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  1. I've had a fair number of my formerly Live News photos that didn't sell right away, later sell as stock. I wouldn't want to have to upload them twice, so I'm glad they go over into stock automatically. And all of mine would pass QC, so I wish they didn't have that disclaimer about quality, but not really an issue. Since all the S images get mixed up with the regular collection, it would be nice to be able to view them from Measures or at least also follow them online as well as via the phone app. I also am assuming that I'm getting 50% but unlike Alamy, the phone app doesn't show you the original gross price, you just see your commission. I love the app though. It encourages me to shoot and be creative even when I don't have a regular camera with me. A pretty sunset seen as I was about to have dinner at the shore? Sold it. And another sunset by a different beach too. If it weren't for S they'd just be sitting on my iPhone.
  2. These are all the kinds of charities I'm happy to know Alamy is supporting.
  3. @Ognyan Yosifov I second Wim's idea - you should really do it - jump into the forum here with both feet! Wim has made it easy for you!
  4. This is why it's too bad that we no longer can DM. Thanks for all your work on this Colin, taking over as you did. Great job.
  5. Tallin, Estonia - I finally uploaded these shots and others from 2011 which I processed not long after returning from my trip - spurred by the September contest though too late to enter them. No loss since that amazing cat photo means it would not have made a difference but thanks for the nudge @Colin Woods I love meeting people when I travel. Most of these people knew I was taking their photo, but I like that they are engaged with the camera. We were on a cruise, the alarm never rang, and it was high noon and about 90 degrees when we disembarked in port, with only a few hours before the ship headed out again at 4pm. Frustrated with the brutal shadows (see photo #2), I opted to take photos of people rather than the architecture I had planned to shoot. (Someone on this forum - it was so long ago I'm not sure who - recommended a 20mm for the narrow streets and architecture there, and with an aching back and neck, I left my backup cameras and longer lenses behind, armed only with the 20mm f/1.8 on my D700. While not my first choice for portraits obviously, the wide angle lens gave me a different perspective than if I had my 24-70mm or my 70-200mm. I got to chatting with the people I met and didn't see as much of the beautiful city as I'd hoped but I have such fond memories of those few hours I finally managed to upload more than one image into a post. Yipee! Processing notes: There was orange canvas strung over the marketplace as a sun shade and it caused some awful colored shadows on people's faces, especially in #1 on her face which required quite a bit of work in PS and Nik's Vivenza. I had the same issue with waitresses and food I photographed in a restaurant. I considered opting for black and white, but I love the riot of color. You can see what I mean in the bottom photo, where I didn't feel it was as important to address the issue. For #2, not sure if I bracketed it or if I processed the RAW file twice but I know I used layers to make a composite. I could probably do it in half the time now and get a better shot but I like the stark contrast and how the shadow draws you to the woman in the window.
  6. I think you are misunderstanding what you need. For certain press events, especially sports, the venue will require that you have a press pass even to take editorial images. When that is the case, you just need to show that you had a press pass. A press release is not the same as a model or property release. A press release is a written statement sent by a PR firm or a venue to the media telling them about the event. In any case, that other site you mention used to have a "behind the red carpet" deal where you could apply and they would help you get a press pass if you didn't have a media outlet you were shooting for. Then you had to license those images exclusively with them for two years. I'm comparing two press events that had limited news appeal, but led to secondary editorial sales even 7 or more years later. So, on the first press event they worked with me on, one image appeared in several editions of a travel book. They licensed other images from that event for me dozens of times, including to other book publishers, for a total of 81 sales. Alamy Live News also helped me get press passes to a few events including one back in 2012. This one was licensed this past summer, 7 years later, for a book about Connecticut: Alamy did not require these images to be exclusive, though I didn't put them on the micros. Anyway, even though this set was not a great success for me on Alamy, I still made as much from 4 very small editorial licenses here from shots that I mostly took when I was horribly seasick (the best was only $50) as I did from 81 licenses of my shots from that other editorial event on the other site. And that event was in NYC - this one took place in Niantic and New London, Connecticut - two small towns/cities. I netted less than $75 from those 4 sales on Alamy, but fine art sales more than compensated me for my hard work. Many of the images have been in galleries - in fact, a gallery in New York "discovered" my work on my web site and invited me to show those photos. This was not one of the fine art photos, obviously - but check out CMB50M ( https://tinyurl.com/yyfr7z3u ) I made well over $1,500 from three fine art photos I could not have taken without that press pass Alamy Live News helped me to get (two taken from a boat at sea that I was invited to sail one, and one at the opening press conference). And I don't have to worry about stock sales of those photos interfering with my fine art prices since these images are all RM, a choice no other major agencies I'm with let me make. Averaging all my sales going back to 2008 when I started here, and including a bunch of piddly NU sales where I netted less than a dollar each, I netted an average of $28.40 per sale, compared to 82 cents per sale on that other site since 2010. So basically, the average sale here nets me slightly more than an extended license there. To be fair, I have a third as many images there and have earned much more there then I do here, but I also license images directly to high end clients which I would not put on micro sites, and those licenses I believe make up for what I'm losing from not distributing my images more widely. No one has come to Alamy to buy as license for less, while I have had people ask me about images and then go to that other site and license them for peanuts. So it's not easy to decide what basket to put my apples in at times, as there are so many variables. But on average I need to sell 34 images on the other site to make as much as I do from selling one here.
