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  1. Thanks Kumar! Is that sufficient for most editing needs or do you recommend something else too? Is there something you recommend for cataloging/organizing too or does that organize your clips as well? Like the OP, I'm considering how to locate all the .MOV files I have lurking in Lightroom and organizing them so I can start editing and uploading them. Does that or any software do ITPC/keywords or do you have to do that manually for each agency you upload to?
  2. Great info and here are my newbie questions: I have a ton of unedited video taken on various cameras and my iPhone and when I look at the kinds of clips seen on TV, I know some have potential. I just need to figure out how to edit them. No clue how to edit - I have iMovie on my Mac - is that sufficient? Any good links to learn how to use it? Any other software I should consider? For travel stuff that might be editorial only - worthwhile or not? Would backgrounds used on TV be considered editorial? i.e. if you have say boats in a harbor with people in it, is it worth uploading? Especially if they're tiny and unrecognizable. Thanks!
  3. How do I upload an avatar to the forum? Can I do it via dropbox somehow? At one point I had two accounts on Alamy - one for reportage and one for commercial way back when they required me to do it that way, and I had an avatar in the forum. When Alamy later combined the two for me into my reportage (newer) account, I had to re-join the forum and haven't been able to upload an avatar. Thanks for your help!
  4. Hi, the Nex does shoot RAW and jpeg. (Don't know what those are yet!) And yes it does a lot of things the photographer should do, so that seems good for a beginner. Think I've picked a good camera to suit me. I have started with the instruction videos. There are are plenty, luckily. That's a superb photo. Vickie Thanks Vickie! Enjoy the learning process and your new camera!
  5. No advice, but just some links that might be helpful: The IRS has publications for self-employed people which I found helpful when I first started freelancing: https://www.irs.gov/individuals/self-employed Sales tax varies widely by state and I've found the NY State sales tax people very helpful in giving advice. No clue about North Carolina. TurboTax has a small business version which I find very helpful in doing my Schedule C. But if you're just starting out and are unsure about all this, an accountant might be a better bet.
  6. Point and shoots can be handy especially as back-ups and if you get one that shoots RAW, and gives you lots of options, it may not be a bad place to start if you can't afford a DSLR. I often take my Nikon P7000 along as a backup and I like the ultra wide to close up zoom, like in this photo: Read up, take lots of photos, watch lots of videos, maybe take a class on digital photography at your local Community College and good luck!
  7. Peter, a second option for adding a photo here: Open two windows, this one and the one with the photo you want to add in Alamy You can then click on the picture tab above here and a box will open, then in the second window, right click on your image, click on "Copy Image" in the drop down, and put that address which will end with.jpeg into the open box here.
  8. Where to see fall foliage in New England http://www.travelandleisure.com/trip-ideas/fall-vacations/colorful-new-england-fall-foliage-pictures?xid=NL_TLDaily081516 Greensboro, Vermont © David R. Frazier Photolibrary, Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo Litchfield Hills, Connecticut © Photofusion Picture Library / Alamy Stock Photo Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire © James Kirkikis / Alamy Stock Photo
  9. Betty, if you move stuff off the computer to another hard drive, you can click on the little spot that comes up in the catalog and ask LR to find the missing file and all those near it. Another option is to make a new catalog on each external hard drive and import into that, so it's easy to see what's on each hard drive, and you can keep the same files linked to the other main catalog. When I'm backing up and taking stuff off my computer, I'll go in and synchronize the folders fist to get any strays processed in PS I might have missed, then I'll export the entire folder as a catalog to the new hard drive. I'll then open a larger catalog in there, do import from catalog, and now all my images backed up on that hard drive are nicely organized.
  10. Sorry to hear that. Sometimes after a refund it will be licensed again, at a different price, and sometimes for the same price, sometimes not at all. My first refund was never re-licensed (it was for $250 so I was bummed). The next time it was for $50, refunded, and then sold for $50 again, so you never know. Hope they re-license it.
  11. Congrats Alessandra! Gave all you first-timers greenies - congrats to you all!
  12. I had two book sales last year of the same image for different amounts. One for inside full page and another for the frontispiece. The beauty of RM. Hope yours work out as well!
