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    Me too just ignored it.
  2. It came up with lots of places here in the NY suburbs. Nothing new but it reminds me that I should process many of the photos I have. I forget how much history there is close to home, even here in the "new world," LOL.
  3. This would seem like a lesson for the agencies rather than for us - loved the chess story - exponential growth can't go on forever ... There is a point where you, as an individual contributor, plateau - I haven't gotten there yet - but I guess it depends on your output. At some point those 1000 new images a year instead of doubling your portfolio are now just increasing it by an ever smaller fraction. The goal to increase the quality of your work rather than the quality seems like the best strategy. I find both old and new work sell but I've been revisiting the kinds of images and places that are my best-sellers and finding that freshening those up means new sales as well as my old images getting seen when a client sees more by this contributor. I do think there is some sweet spot that includes both quality and quality. I think when I hit 500-600 photos was when I started averaging one sale a month, but the next year I had an average of two a month (and I still haven't hit 1200 yet so I'm really far from that plateau); the year after that average sales per month were somewhere in between but net income continued to rise, so better quality may mean better sales, though the dilution by the agency's mind-boggling growth is going to counter-balance individual efforts. I just keep plugging along, trying to analyze what shoots give me the most bang for my buck, and trying to get through my backlog of images as well.
  4. Thanks so much! With you help I was now able to even find the cultivar. Appreciate the help!
  5. Hi: I took this photo in Rhode Island last summer. Any idea what this flower is? I can't seem to find it though it doesn't seem like anything too rare. https://www.dropbox.com/s/w1ls82zifwex12u/RI15-61559-copy-test.jpg?dl=0 Thanks for any help. Also, is there a way I can save a photo for an Avatar in my dropbox account and somehow link it to here? Thanks for any help.
  6. I try to remember to shoot RAW + jpeg when I shoot Live News too - don't always remember. I went through a phase - for a few years - where I always shot RAW + jpeg and ended up wasting way too much time deleting the jpegs after processing the RAW files.
  7. When I upgraded years ago to LR3 I was suddenly able to brighten up some dark RAW photos I'd taken in Scotland a few years before, they had amazing skies and the detail in the buildings was fine though I went up a lot with the exposure. I'd knocked the lever to set everything at -3 by mistake and was sure those photos were goners - if I had shot in jpeg they would've been. I had just learned about shooting RAW right before that trip and was so happy I had. I was actually going through to delete stuff after upgrading my library and decided to try saving them. With RAW you always have all the data and as technology gets better, you don't lose out. These are from an old D70 but it was great to be able to get that sky and save the buildings:
  8. Here's my first one from Stockimo - a worm's eye view of Grand Central Station and the Chrysler Building in NYC on a rainy night.
  9. I use both Betty's method and Keith's (using the Nik Viveza filter) depending on the situation. Most of my lenses are good but I have a couple of extra wides and even with good B&W filters I'll sometimes get that miserable fringing. I'm always amazed out how much purple fringing I see in photos even in places such as the NYTimes. I'm assuming these corrections are like dust spots and not considered "digital alterations" but when I see it in news pix and even in the travel section, it makes me wonder.
  10. I submitted a handful a while back and found the more filtered, the more likely to be accepted. I have some of the same on SS, DT and Fotalia instant where they tend to sell for me. Once I found out Stockimo images were being licensed via SS I figured I'd just submit them to all the sites. Some of my Stockimo rejects (as well as those Stockimo accepted) have sold well on FT, SS and DT. I find the upload process cumbersome so haven't done as much as I'd planned but I love the idea of being able to play with images and upload them to Alamy without fear of rejection. I'm planning to replace my 4S with a 6S Plus this week and with spring and summer ahead, hope to really give Stockimo a go. I won't mind the cumbersome upload process so much when I'm sitting on a beach ...
  11. I used to get lots of very small NU sales and a couple of years ago even got one for $50, but haven't seen one in a couple of years - I thought it was phased out.
  12. After a steady upward trend since January with net income more than doubling each month and zooms growing, in April zooms were slightly down - though still well above Alamy average - and revenue down - just one small sale and 3 infringements. I've had some series of images zoomed so hoping it bodes well for May or June. The big winners for me this month were direct licenses from my own site and framed print sales across various sites which made up for a poor showing across all my agencies. Year on year I've roughly tripled my net from first quarter 2015, and have already netted half of what I made in all of 2015, so that's a good sign. Adding new work slowly but surely and seeing fairly steady growth.
  13. I don't have anything to add re: editing your photos - I think the group here has given yo a lot of helpful advice and I agree you have a good eye, so just hone those skills. Re: eyestrain and floaters - since I had cataract surgery some years ago, the floaters I've developed have driven me nuts - glad I have a 27" screen to move the photo around on when Im not sure if it's a floater or a dust bunny. I use my trifocals on my little 13" Macbook Retina where everything looks sharp and the screen is tiny (After surgeries, I'm 20-40 in one eye 20-20 in the other so the reading and mid-distance are really what I need) but for my 27" I got a pair of single vision glasses set for the mid-distance and it makes things much simpler. Otherwise, with varifocal lenses I get terrible neck pain from tilting my head up on that big screen. I learned the hard way not to edit on my laptop unless I'm in the field and have no choice because even checking at 200% I worry about correct sharpness. And like Phillipe I spend too much time editing in a dark room - leading to a vitamin D deficiency LOL. Glad it's spring, so I can take a break and get outside even if I'm just taking a walk and not taking photos.
