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  1. The day before Hurricane Sandy hit, we drove out to the beach in Connecticut to bring my mother home to a safer location. I went down to the beach to get some images before we headed back to New York, and was photographing the crashing waves when this one hit. It nearly knocked me down but I managed to keep my equipment dry other then some spray on the lens, however, despite having rolled up my jeans and being barefoot I got very wet, making for a soggy ride home. The photos I got were well worth it though, with a series of the waves building up being featured in a gallery show.
  2. Had 2 sales so far this month including my largest sale ever on Alamy - $400.
  3. I had a distributor sale to Italy for ~ $70. I think my best distributor sale was $250 - don't recall the country but I don't have any agencies I deal with directly other than in the UK and Germany, so I'm opted in. Guess I'm willing to take the good with the bad though those puny sales are annoying. At least the distributor's cut on the tiny sales is tiny
  4. Thanks! I didn't know that. I usually just shoot RAW but that's a good reason to shoot both.
  5. I do an initial fast pass in LR and try to find the sharpest in a group of similars to delete the rest in my initial pass - -I'll flag for picks, x for deletes and use various colors and stars to rank them and separate out where I might want to upload them. If I've been bracketing, however, the sheer number to review can seem overwhelming. I've been trying to upload in small batches by location - just drove out to the midwest and back from New York and have a ton to go through from three different cameras. 1600 in a hour sounds like pie in the sky to me I can't imagine even doing a fast first pass that quickly. I will take the occasional iPhone photo for GPS info. I used to take photos of flower names in public gardens, streets, signs etc on my iPhone but now find I'm better off taking them on my camera as it's really more efficient. I'll also use Notes on my iPhone to make any notes about a certain location, since I can then access the info from either my laptop or desktop. I usually pick my favorites, process them and upload them to POD sites, Alamy or other stock sites, or into collections for various calendar companies and other places where I send my images directly, then go back weeks, months or even years later to wade through the rest and see if there are others worth processing. I do major keywords when I first upload to LR and then tweak them later on - but if I have a big group of similars that I'm uploading to alamy, POD sites etc, I'll also end up copying and pasting the keywords into a pages document so I can order them the way I want and keep that open while I "manage" the images on the various sites, since LR insists on ordering keywords alphabetically. I save all these keyword documents in iCloud since I work on my laptop a lot when I'm traveling but prefer to do major edits on my iMac when I'm home. For processing, I used to use NX2 and found that when I switched over to LR I could process much quicker. Now I sometimes use the Nik filters straight from LR and occasionally take a photograph into PS, but do about 90% straight in LR.
  6. My next goal is to reach 1,000 images by the end of the year, which means about 50 a month. I've been averaging two sales a month lately so hoping that if I add some more places and variety it will bump me up to three a month once I hit my goal. I've built my portfolio more slowly than I'd like, and am in awe of how many image some people have on here. I had abandoned upload goals for quite a while, and didn't grow my portfolio much at all. I think that goals are a good way to make sure that I'm building my portfolio steadily. I was discouraged when I saw my RPD dwindle over the last few years, so I gave up on trying to build my portfolio, but sales have been pretty steady this year, my average license this year has been around $75 (vs. $40 the last couple of years), and this month one of my images was licensed for $400, so I'm feeling more positive that the effort will be rewarded.
  7. As of this month my number of sales is equal to all I made in 2014 and revenue is just $12 less than all 12 months of 2014, so I'm feeling more positive than I have about Alamy in quite a while. My average license this month was $80 which is better than I've seen for most sales the past couple of years. Zooms and views are up significantly too. Hope the trend continues.
  8. Just got a comp copy of the 2015 Maine Coast Calendar from BrownTrout today (I licensed some photos including June's image to them directly) and found a couple from alamy so thought I'd share - haven't been on here in a few months so hope this isn't a repeat - beautiful images: May image - Portland Head Light Maine Henk Meijer DDG49B September Image - Stonington, Deer Isle, Maine - Danita Delimont I can't find the photo but it is the lobster shack shown in this one E63TPB (This photo is by Pat & Chuck Blackley) It's by Pat & Chuck Blackley who have the April image C6MWWK (it does not appear to be via alamy) It's so great to be able to upload the images - should be much easier to find your work. I'll be enjoying all of these - nice work!
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