  7. Alamy has had an office in Brooklyn for about 10 years now. They also send many from their British team here for PhotoExpo each fall. Photo editors from major US magazines have been licensing images from Alamy since before I started with them in 2008. I have a small portfolio here, a little over 1000 images, yet Alamy has licensed multiple US images for me from NY, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Florida, California, Ohio, Nevada, Arizona, Maryland, and Rhode Island - and last week I had a couple of zooms on some images from Kentucky (and NY State and Arizona - today, one from Connecticut). These all included searches for those states. I've never been to Wisconsin, but I imagine that if I had images from there, Alamy would license them too. In fact, they've licensed about half a dozen shots I literally took in my suburban US backyard to buyers from the US and Canada, as well as from the UK. My images from Alamy have been licensed to many other countries as well: Russia, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Norway, and Brazil - and that's just from skimming my sales pages quickly. Slightly more than half my sales are to European countries, but 90% of my images are taken in the US and the vast majority of those are editorial, with nature a close second. If you have ties to US newspaper groups, then shooting directly for them makes sense, but the bottom line is, it doesn't matter where you are from, you can sell images here, but you need to realize that given the prices and the fact that it is not a subscription site where buyers also download images they don't actually use, you will have fewer downloads, but as I mentioned in my earlier post, you can earn the same from one or two average priced licenses here as you can from 100 downloads on a micro.
  8. I just checked and mine arrived last Friday via direct deposit to my bank here in New York. They were so helpful the first time I made a claim and even since then they always answer my emails quickly and are so friendly, flexible and helpful. I'd give them a call about the bank account.
  9. Edo, Is there a co-working space nearby with fast internet? Maybe that's a solution? Maybe you also want to look into checking out photography groups in the area - show up at a meeting to see if you like it - a good place to meet folks who can advise you as to where you can find fast internet. And maybe even leads on a rental. So sorry you're still struggling ... hope you find a settled space soon.
  10. Jpeg fine for speed probably will work out, but I'd always shoot RAW at least for backup - even when I shot Live News I'd shoot both. In terms of workflow, like you, @edo I have the Nik filters and have been using them forever - but as of sometime this year when PS updated I can no longer get them to load in PS but I can use them directly in LR - the opposite of your experience.... Otherwise, my workflow is much like yours, although with the new Texture slider in LR & all those newish color options (I especially like some of the Modern ones), I'm finding that I sometimes skip using Nik and just do stuff in LR and then dust spot in PS. Unlike you @Betty LaRue I was clueless about shooting RAW when I first got my D70. I did a cover shot for a local magazine of a famous politician who lives in my town back in 2006, with my new camera and shot jpegs indoors in a local deli with no flash, bad light and a tripod at least (she told the editor she liked it better than the cover of Time magazine she was on that same week, but I could have saved many more from that shoot I had used RAW - I thought I needed Capture One (or whatever the Nikon software was, which I ended up getting a couple of years later, and which got me hooked on the Nik filters.....but I digress... Luckily, the very next weekend I went to a two-day Nikon class and learned all about RAW and that I could use it with PS. With software updates it's amazing what I can get out of some of those old 6MP shots. And what I can get out of my 42MP shots, which like yours, @Chuck Nacke are enormous after I make them into 16 bit Tiffs Poor @edo !!! My ๐Ÿ’šgoes out to you trying to keep all your digital assets organized on the fly without a home base! I can't find things and feel like I'm drowning in hard drives and backups, running out of room, even with a house to live in... Have you got a good cloud storage solution? I guess from hotel rooms, backup would be painfully slow, but maybe there is a co-working space near you with fast internet? The downside of jpegs: Sometimes I capture a scene I love on my iPhone and I love that I can upload it to S....but I know those files are so limited - even a 12 megapixel perfectly exposed iPhone photo can't compare to what I used to get out of my D70 even as a clueless noob.
