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  1. Another way to check for dust spots is to open a curves layer, set it to hard light. They'll pop out especially if you look at 100%. The "visualize spots" tool in LR is also very helpful but I give it a final pass in PS using the hard light curves layer just to be sure. I do a lot of photography by the sea in windy conditions and I'm often dealing with dust or even water spots on the outside of my lenses. Thankfully, to date I've kept my sensors clean. This sailed through QC with lens flare:
  2. Zooms up past few months. Sales normal. Sale prices average.
  3. I put most of my better images on Alamy and other small traditional agencies, but I have a small portfolio on four of the micros and feel that given the wide range of prices even here on Alamy, that makes sense for me. Last year one of the micros licensed an image of mine for $750, netting me $375, and I've earned a few other 3-figure sums on the micros for a single image license, though the bulk of licenses there are for less, but daily licenses add up. I have a handful of the same RF images on Alamy and the micros but for the most part have kept them separate. There are some newer edited traditional agencies that only license RF and don't require exclusivity, so I have several RF images on those and Alamy that are NOT on any of the micros. I have experienced situations where a zoom on Alamy was then licensed on a micro, as well as situations where a top seller on the micros was also licensed on Alamy. Some buyers will search for the lowest price and others won't so you really need to decide what works best for you. I hate the idea of getting pennies for a license, but they add up and for certain types of images, micro agencies make sense for me but I wouldn't put my entire portfolio on any of them. On the other hand, trying to decide which images should go where certainly slows down my uploading process, as do the different keywording and caption requirements so in that sense, just uploading to Alamy would simplify things. It seems like the OP has made her decision. We all need to decide what works best for us based on what we shoot and how well it sells.
  4. I'm grateful for the help I've received from others and happy to pay it forward. It works the other way too - years ago I lived in Manhattan and often helped out-of-towners with directions and advice. Recently I was downtown and not sure where to find a certain subway stop and was happy for a hipster who pointed me in the right direction.
  5. Welcome! I started averaging about one sale a month once I hit 700 images, so don't be discouraged. But I've been on here for years so my images have probably built up a decent ranking, I think the longer you're here the better chance your images have of appearing higher in searches. I've been very slow with uploading as I've got about 800 now so don't do as I did - your aim to hit 500 or 1000 images this year is a good one. Good luck.
  6. I've had sales linked back to posts on FB and twitter - I know it's a risk but so is putting your photos anywhere on the web - but if you don't, then obviously it will be very difficult to license them. I liked the analogy to a store owner worrying about shoplifters. I look at it that way and have managed to collect from people who've posted my watermarked images on their FB business pages. So, even if you don't post on FB yourself, others may still post your images there. Social media is a fact of modern life. I'm following your FB pages Kumar and Keith and will follow anyone else who cares to share a link. Twitter too. Here's mine if you'd like to have a look: FYI only follows from individuals - not from other pages - count on your totals - and comments and likes, retweets help you move up in searches. https://www.facebook.com/Marianne-Campolongo-Photography-106998686013473/ https://twitter.com/campyphotos Thanks for looking
  7. First for me this year: CAWKC9 Country: Worldwide Usage: Commercial electronic, Websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldwide for 5 years. Media: Corporate website, single design Image Size: Any size Start: 08 January 2016 End: 08 January 2021 $ 35.00 At first blush I thought 2021 would be way more than five years LOL time really flies! I really love this image. Woke up to an amazing sunset from my hotel window and rushed outside and across the street to capture it without a pane of glass in the way.
  8. For 2015: 75% Landscape 16% Portrait 8% Square Most of my portrait sales are to books and magazines.
  9. John, if Donald Trump becomes the president of the USA, I will seek refugee asylum in Canada! If you guys will let me in! Me too!
  10. Half my sales in 2015 were from prefix B images - these were also among my highest-grossing sales About 45% were C and then a couple of D and E
  11. I've enjoyed becoming a regular on this forum this year after a long absence. Thanks Betty and everyone else. Wishing you all a Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year.
