It can be hard not to discuss race without mentioning the far right, as such extreme attitudes certainly are one of the reasons we are still discussing race as a concept in 2020, at least here in the US, six decades after the Civil Rights Movement, and nearly 160 years after we went to war over the issue. There are many who are appalled by such attitudes whose views may still evidence more subtle types of discrimination.
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