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  1. 3 hours ago, Betty LaRue said:

    You have this view from your patio? Wow!


    I second Betty - WOW!


    You can shelter in place forever and still be living the dream. Simply stunning. Where in Canada on planet Earth are you @Autumn Sky ?

    Edit: Found it Alberta. I hope to get up to see the Canadian Rockies one of these days. So much on my bucket list I fear I may not get to now. But perhaps someday I will be able to drive across my country and yours. 

  2. I had a mini 40th college Reunion today via Zoom - so missed seeing my friends at Smith College and being in beautiful Northampton, Massachusetts, but wonderful to see people if just on a tiny Zoom screen - we had 150 participants. I also now have a few new Amazon movies and books on my to read/watch list - always fun to read or see something by people I know. I even found out an old friend I'd lost touch with is the US Ambassador to Montenegro. It made me once again grateful to have good internet, something so many people are without, so at least I can see friends, whether it's a huge group like this, or drinks with my book group, networking with my fellow photographers, facetime with my grandson, learning new things - have you checked out Coursera? - some wonderful stuff!


    So happy to see everyone's good news here. Congrats Betty! I have a new great-niece on the way next week - the second one to be born during this pandemic. Hopefully things will be better by the time your new grandchild gets here - we can hope and pray. Michael and Betty I'll try not to be jealous of your seeing your daughters - actually one silver lining of this plague is that rather than weekly FaceTime visits I see my daughter and grandson via FaceTime nearly every day and since Matteo was nearly 18 months old when this started, within a couple of weeks of our frequent chats, he started to really understand that Noni (and sometimes Pop) were inside Mommy's iPad. Seeing his development on a nearly daily basis over these two months has been a wonderful gift. 


    Betty, thanks for starting this and the nature thread. As a lifelong pessimist, I value optimists like you. We may disagree politically, but if we don't value our shared humanity, we will never get through this. I'm grateful for everyone on this forum. Be well. 

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    4 hours ago, meanderingemu said:

    Curious what you have against the genius of Ricky Gervais?


    I love Amy Poehler and Ricky Gervais - both comedy geniuses IMHO - but I'm with Chuck on Parks & Rec and The Office, could never get into either of them (unless his Parks & Rec comment is really sarcasm and not DT's version of sarcasm). I've never seen the British version of The Office but since Monty Python days I've been a fan of British Comedy, so perhaps I should track down the British version?


    Thinking about it,  @Chuck Nacke  and I being from the same generation, the same age I think in fact, we grew up in the 60's and 70's heyday of great comedy, and so perhaps our expectations are different. I think we also share a dry sense of humor, which doesn't always come across in written comments. 


    I disagree on the dashboard though. My dashboard has been the same for way too long now so I HATE the fact that it hasn't changed, views, zooms and sales at an all-time low. 

  4. Sorry about your dog, an especially tough time to lose a pet. If you really can't find it, and you should make a good-faith effort to look first, but if you can't find the photos, you can write to contributor relations and ask them as a favor to let you download them. I had a backup hard drive die on me and a particularly special image was nowhere else to be found and Alamy was good enough to let me download it when I explained the situation a few years ago, a favor I much appreciated. 



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  5. As photographers we can do good during this time by telling the stories out there, so we should never feel we are doing something wrong. 


    I remember the first time someone wrote me a letter (an actual letter years ago) thanking me for the information in one of my articles and telling me how it had helped her to be able to help her mother. In college I had written articles for the school paper that led to my college divesting their investments in companies that did business with South Africa during apartheid, but so many years later when I returned to writing, my focus was feature articles, so I didn't think that I was contributing to society, but that letter made me realize that even if I helped one person my work was doing more than just helping me make income. 


    I wish my health did not keep me from getting out there to tell this story and I keep hoping that when they have a handle on the antibodies and whether they confer immunity I'll find out the weird symptoms I had back in March will tun out to have been Covid and that I'll be immune so I can cover the story and even if just in some small way, contribute to the knowledge base about this pandemic. I live in the well-off suburbs of NYC and many people don't realize we have great inequality here in the suburbs and children and families in need of food. There are people in need everywhere. I hope I'll be able to return to volunteering with low income immigrant children, who I miss so much. And I'd like to tell their story in photographs too. And this is not going to change, I fear, even when the pandemic runs its course with so many people who have lost jobs, parents who have quit their jobs because they have no childcare, people who can't work for fear of getting the disease due to pre-existing conditions or living with loved ones at risk. This story is far from over.


    Keep making those photos. You are all doing good work!


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  6. On 16/05/2020 at 02:42, ReeRay said:

    Child having sanitized her hands now being led to join the free food handout for the poor and underprivileged of Thailand.


    Broke my heart shooting this stuff!





    Hungry kids move hearts. These are important photos, difficult to take but we need to move out of our comfort zones and you have done that to contribute images that may well help keep this child and so many like her fed. 

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  7. On 08/04/2020 at 17:14, Avpics said:

    Even after around a thousand deaths reported in 24hr I still feel that the gravity of the situation isn't appreciated due in part to the lack of visual coverage. It might seem gruesome, but seeing the effects the virus is having would help to get the point across and may in fact save lives.


