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  1. It's been such a trek to get there from Grand Central - glad it's finally done!
  2. Have you tried the Nik Silver Effex filter for B&W? It provides you with beautiful images that look like they came out of a traditional darkroom - I don't upload much B&W to Alamy - mostly for gallery shows and POD sites but the ones I've uploaded to Alamy have never had a fail. I find the B&W conversions in LR and CC are nowhere near as authentic looking and in Silver Effex you can control the grain and so many other factors. Does anyone sell much B&W on Alamy? I love that with the newer versions you can now use the Nik filters - and other filters in both LR and PS. I often will use different filters right from LR and then open the various versions as layers in PS to tweak them. Doing as much as I can in LR speeds up my workflow considerably. I use a combination of stars and colors for various things, as well as the flags. Colors tell me where I want to upload - one star is for photos I'm thinking about keeping - two for photos that need to be combined with others for panoramas of focus stacking with three stars for the base photo - I'll make those all yellow so I know what goes together. I use 4 and 5 stars for the heroes - those I plan to process and upload first. I've gotten much better about using the reject flag and it's so nice to "Sort by picks" after going through 300-400 photos I've shot in one day to delete those that are not worthwhile. In the past two years I've organized 60,000 photos taken between 2006-2015 into one giant LR catalog and I can't imagine keeping track of my images without it. Collections are great too. I'm working on collections to keep track of all my stock photo uploads for each site I submit to - since I have many years of work to organize that way, it's not done. I also make small temporary collections for shows, clients, various types of submissions to different publishers - e.g. I submit a large quantity of photos to various calendar companies once a year so it's a great way to organize those photos as I go along during the year - Collections are a great way to prevent unnecessary duplicates.
  3. You can also send your Alamy printout to DACS showing UK sales. They accept that if you don't have the ISBN numbers. They are very helpful. I had eligible sales from other agencies besides Alamy but only a handful altogether and even after taking out VAT (they sent me a form so I can claim it on my taxes - I could have gotten it waived but the IRS charges an $85 filing fee for the form and I figured that would be far more than 17-20% of my DACS payout ) and my bank's wire transfer/fee for converting pounds to dollars, I was quite surprised by how much I got last year. The only tough thing is when you have RF sales in the UK and can't find them to determine if they are print magazines, books (both eligible) or web/newspapers (not eligible). Alamy said I had more eligible image sales than I counted, so I'm guessing some of the UK RF sales were for books or magazines. A google images and tineye search can help a lot - as can searching google books and amazon with your name and pseudonyms.
  4. I was planning to upgrade my iPhone ages ago, glad I waited - the 6S Plus sounds great. Great videos. Binge-watched the first 7. Just one question. You said you can go back and add keywords later. I thought once I uploaded I was done and when you said that I just tapped on the image and found I could edit - excellent tip not to waste time with too many keywords especially when my connection gives out and I have to start from scratch as well as wasting time if it's rejected.
  5. This photo was supposed to be a calendar cover but the calendar got pulled - discontinued before it went to print, but Alamy got $50 for the mock-up - not bad. I found it online ages ago and it took a while for them to chase it down but they emailed me with the info when they did. This one has been a good seller for me. Love this lighthouse - was there for a second time last week.
  6. I'm excited that with help from the folks at Alamy News I was finally able to get the Stockimo app to work on my iPhone a couple days ago - no News pix yet but my first selfie and a few others - loving the freedom to play with filters: (I forgot to put selfie in the keywords - oh well!)
  7. I've used easy release and releases that say the consideration is a photograph. Submit them to Alamy and see if they are accepted. You should be okay.
  8. Nantucket Island Cape Cod in the autumn with lots of fall color: I couldn't get the thumbnails to load. You can see more from this series here: http://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?qt=Nantucket%20autumn&imgt=0 (Nearly all of them in this search link are mine)
  9. Amazing how free you can feel, and how much fun can come back into photography. I get that with the RX100 and my Fuji kit. Have you tried Stockimo? I just got the app to work yesterday at last - uploaded a bunch of grainy tweaked fun images - all but one of which passed - they only failed the un-vintage-processed ones LOL and the fails are by the image and don't count against you. Very freeing to be creative and not worry that a fun saleable image will fail on technical grounds and land you in the sin bin for weeks. Very very freeing! Just wish I could find my images online. Maybe it takes 48 hours and it's been about 36. With the kind of fine art work you do Betty, you could really have fun with it.