  12. Hope it's up next year for everyone. I was really encouraged this year by higher prices.
  13. I had beaten my 2014 revenue on Alamy by June of 2015, and am ending the year on a positive note, with return per download nearly double what it has been the last few years. Increased earning across all my other sites as well. My DACS payment was only up about 15%, most of my sales seem to be to the US market. I nearly doubled my stock photography income this year (when I count stock photo sales from all sources, agencies and direct stock photo sales - my biggest increase came in direct photo sales via my Photoshelter site and queries to publishers who license stock directly, though all my agencies were up this year too). November, traditionally my best month, was much slower than usual and December has been my worst month of the year, so I hope that it picks up in January and that the upward trend continues in 2016.
  14. It looks like there are about 3,750 Stockimo images on SS http://www.shutterstock.com/cat.mhtml?page=9&use_local_boost=1&version=llv1&country_code=US&params_keywordtranslation=use_modified_translation%3A1&tracking_id=7D2al47iMykPEoW8d-djdQ&thumb_size=mosaic&submitter_id=3265856&safesearch=1&search_language=en&search_type=keyword_search There are 38 pages of images so not sure if any of mine are there still looking. It's a nice looking collection! I believe SS says the average return to photographer per download (net) is around $1 - most of their images are licensed via their subscription service where photographers get anywhere from 25 cents to 38 cents depending upon their lifetime earnings. Most photographers license several images a day there, so it's a very different marketplace than Alamy.
  15. Actually the photographer's share of Single DLs can be as high as $120 - I haven't seen my Stockimo images on SS. Are we sure they are being distributed there? It seems an odd choice unless they are in a premium collection there.
  16. I remember the find a photographer page too - wish they still had it. I've had a couple of requests from Live News but I wasn't available unfortunately. I hope they keep me on their list because it would be nice to shoot an event that they feel will sell.
  17. I was all set to send in the US proof of residency last year - started working on the forms then found out it costs $85 to file it! And it has to be done every single year. I correctly assumed that the tax would be less than the cost to prevent them from withholding it so this year I didn't bother trying. Eventually when my payout is large enough I'll file it.
  18. My goal was to have 1,000 images online at Alamy this year. I'm a tad below 830 images so didn't make it - but I deleted a lot and tightened up my portfolio. My other goals were to increase my earnings and ranking - my zooms were much higher this year than in the past, CTR is better than it's been, and my revenue both overall and in return per download has also increased - my RPD has roughly doubled. So, the goals that affect my bottom line were met, though I'm not earning as much as I'd like but at least it is rising. I was approached by a macrostock site that requires image exclusivity and so that has impacted my uploads to Alamy, trying to decide what should go where, since I find what sells best for me both on Alamy and elsewhere is similar. I license a fair amount of work directly, and if that work goes exclusive elsewhere I lose that revenue, which is significantly more than what I earn via any one agency. I'm working on my goals for 2016 - both in terms of specific shoots, numbers online, and additional outlets for my work. Part of that is trying to find a balance between RM and RF here since there are a few other midstock/macrostock sites only license RF images. It's a tough decision because 80% of my images licensed by Alamy this year were RM, and I'm pleased with the growth of sales this year, so I really need to decide whether uploading more as RF makes sense. I think that no matter what, the most important goal is to make better images and upload more of them, because, while you can't say that doubling your portfolio on Alamy will double your sales, ultimately, the more images you have and the better they are, the better chance you have of making sales.
  19. Cities from around the world here - this one is from Alamy: http://www.travelandleisure.com/slideshows/best-places-to-travel-in-2016/33 George H. H. Huey (San Antonio) D3AW80
  20. Seems like it's just the page a days that have the tiny prices, John. Good to know regular priced calendars are still out there on Alamy.
  21. From the color my guess is sugar maple too - but hard to be sure without seeing the leaves up close.
  22. Gorgeous work - congrats! I loved visiting Madrid - the start of a trip backpacking through Europe many many years ago. Great memories from that beautiful city.
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