  14. I got three today all marked as "other income infringement" - all for the same image which I hadn't known about, but I'm still waiting on some I sent along for Alamy to chase down. It looks like some old reported sales were also paid today, so it will be a nice month for payouts.
  15. I've been with Alamy Live News since it started and while I've covered items even of national interest in the US - NYC Marathon, national politicians, Hurricane Sandy and other similar stuff, I find that they are getting to Alamy too late to make the UK news cycle even when I upload nearly immediately - but some of them have sold as secondary editorial even years later. I now split my images - trying to take different ones so I can - between Live News and one of the micros where they sell frequently - right away and over time - but for far less. I'm looking forward to Alamy's change to allow RF Editorial because I've been putting my best ones on Aamy and as a US-based photographer, I'm not sure that was smart. I try to shoot stuff that will have legs - and some of it has surprised me - e.g. I was in NYC for the Marathon a few years ago - just in Central Park - it was a last minute thing - I got groups of runners, funny costumes, people in the crowd, etc. - and while it took a couple of years for one to sell for a book on Alamy - I still also sell several different ones on a US-based site still years afterwards - and no one famous. Surprisingly, my images of Hillary Clinton - which I license from my own Photoshelter site and via US sites often - haven't sold at all on Alamy - and again, I have the best ones on Alamy - I also usually license some of my various news images to local publications, so I'm getting something for all the work, but I wish that the timing wasn't such an issue with Alamy - it would be great if they had a second News Editor/news team in the Brooklyn office - if they're really serious about breaking into the US News market, IMHO that would be a good start. I still submit to Live News - regular and Stockimo - and try to upload as early in the day as possible, but I see it more as building up my long-term editorial portfolio. I haven't sold a single thing from the Live News feed. Lately, I've been doing those "photo of the day" lovely or bad weather photos which can sell later as regular stock. It forces me to process new photos quickly and get them online. But I don't really expect much in the way of quick sales.
  16. The longest we were without electricity was 11 days - and we had a crew from Boston and one from Missouri helping restore the electricity after Hurricane Sandy - if they hadn't come out to help Con Ed, who knows how long it would have been. A few other times we were out for around a week. But despite the hassles we New Yorkers do enjoy playing out in the snow With all the storms we've had, we have enough firewood to last several years - and we've burned some and given a ton away. chappaqua-new-york-usa-10th-february-2013-a-snow-storm-over-the-weekend-d35x66.jpg
  17. Took this one the day before Hurricane Sandy hit: And these the day after when I was home far from the water (yes, that's my house): I tend to go out in my neighborhood and shoot when things have quieted down - or when they are starting up - I was shooting the trees blowing in the wind from my back porch and minutes after I came in, that tree from our neighbor's yard hit our house including the spot where I'd been standing - though fortunately it just put a small hole in the roof and dented up our cars - no one was hurt - so I've been more cautious since then. So sorry to hear about your sister - that's horrible. Of course, I've had plenty of opportunity to shoot in the snow: But chasing funnel clouds, you are far braver than I. I'd be down in the storm cellar well out of harm's way. Stay safe and hope you get some great shots!
  18. This is a 2015 article from Forbes.com with lots of photos of small towns and smaller cities in the US - most of them from Alamy. I don't recall seeing any links to Forbes and I've been following these discussions for a few years now - on and off but anyway, If you had a small town or city image show up for sale last year and want to find it in use, it could be here - they seemed to use flash so you might not find it with an image search - I'm not sure: http://www3.forbes.com/investing/the-best-places-to-retire-in-2015/4/ If you prefer that I don't post older articles like this in the future, just LMK - please don't give me a red arrow - thanks!
  19. Far fewer than 100 although I'd love to be able to make that my goal for months when I don't have several assignments to complete first. Most of my assignments are local and not something where I'll get outtakes for stock. I'm working on reaching 1,000 photos online here - I just hit 900 this month - so I'm way behind you. I've uploaded 77 photos so far this year here, many of the same images have gone to other traditional agencies as well as a handful to POD sites - my best month was January with 38 images, which I processed and uploaded in a few days. No uploads at all in February. I guess my realistic goal for this year is to average 50 images a month which will get me to somewhere around 1,500 images by 2017. I have a large backload of unprocessed images I'd like to get online. Like you, Betty, I don't do a lot of batch processing except if I'm shooting for live news and have a series of similar images, but even then I'll usually go in and tweak each one before uploading to get the best. Like space cadet and Jill, I have busy months where I don't upload anything at all. I'd love to be able to do 100-150 a month. IMHO you should feel good about your numbers. 30 so far for April so I should hit my target.
  20. A few more from Alamy here - with the rest from shutterstock - a good reason to keep the two portfolios separate: http://www.cntraveller.in/story/5-great-summer-alternatives-to-europe/#s-custaustralia-and-new-zealand (pix from Canada from alamy too)
  21. I was thinking that too. May just re-upload. EDIT: I just uploaded the "digitally altered" version.
  22. Can anyone identify the insect on this beach rose? It was taken in Rhode Island in July. I'm thinking may some sort of gnat? Thanks! If it's not clear enough in this, how would I set it up to place a close up crop in dropbox for people to see? Does it matter for keywording since it's small in the photo? Any help and advice welcome. Thanks!
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