  10. I had a fail for the first time in years back in July and when I reviewed the image in question on my iMac I scratched my head and wondered why I had even tried uploading it - I was traveling and working from my Macbook with Retina display and just took a look now and it looks so much better on here (the laptop) - I have just learned a very valuable lesson here. I thought that with the Retina display I'd see detail better since my 13" screen has more pixels than my 27" screen but now realize that means just the opposite is true. More pixels compressed on a tiny screen means the image looks much sharper on here. Duh! Thanks for pointing that out. And I've made gorgeous 16 x 20 inch prints from photos that would never pass QC at 100% - pigment inkjet printers are far more forgiving than even magazine pages, let along pixel peeping at 100% on a large monitor. While I can easily spend more time than I should on photography forums, I usually learn something valuable. In fact, that's how I first learned about stock photography in general and Alamy in particular. I'd have more photos online if I spent less time here and on similar boards, but I'd probably know less too. For Robert: If you have the RAW files start with them and you may see a big difference. Compression artifacts can quickly degrade a jpeg especially if you're downloading it from online and saving a few times before you even start your workload. Use Photoshop layers and don't save as a jpeg until all your work is complete. Don't use the default noise reduction and sharpening setting either, this can cause all kinds of problems, you need to tweak them so they work for your camera/lens combo, and for the particular lighting conditions etc. Congrats on biting the bullet. Feel free to share the photo crops here and good luck!
  11. On a Mac: Right click on large image > click on copy image from the dropdown > click the little picture icon on the top bar here > command-V to paste
  12. If you have large RAW files Time Machine isn't a very good solution IMHO. Much better to get a RAID system. You can get a fairly inexpensive 6TB WD Mybook RAID dual drive - it's pretty small if you don't have room for larger servers. When my macbook pro died a few years ago, I discovered that the Time Machine backup which I thought I was keeping up to date had run out of space without notifying me and I lost 6 months of photos and documents - a very expensive lesson as some were only backed up to Time Machine and it cost a fortune for data retrieval. When I set up my RAID and other backup solutions and spoke with some knowledgeable folks, not the Apple "geniuses," they confirmed that Time Machine is meant for the casual photographer who shoots jpegs and not for pros with large RAW files. Now I do the triple backup - RAID, an additional hard drive and my Photoshelter account for cloud/offsite storage. SSDs are great for running software but I wouldn't pay the premium to use them for backup, either. Supposedly if they fail the data can be retrieved easily so that's the advantage but they are still pricey compared to a regular HD. Worth every penny as the main drive on your computer though. If I waited to take new photos until I had processed my last batch, I'd have a few more online, but I'd never grow as a photographer. I think a backup solution and finding more time to process images makes sense, but IMHO never stop taking photos because you have batches that you haven't processed yet.
  13. In 2011 I flew Icelandair and they had an 11 pound carry-on limit. Since I was headed to 4 countries to shoot stock I very very carefully packed some of my equipment in my check-in baggage and told them as I was checking it that there was camera equipment in the bag (I had called earlier and was told that the 11 lb limit was firm). Well, the gate agent said they didn't want to be responsible and let me carry on three cameras and various lenses in a couple of camera bags and my carry-on Lowepro backpack. Had 3 other flights after that and they let me carry on everything. I don't recommend this as I think I was very lucky and wish that more airlines were more accommodating. Now that I have a mirrorless, I usually can manage with my camera backpack, taking that and my D700 with the 24-70 and a couple primes, but leaving the rest of the larger lenses behind, relying on the zoom lens for my Oly, but it's not an ideal solution, though it's easier on my back as well as making plane travel simpler. If I was planning a wildlife shoot I'd certainly have to rethink that solution, but it works for more general travel images. I look forward to learning which airlines are best and which to avoid from the article.
  14. Marriage Equality Concept Crime Prison Concept Save the Earth/Eco-friendly/Earth Day Concept These have all sold at least a few times for me - concepts are key. PS Lisa, I have the sheets that match your comforter - love them!
  15. I thought about getting a 4TB wireless drive but wouldn't that be much slower if you keep your catalog and photos you're working on on the drive? Even with fast Verizon fios I'd be worried about lag time - not to mention a problem if your network is down. Don't want to highjack the thread but would welcome comments on working with wireless externals as your main HD vs. thunderbolt. Thanks! SFL, I'm way too slow at processing my images so I had the same problem you did - getting that 4TB drive ( and an even larger RAID backup) really helped.