  11. @Aaron US editorial can sometimes do better elsewhere but it needs to sell a lot more often to do so. In the past couple of years, I started feeling the same way you do and so uploaded some editorial images both here and to another site, with varying results. I still upload the bulk of them to Alamy. Some examples: $40 for 65 downloads of one image vs. $20 net for 1 download on Alamy. Seven of an annual event, $46 for 93 downloads vs. $43 net for 1 download on Alamy, so just one sale here earned me nearly as much as almost 100 elsewhere. Another where Alamy was way on top: $54 for 151 sales vs. $200 net for only 4 sales. But during the 2016 elections, none of my Live News images of Hillary Clinton taken at an event were licensed here, but on another site I made about $50 with a handful of those images, 60 downloads, as well as seeing images of her taken as long ago as 2006 sell. (I made much more back in 2006 with those shots but that's a different issue). Single sales here can pay off faster. I uploaded a simple sign on Alamy that has been licensed a few times, earning me over $60 net for one sale ($125 exclusive image), with two additional smaller sales bringing my total to about $75 net. ... but not always: Other signs uploaded to both sites, $117 for 146 downloads vs $5 net here for 1 sale; but $42 for 64 sales elsewhere vs nearly double that, $78 net here for only 2 sales. As these examples show, I could pick and choose images to argue that one site or the other is better for US editorial images. I guess my take away is to spread your images out, especially as you are from the US. If I was in the UK I might think very differently. Most important though, don't give up on Alamy. Editorial sales are their strong suit and Alamy is quite well known in the US editorial community - Alamy has licensed my US images to US magazines such as Coastal Living and Vogue, and to US newspaper groups around the country. I've had single editorial images licensed here for as much as $400 ($200 net) and even this year had one for $245 (distributor so I only made $85 but I'm glad that neither image was available at lower priced sites).
  12. I think that pseudos don't matter as much as they used to. Last week, I had two zooms from a batch of 10 night city photos of a major southern city that I uploaded in June, on two different but similar searches. One was in my primary pseudo with a current CTR of .72 (CTR > 1.0 last week when the search was done) and the other is in my old live news pseudo (CTR 0.28 ๐Ÿ˜ž). Both show up in "Creative" and neither have been viewed or zoomed before. The one in the low ranked pseudo was zoomed in a search where the buyer looked at only 200 photos; the other in a search where they looked at 900. The searches were for the city and state with an additional general term and each one showed up on page one for the search. Surprisingly, the high-ranking pseudo image was in the third row and the low-ranking one was the very first photo. The 2 images are also on page 1 for "Relevant" though the total number of images jumps a lot, with the rest from that shot spread among the first few pages. Not sure why they were split up - I think I had my old Live News set as the default and forgot to move that one photo - but it doesn't seem to have made any difference since search rank in both "Creative" and "Relevant" seems to take your entire portfolio into account. Interestingly, all 10 from the shoot are clumped together and buried on page 7 when I search under "New." Moreover, the pseudo makes no difference at all since in the "New" search they appear in the exact same order that they do on my Alamy Image Manager page. So, it may be that when a client searches for "New" images, rank doesn't seem to matter at all. Incentive to upload regularly. Re Keywords: They are in the green but < 50 tags, used all 10 supertags. About 20% of my images are in the orange - more would be but my old images have tons of tags from the old triplicate system. I've been trying to limit my tags to about 30-40 for new uploads.
  13. I thought you needed to upload 4 images for your first submission? Has it changed? Maybe that's the issue?
  14. I had no clue and traveled to places like Russia and Estonia with two DSLR's, several lenses, a laptop and a couple of hard drives. Only issue I ever had was going through security from Sweden via Iceland to the US - they X-rayed one of my hard drive several times and kept inspecting it, before they finally passed it through - with all the work from an 11- day trip I was getting nervous. Never had an issue with my equipment and never thought to bring copies of my receipts. Any particular countries where they are so picky? Russian customs spent over an hour looking carefully at our US passports...so slowly that it got unnerving (there were 14 of us traveling together - first time I ever did a tour) but never checked anyone's equipment and I had all my camera stuff on me in two camera bags ... as did several others. They never even looked in any of the bags either on the way in or out.
  15. So very sad. RIP Redsnapper ...condolences to his family...what a loss to Alamy and the entire photographic community. Great idea @AndrewP one of his photos each day this coming week would be an apt tribute to the man who has given many of us and the entire Alamy community so much.
