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  1. Hard to decide - lots of great pix.I think I could have easily voted for any of them Congrats to all. It was a tough choice. Happy New Year everyone.
  2. I thought DACS was only for print publications (not including newspapers) and for TV. Did something change?
  3. Lots of extras but it is really interesting how changing the search parameters brings up a variety of different books. I know it's better now that google doesn't put the entire book online, but boy did the old way make it easier to find how your image was used - though I'm sure it also made it harder to sell books when you could read so much online, though there's nothing like owning the real thing IMHO. Anyhow, good tip. I even found my work in a book almost entirely in Russian since my name was still in English. Not good for DACS but fun to find nonetheless.
  4. I had over 100 views for "Westchester County" (where I live) in one search, no zooms so bad CTR but 2 sales in one day that were quite obviously a direct result of that search. Views have been down this year, so I'm reluctant to remove any relevant keywords simply because they might negatively affect my CTR since it rarely correlates to sales for me.
  5. "New England" brings up a ton of false positives for "England" for me, but it also has led to sales so I just can't worry about it too much. "Central Park" has ended up in searches for Central America for me too. I guess I could delete "America" from all those images but is that really the answer? I spent ages changing tags years back to add quotes around phrases which Alamy never implemented, and when they switched to the new AIM a few years ago I ended up with single words suddenly repeated several times since the new AIM split up all my phrases. Fixing this type of
  6. Congrats on your win! Terrific challenge - gave me a new keyword I hadn't considered, too - thanks! "Twin" islands in the Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden at sunrise. Repeating wares with a lovely shopkeeper in Tallinn, Estonia: Repeating triangular shapes in the buildings and a pattern of Chessie Dragons, fanciful paddle boats, float on the water of Chesapeake Bay (hence "Chessie") in Baltimore Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD:
  7. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope despite it being a Zoom Christmas for most of us, hope you find joy this holiday season.
  8. I uploaded some of my own skies and have to say the sky replacement tool really saved this image taken on a gray soggy day - nothing like spending a week at the beach to take photos and having it rain or drizzle nearly every day. Gray skies do not sell travel scenics so gotta love this new tool.
  9. I was in St. Petersburg on a gray gloomy day and got some lovely portraits. Not much else though. It was August so it was actually shorts weather, I doubt that lasts long.
  10. I read the first page of comments here before watching the video and was happily surprised and encouraged when I watched it. Thanks Alamy! They covered a lot of the questions asked and seem to be focused on two very important concerns, image size and infringements. I was also pleased to know that PA Media photographers aren't getting a leg up on the rest of us. It also sounds like they've grown their business in this nightmare year. Unfortunately, with ever more photographers, our share of the pie as contributors is likely to keep shrinking, a problem with any crowds
  11. Thank you - that link is messed up for sure - I'll fix it. Thanks for the head's up.
  12. My thought was that I could upload it as Editorial Use Only as long the album cover or pieces of the puzzle were taken in context - spread out on a table or strewn near a turntable - so it's like shooting any other artwork. I certainly would not take a close up shot where the photo taken by someone else is the main thing, but would spread out a collection of covers, that sort of thing, so it's in context. I think that works - doesn't it? There's always competition. I made over $100 this year on the micros with a couple of photos of a brick wall, mostly from a single photo. Someti
  13. Photoshelter is headquartered in Manhattan the epicenter of the early coronavirus pandemic in the US and in a bad way again as is the rest of the country, so I think they've done a lot this year given all that's been going on. But it has been a long wait. Really nice people there. You can call up and get a live person on the phone or, these days, a call back. I updated my template recently. Would welcome any thoughts. I plan to revamp it more but this is the first go-round. https://www.mariannecampolongophotography.com/index I doubt the google images thing
  14. Flower is about midway on that top-100 list. And free is very high. 😒 It's funny how books is in there - I've sold a few photos of books (the first taken for a local magazine some years ago and then I re-did an updated version which also sold). Not something I'd expected to sell but shows it's hard to guess. Wish I had pix of the Beatles - they're in there twice. Maybe I'll shoot some old albums? An our daughter sent us a 1000-piece Beatles puzzle lately. A twofer- stay at home and a popular subject?
  15. I'm still thinking of that 122 degrees - even without humidity it seem unbearable. Like they say you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. Maybe you could try and photograph that? Love this thread. Beautiful pix.
  16. Past last year's number of sales by a couple after a flurry of recent sales, but gross revenue is down, net about half of 2019. Still hopeful that November's flurry and one this past week are harbingers of better times ahead.
  17. Maybe they needed it for a Zoom church presentation? Gorgeous image!
  18. John, glad you got the cataract done. I had the first one done wide awake with the shot. Second one three years later they put me out. I shelled out for the pricey lens that was supposed to correct astigmatism which my expensive health insurance didn't cover - an additional $800 10 years ago, thinking I could buy a decent camera lens for that. I was over-sharpening images, and suddenly had difficulty driving at night here in the northern suburbs where streetlights are a rarity. At first they thought I had a problem with my cornea and sent me to a specialist so though I was barely 5
  19. Having grown up and spent most of my life in NYC and environs I can't believe how light the traffic is elsewhere in the US except California where even the 6-lane freeways turn into parking lots, worse than driving in Manhattan (I usually take the commuter train and then use the subway or walk, but sometimes I drive in). I took the Tube when I was in London and in Edinburg pretty much walked everywhere (taxi to & from the airport) so never tried driving on the "wrong" side though I did find driving through the French countryside and stopping for a herd of sheep to be an unforgettable exper
  20. I find when I up the saturation and tonal contrast, my images tend to do better. Sometimes an image seen at "fit to screen" size or larger doesn't work as well at thumbnail size. I try to do an initial culling of my images at thumbnail size in LR (later checking focus at 100% before I make any final decisions) for just that reason. When I began shooting for local magazines in the mid- 2000s they would still want a story told in 3-5 images - but eventually it was more likely to be one or two images unless it was the cover. When I'm shooting stock I find I get lost in trying to get
  21. Country: WorldwideUsage: Editorial, Rights granted for editorial book (print + digital), interior placement only. Rights also include unlimited worldwide circulation, all languages, for the life of the title.Media: Book, print and/or e-book50 MB5100 x 3402 pixels2 MB compressedPrint run: UnlimitedPlacement: InsideImage Size: Any sizeStart: 11 December 2020Duration: In perpetuity Low $$ - $ to me for a book - but nice to license something shot in my garden this summer. They say butterflies and flowers don't sell as stock but I only have a handful and they seem to do okay even if this one w
  22. You're welcome. Glad it was helpful. Give it some more time and good luck.
  23. This makes interesting reading. A podcast happened to pop up on Photoshelter about this matter, but the link wasn't working properly but since I'd just been in this discussion I was intrigued and did a little googling, finding this story which explains things rather well and wasn't behind a paywall - https://thejewishvoice.com/2020/12/disgraced-ny-copyright-troll-attorney-richard-liebowitz-disbarred/
  24. In this gig economy of ours, it's easy to ignore good business practices but the OP's predicament is an example of why business property and indemnity insurance should be part of everyone's arsenal. So sorry for your predicament.
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