  16. I have a 4 TB LaCie powered drive with my main LR catalog because my 1 TB second internal drive on my iMac filled up way too fast. Thunderbolt connection is fast and seamless. I shoot a lot of travel and nature, and often shoot a lot and don't process it all right away and also have client files I'm processing right away so they fill up fast - especially when you bracket your shots it's a lot before they are culled. The 500 GB drive on my macbook seems to fill so quickly when I'm traveling too. Working off the LaCie has been great and lets me have all my images from the past 6 years organized in once place with older files in a second catalog. I upload from the cards directly to the LaCie and work on them there and it's super-fast. I only have 8GB RAM and using CC and LR6 have no lag time. After I cull my images I now back them all up to Photoshelter, as well as backing up to a WD RAID and various external drives - some kept offsite - and make sure everything is on at least three hard drives before reformatting the cards from each shoot. When I'm traveling I sometimes find my 500 GB macbook drive getting too full because I will leave some photos on there from other trips to process - I don't like working off an unpowered drive but use them for travel and extra backup.
  17. Good discussion Betty - I've had some chosen for creative and they sell here but they are mostly concept and travel images that meet alamy's sharpness standards. Did get a few more "creative" images past QC a whilte back but they were also mostly sharp albeit filtered composites. I'd welcome an alternative to Stockimo especialy since despite back and forth with member services trying to help, I can't get the Stockimo app to work on my iPhone. Thanks Robert B. for the list of alternative outlets. It can be time-consuming to try out many agencies but also rewarding to have other outlets for your work. Good luck with other outlets Betty - love your creative and painterly stuff and there are outlets for it besides POD, though here on alamy it seems straight photography is the best seller and it's really nice to have an outlet for good serviceable photography here as well. This thread is really a wake-up call/reminder to me that I have thousands of sharp serviceable images of locations across the US and Europe and as the weather gets colder in a couple of months, it will behoove me to get them uploaded here. I can't even count the number of times I've looked on the "Have you found any alamy images for ..." thread over the years and kicked myself that my images from a location featured are languishing on my hard drive. Stock is a time-consuming mistress!
  18. June and July were much better but had one sale in August for $50 a repeat seller for me so that's always nice. All in all not too bad for the summer which is usually slower for me. Hoping September brings some more sales from the zooms I've gotten earlier. 8 zooms so far this month with 769 images so that's a positive. Still waiting to see if sales show up from zooms by image number. Found some unreported stuff so hoping for a decent September.
  19. Congrats! Great job and with such a small portfolio!
  20. I have the Sigma 50-500mm and it is sharp all the way to 500mm. I love it. Hefty but I've gotten some nice images all the way at 500mm. Here are a couple: Bought it refurbished at B&H in 2009. I just shoot really fast and on my D700 or D5100 in good light, don't worry about using a higher ISO. Have also used it on a tripod (for the boat photos) - it has a tripod brace and works well. (handheld)
  21. I use commas and a space in LR 6 and commas or semicolons and a space in PS CC or Bridge (I tend to do my essential keywording in LR when I download from a card and then finish up wherever I happen to be before upload) and I've never seen this happen. When the keywords arrive in the Comprehensive field in Alamy they no longer have commas and I wouldn't put them back. I had CS5 before CC (upgraded <2 yrs ago) and never saw the problem occur then either. On the other hand, I can't get the Stockimo app to work with my iPhone no matter what I do, so I guess we are all plagued by some gremlins of one kind or another.
  22. Good luck John! I bought some nice MF Nikor lenses on ebay and keep thinking I should try it for selling stuff. Had good experiences buying stuff there. I keep bringing carloads of stuff to Goodwill (a charity thrift shop here in the US) because I'm trying to downsize my house, and every once in a while I'm tempted to try selling the stuff instead. For those of you who've sold stuff there, is it worthwhile after the hassle of packing, shipping, etc?
  23. I filed for the first time last year - and should have done it the year before. I used my CSV file from Alamy - I also went thorough most of the process to avoid the VAT then realized it would cost me $85 and since I didn't know what I was getting from DACS, and assumed it wasn't going to be over $500, which is roughly where I'd break even after bank fees, I decided to let them take out the VAT and DACs wired the money to my bank account. Even with VAT and bank fees it was a decent amount for a little bit of work. Alamy told me I had more eligible images than I could find in my account when they offered to do it for me, perhaps some RF sales to book publishers or magazines, and I asked them about it and they told me to use the CSV file if I was doing it myself so I sent along what I had and it worked out. If I had a lot of RF files and Alamy told me I had significantly more eligible images than I could find myself, I'd consider giving them half, but for now it seems more prudent for me to deal with DACs directly, especially since most of this year's UK licenses are RM and I've found some ISBNs on my own. The website and the people at DACS are very helpful and easy to deal with.
  24. Thanks Lisa - now all I have to do is get the Stockimo app to work for me. You've had a lot of success with Stockimo. Really good of you to share tips.
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