  13. I was in a fire in my co-op when I was nine months pregnant. I tried to get my cats for a few minutes, eventually propped the door open for them as the baby inside me's life was the most important thing, and ran out with no coat in the middle of winter and only the quilt I was finishing at the time the flames started pouring into my apartment from the one below, with the thought that I needed to save something for the baby. But it was already in my hands. Hard to know how you'll react until you're in the situation, and I'm sure that it can change over time, but fire terrifies me and I think I'd just run sans camera. I didn't even try to save anything but my unborn child, and was so lucky the firefighters saved some of my things and my precious cats, but life is more important. I would have probably put myself at greater risk for the cats if it wasn't for the baby. Totally insane to me that people were risking their lives and that of others to get their carry-on bags. But panic does strange things.
  14. I thought I'd have to resort to Stockimo, where nearly all of my images are digitally altered, but I actually have quite a few here. Here are three: Textures from various photos added after turning the photo of the bamboo into an illustration. This has been a good seller for me both as stock and on POD sites. I even have it on a pillow on my couch. I wasn't there for sunset, so I decided to tone it for twilight. This has also been a very popular seller for me, in several books and magazines and it's currently in a lighthouse calendar. Also popular on the POD sites. I combined several fireworks images to achieve this banner.
  15. Which crop-sensor camera do you have? Does it have a higher resolution than your 12MP D700 maybe? That would explain the sharper image on your D700. Usually a crop sensor camera with a similar resolution and using a full frame lens looks sharper at the edges, as of course you cannot actually see the edges with a crop sensor. Another thing could be that the fine focus wasn't adjusted quite as accurately with the crop sensor camera. I'm still planning on getting the Sigma 150-600mm but have to wait for the start of October for the funds. Very much looking forward to that. The next step after that will be a full frame camera. Might be a very long wait for that though! Geoff. My crop sensor backup camera is the Nikon D5100 which I bought because it was light (until I got my Oly, that is!). It's 16 MP vs. 12 for the D700. When I use my inexpensive 35mm lens on it, the photos are amazing, and several taken with the 70-300mm if used at 200mm or below are super-sharp too. I bought the 70-300 before a 9-day trek to Russia, Sweden, Iceland, and Estonia because I didn't want to cart the huge Sigma, and was buying the D5100, as well as a high-end 20mm lens (for an architectural shoot I did that summer and to use on the trip), so I was tapped out and it seemed like a good compromise. I got some great images with it on the trip - especially from a moving boat with the VR. I'm thinking of selling the D5100 and a few of my lenses to help finance a new Oly or perhaps some new lenses for it. I'm going to keep the D700 for studio work since I just love that camera even if it's heavy for travel with my old and aching back.
  16. I have a Sigma 50-500mm (or my Nikons) that is tack sharp all the way to 500mm and a Nikon 70-300 that is headed for eBay. I've noticed they are both better on my D700 than on crop sensor cameras, why is that? My inexpensive Olympus 40-150mm (80-300mm equivalent) is super sharp throughout.
  17. Last July I had a couple of sales including one for $400, so that would be hard to beat in today's market. Only one so far this month and lower value than last July. One day left maybe something else will pop.
  18. There is no way under this new system to block sensitive uses. For those of us who shoot any lifestyle images, this is a huge problem. Alamy already made it so that you couldn't have RF lifestyle if you wanted to restrict sensitive use, now this will also be the case for RM images. All the micro sites specifically restrict sensitive uses in their terms of service. I guess I may be moving my lifestyle images. This is really disappointing and not the way, IMHO, an RM site should work. You also can't just restrict a certain industry which again is the benefit of RM and being able to set specific restrictions is the reason some people are comfortable modeling for RM images. I'm really unhappy with this. Meantime, I don't see anything about RF editorial which they've been promising for months. As an American, it makes sense for me to put my newsworthy photos on the micros and/or on other higher priced sites that are solely RF as well as on Alamy, and I've been looking forward to this change. Very disappointed.
  19. Took this with a lensbaby: Lots of greenies here - I like to see the creative touch - especially love the football net. I usually don't chance shallow DOF but sometimes my bravery is rewarded.
  20. I just deleted nearly 50 images based on the new contract terms, but I also have had conversations with the media folks from a couple of places I'm visiting later this week that have very restrictive photo policies and have gotten permission to shoot there. It's a bit more trouble than just showing up with my camera, but really not more involved than if I was showing up for an assignment. Just one more step in my photo trip planning. Hoping this trip will give me enough new work to replace the images I've deleted and get me closer to my goal of 1000 images here. Uploaded 18 last night and just keyword them now, so getting there slowly but surely.
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