    I agree. They said that's what turned the tide in the Viet Nam war - seeing those photos - it's shocking and we need that visceral shock. The statistics are so mind-numbing as to become unreal in a way, but you can't internalize and accept photos of people suffering the same way. 

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  8. Much less. Reassessing since my doctor told me that she thinks it won't be safe for me to be out and about until there's a vaccine, so even when the NY metro area opens up, I'm stuck. 


    In March and early April when NY on "Pause" started, I took some local Covid signs, people out hiking, but now I'm confined to walking around my suburban neighborhood since the hiking trails near us, usually nearly empty, are packed with people not always able to keep their distance, and the parking lots are often full as they are down to half. I'd take my camera on my daily walks and get some spring buds on the trees but there really wasn't anything that seemed of interest to buyers. The streets are generally no different than over the past 22 years.

    I got my lilacs and azaleas blooming, but any additional flower photos will have to wait until summer when the seeds I plan to plant in a week or so begin to bloom. If I am truly to be confined for many more months, I felt the garden I have been planning would help keep me sane and give me something to shoot (I hate guns but don't think of them when I speak of a photo shoot). I would have been in Western Massachusetts this weekend for my 40th College Reunion, and had hoped to license images to the college publication, and then off to Cape Cod for off-season photos, fewer crowds (LOL) - spring and fall visits there every few years really add to my portfolio and I find I can make back the cost of the trip in no time. I live far from the beach but nautical images have been my bread and butter as far as stock is concerned, both through agencies, direct licenses, and they even account for many of my fine art sales, so being confined to my suburban home (don't get me wrong I am so grateful I have a home and yard and neighborhood to walk around) means I have to rethink things. Obviously I can't take on assignments either, which dried up with the onset of the pandemic, so I'm reassessing my career, looking for alternatives to make income and to keep myself busy until I can travel again. 



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  9. On 20/05/2020 at 15:32, John Mitchell said:


    Have you found a way of disabling the catalogue so it doesn't take up room on your drive?


    I'd like to know too. That's part of why I don't use it even though I think it does a great job with RAW files. I had even toyed with the idea of buying the complete version so I could use it with my Olympus but it didn't seem worth it - there's such a steep learning curve and LR does a perfectly good job. But for certain fine art files if it didn't create catalog files I'd use it. 

  10. On 19/05/2020 at 22:34, John Mitchell said:


    That's really odd that you're seeing shrinkage of images captured with the Rokinon lens as Capture One Express only supports auto correction for Sony lenses. I see no loss of pixels when using manual focus lenses. Are you correcting distortion yourself using the "distortion" slider? The catalog is a complete mystery to me. I need to watch some "how to" videos.


    Maybe I'm confusing it with Lightroom. I haven't used the Rokinon lens in a long time. 

  11. I don't use Capture One Express for Sony often - mostly due to the learning curve - but I noticed the shrinkage when it corrected for my 8mm Rokinon fisheye lens - in fact it was autocorrecting which defeated the purpose of the fisheye - though it made for some amazing wide angle images with perfectly straight lines. Unfortunately it's been ages since I've used Capture One and I can't recall how to change the settings. I should check out that link.


    I never figured out the Capture One catalog either and so I also imported the RAW and processed images into Lightroom. It seemed like an excellent processor and I loved the way my images came out, but it was far more time-consuming than Lightroom and for most images didn't seem worth the extra time, though I was just looking at a recently licensed image I'd forgotten about from a group of the first photos I processed in Capture One and was thinking I might give it a try again. Getting the best out of a vast landscape image seems like a good way to escape the confines of our current situation. 

  12. Only time I ever asked in a store was when Bill Clinton walked into our local Walgreen's and I had my camera in my bag since I'd just been out hiking - and then I asked his Secret Service agent, not someone in the store - President Clinton saw me - smiled for the camera, then told me to give it to someone else so I could get a photograph with him. 


    I usually try when no one's really around, but no one has ever stopped me, though it's not something I do often. 

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  13. The 3:2 vs 16:9 RAW vs jpeg size might be dependent on what you software you use to process your image and it can vary for many things...


    For example, with my Olympus, the first time I set my photos to black and white in camera, I only shot RAW, so when I imported into LR, they were in color. I then shot jpeg and and RAW, and RAW were in color, jpeg in B&W.


    But, when I set my camera to square format to help me frame images for a calendar, and only shot RAW, I imported them into LR and the RAW files were square, but, and this was the brilliant thing, if I clicked on the crop overlay tool in the Develop mode and hit "reset," my entire photograph would show up , including what was cropped off to make the image square. It's very helpful for framing - takes some guess work out of it. 


    I have not set my Sony A7rII on B&W or square, at least not recently, so I can't compare. But I'm intrigued to see if my experience will be any different. Actually, I think I might have tried it early on when I was experimenting with Capture One software and that the photos showed up native 3:2 in color. So the software could make a difference. 


    I'd note that in LR for the Olympus, there are color settings based on the camera but that the camera's profile is always preset in the camera, so this might mean the two manufacturer's cameras act differently even in LR. Maybe I'll shoot B&W today - I'm inspired!