  16. $1 gross ๐Ÿ˜ž Hoping this month was an Alamy anomaly ...Alamy had been doing nicely for me this year ... by the summer my revenue was equal to all of last year's with less than half the sales volume, ...so my RPI had doubled and I was hopeful that perhaps I'd have a banner year... but the last two months have been disappointing... still, today my CTR jumped to 1.47 for the month with 8 zooms in one day .. a couple were two zooms on one search term with few other zooms..so maybe October will pick up. Good month elsewhere.
  17. ๐Ÿ˜Ž A guy I worked with many years ago bought me the 45 of that song "So Long Marianne" (and I mean many years ago ... back when vinyl's only "competition" was cassette tapes).He found it on a trip to London in a second-hand record store. It's funny, my husband just got the balance our record collection down from the attic (I know, not the place for them...) and he grabbed the 45's too. Hopefully we have some of those little inserts in them so we can play them. A good idea for some stock photos.... I didn't know the story behind the song, but it certainly sounds intriguing.
  18. I find it happens quite a bit considering that the spelling of my name - Marianne rather than Mary Ann - is not very common. I don't have my name in my keywords.
  19. A neighbor celebrating the 4th of July at the annual parade in the small beach town where I've gone for half a decade - I used to babysit for his 4 kids who all have grown kids of their own now. This photo was taken a few year ago. I love his smile and his energy. 80 is the new 40 ๐Ÿ˜Ž I have a third one I really meant to upload ages ago which I just uploaded at 3:30 AM NY time, so it probably won't make it past QC in time. I took so many photos of people when I was in Estonia with a former member of this forum, but never uploaded a single one. Great challenge. It got me to finally find a few of them and get them online, even if too late for this challenge. Love all the faces so far.
  20. My daughter and pal on our way to Paris, scanned from a negative. That little girl is now the mother of a one-year-old. I tried adding another photo and lost this one, which always happens, hence the multiple posts. Even on Chrome I cannot add more than one photo without everything disappearing. Safari no longer works properly on Alamy at all. I feel your frustration Allan - glad you got it figured out.
  21. In my experience, US travel images sell here (from all over, East Coast, West Coast and Midwest) and a decent number of other US editorial images do too, so all is not lost. Just noticed your captions on college soccer - they are women not girls - you've had other advice re: keywording. Think about what a worldwide audience might be looking for, though sometimes you'd be surprised by how small town USA images sell to webmasters and others seeking images of those small towns that are not necessarily vacation hotspots. And one month is way too soon to know how you'll do. But go for quality over quantity. Good luck.
  22. Totally agree - also with everything else you said. Excellent explanations about why you can't save certain images as jpegs (size, layers, no background layers) LR is great and as they have added new tools it has gotten even better - I've used it since LR 1, but there are some things I still open in PS to do such as spotting (unless it's very minor) and of course retouching, removing people or other things (love the way it can do so much automatically these days). One thing I do differently than you for dust spotting skies (and with my Sony mirrorless, I get so much more dust than with any of my Nikons or even my Olympus mirrorless - the auto sensor cleaning function helps a little but it can still be a mess - and with 42MP viewing at 200% there is probably just a lot more to notice which may be why it seems such a nightmare). Anyway, I make a new layer from the background (and/or final layers if I am saving a layered file for some reason) and then I do a curves adjustment layer and set the blend mode to multiply. I then heal the layer below the curves adjustment (i.e. the copy of the background) - this lets me see the dust much more clearly. I turn off the curves layer when I need to clone rather than heal or if I'm using the blur tool to deal with very dusty gray clouds (or else it will use the blending mode and mess it up - I don't know why that doesn't happen with the healing tool but it has been this way as long as I can remember). I then delete the curves adjustment and flatten. Clear blue skies are so quick and easy this way but I think I probably overdo it with cloudy skies since it is sometimes hard to tell a dust spot from rounded gray cloud shapes. I love the large Sony files, but dust spotting is sometimes a slow slog, especially with cloud filled skies at dusk or sunset. I shoot a lot of blue hour photos by the sea or over the Hudson River and while the sunsets are great, if there is dust I'm in for a lot of post-processing. I had a mess on my sensor one day last fall when I was shooting Lake Erie lighthouses - I have gorgeous blue hour, sunset, and night photos but the skies are a huge mess. I have been using different primes with my Sony and change lenses often. I also use legacy lenses with adapters and while I've bought additional lens back covers to keep them clean, it still seems to add to the problem. I never had much of an issue with any of my other cameras.
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