  14. 4 hours ago, Martin L said:


    Sorry John, might be new to Alamy but have you thought I might not be new to stock? Anyway thanks for the welcome, reading some of the comments from 'other' existing contributors just stank of arrogance. If they are worried about more competition maybe they should up their game.


    Just in case you misinterpreted my comment, It's not a fear of competition on my part, nor is it an attack on new contributors - I just scratch my head when a business that is trying to make money during the pandemic advertises for new contributors who, while they may bring in money some time in the future, right now the deluge will only take up the time of their already limited and overburdened staff rather than advertising to get the attention of new customers for increased revenues. 

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  15. The one with white flowers is Andromeda (Pieris japonica) and yes the one below that is Azalea. We have Forsythia and the other two in our yard. I always wish the yellow flowers of the forsythia would last all summer and not just through spring. Sorry I've never seen the last one with the yellow flowers but I'm sure someone more knowledgable here has.



  16. I always assumed Wim was the diminutive for William - good thing I didn't write a Wikipedia article about it. 


    The Netherlands was actually the first European country I ever studied in depth. In middle school we would have a week where we chose any topic we wanted and spent a week doing nothing but researching it, then doing a presentation. I was fascinated by how they reclaimed land from the sea and by tulips, and tulip mania and the tulip bubble. Another place to visit on my bucket list in some unknown future. 


    Wish we had exported better restaurants than Micky D's . I'm always gobsmacked by Americans abroad who actually eat there rather than sampling the local cuisine, which should be part of the travel experience. I was last abroad in 2011 with a travel group of 14 people, In Stockholm, the breakfast spread our hotel put out was endless, all kinds of Swedish food as well as cereals, breads and eggs for the less adventurous, yet one guy in our group, who has travelled extensively, went to McDonald's every morning for some egg and mystery meat on a bun. 


    I guess I learned my lesson at 16. The first McD's had just arrived in Paris so my friends and I thought it would be fun to try it out. It's the only time in my life (I've been to France 6 times) that I had a meal in France that wasn't delicious. We never went back.


    I do have some affinity for the chain, however, as, like millions of my fellow Americans, my first job with a regular paycheck (I babysat for years before that) back in high school was at the local McDonald's, which burned down my senior year, was rebuild, and is still there 40+ years later. They do make amazing French fries. 

  17. Insurance is a lot less expensive in the UK than the US - but then our society is probably the most litigious in the world. 


    I'm with Ian, having been a trial attorney for years, I'd be very worried to be without liability coverage. As my broker once noted, if the UPS guy trips on his way to my door with a package for my business, my homeowner's insurance won't cover me if he sues. Eerily, not long after that, a florist delivered a beautiful bouquet, turned around, headed back up the path to his van and minutes later there was a loud crash and a huge tree limb came down where he had just been standing. We were both very relieved that he was on the opposite end of the path. Of course, that would have been my homeowner's policy but you get the point.


    Having been through fires, floods and hurricane wind damage, I'd be scared to self-insure, though I've got a high deductible, it's one I can handle.


    Oh and on the camera, I vote for the Sony full frame. I have the A7rii and with 42MP you could crop substantially. 


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  18. 10 hours ago, wiskerke said:


    Let's hope it's one of these and that it's not because we've lost some of them to the virus.


    My guess is that it's the recession combined with the quarantine/lock-down that drives people towards possible online sources of additional income.

    Plus maybe the house and the yard have been cleaned by now and people reading this sort of thing are just trying their luck.




    Clearly written by someone at Modula who doesn't know much about stock photo agencies, but certainly has their own website setup covered LOL. 


    25 minutes ago, geogphotos said:



    It has always been the same with Alamy - always interested in the next contributors.


    I'm really not sure of the overall purpose any more, getting ever more images which are sold for lower and lower fees. What is the actual strategy? Especially when you pay out for advertising space to attract more new contributors than can be processed leaving people such as the OP, and no doubt others, disgruntled that they have bothered.




    Wondering if the ad was purchased before the lockdown - since print goes to bed at least 60 days before publication - and ads are usually sold even sooner so the magazine can decide on how many pages they can afford to run. But it is discouraging that rather than advertising to attract new customers, a source of revenue for all of us, they are out looking for yet more weekend shooters and spending for a two-page ad from which they will receive absolutely no revenue for six months.


    The competition meantime is advertising for customers all the time. I don't get the strategy. It's the wee hours of the morning here - I just can't sleep these days - and I've already made more on the micros than I've grossed all year here. 


    But kudos to Alamy for being so polite to the OP - they continue to have extremely nice staff. Just wish they were spending their time drumming up customers rather than contributors. 


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  19. On 07/05/2020 at 01:55, Harry Harrison said:

    For 'The Crown'? Englefield House apparently, just outside Reading. 




    LOL Sandringham sounded right but I actually meant Sandition, it was a recent PBS Masterpiece miniseries loosely based on Jane Austin's unfinished novel. But thanks for the link. The Crown is a wonderful series. I can't believe I haven't watched Netflix at all during this plague. 

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