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  1. DACS is great - wish every country had something similar!
  2. Will you be posting a link so that we can vote? I haven't found a new voting thread. Thanks!
  3. Zooms have been up and holding well - many where it was the only photo zoomed so hoping to see some more sales drop in by the end of the year. Just one sale in November to vogue.com which was a fun find last month. Well ahead of 2014 in number of sales and net revenue.
  4. 1. List of images uploaded and ability to delete one or more before QC 2. Batch keywording without having to erase all to do it - i.e. ability to append keywords 3. Import location from IPTC Thanks!
  5. Bourbon on the rocks for me please. Congrats!
  6. My highest gross fee here was $400. Highest gross fee elsewhere was $750. In both cases I got 50% from the agency. Best direct fee was $300 (100% to me). Still waiting for my first 4-figure license.
  7. I believe they ended it. I used to get a lot of small sales and even had one NU sale for $50 a few years ago.
  8. My average license from Alamy this year is $75 as well, and this included my averaging in the $4-6 piddly sales that I've gotten or the average would have been higher. In 2013-2014 my average sale on Alamy was in the $35-45 range, so this uptick is encouraging. Aside from a few of the sub-$10 distributor sales, all the rest have been direct, so I'm getting 50%. There are some agencies where I'm earning more overall but Alamy has done better for me this year than in the past. 2/3rds of my licenses have been Rights Managed and while those account for all the sub-$10 licenses (mostly in the newspaper scheme), average RM licenses are actually a tad higher than RF. This breakdown also follows my portfolio, of which 32% of my images are RF. As I add more work to new sites that show promise such as 500px, I've been choosing RF for more of my photos, but keeping the rarer ones as RM. 58% of my licenses were editorial this year and the rest were commercial. Interestingly, some buyers decided to use editorial shots in commercial projects and vice versa. I've gotten higher average licenses from direct licensing, and even a few standout high fees from agencies that usually license images for far less than Alamy, but I'm encouraged by the increase I've seen this year on Alamy after watching average prices drop for a few years.
  9. IDP How many images do you have that generate 50-100 searches per month by photo reference number alone? Your profile shows 0.
  10. The face and eyes aren't as sharp as the feathers and the branch is the sharpest. Too bad because it's a terrific image otherwise. If you can downsize enough to get the head in focus (if that's possible) I'd go for it. Center-weighted on the bird will never work - and it looks like maybe the head moved which could be the issue. Otherwise, pick something else for your fourth shot. Good luck. I rarely downsize my images. I mostly shoot with a 12 MP D700 and 16 MP Olympus OMD E-1. I remember the old days when I had to upsize my 6 MP D70 images to 48MB. I hate to downsize now and would feel like I was moving backwards. I haven't upgraded to a 24 MP because I feel like what I have is plenty good enough for most uses. I'd be really frustrated with my kit if my images weren't sharp. When I use my 16 MP D5100 (which I bought for a lightweight backup before the Oly) with the 70-300mm zoom and go beyond 200mm with it, I know the feeling of kit that can't pull its weight and have had to downsize some of those images - and toss a lot of them completely. The D5100 with an inexpensive 35mm f/1.8 on the other hand is super sharp and I love that combo. And the 70-300 on the D700 is a great portrait lens, good on the D5100 for portraits too - but useless for wildlife. It's a question of knowing your equipment and knowing where to focus - and knowing even the pros sometimes get a shot that isn't up to snuff despite knowing what to do. Good luck with you second application.
  11. Statistically speaking even for someone with a lot of searches like that, the absence wouldn't seem to be significant, except that the original poster said that he found searches by his ref # in All of Alamy and not in his zooms, which would lead one to think something has changed. Given the size of the collection, if not for the fact that the searches appeared in All of Alamy, I wouldn't think a sudden dearth of searches by ref # would be a sign of anything either.
  12. I haven't had any Alamy ref # searches in about a month or so either. Someone in another thread said they show up in "All of Alamy" but not in your zooms anymore. http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/4815-search-by-alamy-ref-no-longer-showing-in-measures/ Otherwise I'm getting normal zooms and have had one sale so far this month. I usually get 1-2 sales a month so that's average for me.
  13. I used to get searches by Alamy ref showing up as zooms but haven't had one in around a month. Even if they don't count as zooms, IMHO they should somehow figure into the CTR/ranking algorithm. I'm also interested to hear from Alamy on this and other changes in ranking algorithm since the thumbnail change. I love the new look and think it will be a benefit to sales as it gives the site a much more attractive and modern look.
  14. I sometimes upload in dribs and drabs as I process a few photos - even as few as one image - and sometimes upload fewer because the uploader times out. Yesterday, I was really productive and uploaded a large batch (*large by my standards) and it went faster than ever - guessing they may have finally fixed the upload bug - Yay! I don't usually wait for QC to pass them if I have another batch ready, assuming that they'll pass. I've only had one fail in the past few years but fingers crossed I do get nervous when it's a big batch. It would be so much more productive if they failed images and not entire sets and if the wait was more reasonable, but we are used to this system for better or worse. I uploaded some in the wee hours of the morning and am still waiting. They've been quite fast lately so hopefully it won't be too long. I have a bunch more I'll probably upload tonight.
  15. They didn't use any of my Nantucket photos for this one, but there are an assortment of Alamy images here: http://www.travelandleisure.com/slideshows/americas-best-towns-for-the-holidays (winter travel in the US)
  16. I had so many zooms on my Nantucket images last month, I figured one had to be out there: Here's the article: http://www.vogue.com/13362649/nantucket-fall-travel-guide/ Nothing else from Alamy there. Haven't found anything from my last few month's sales, this sale hasn't shown yet.
  17. Only 117 images from my small home town - most - but not all of them - mine. We have a former US president and a presidential candidate living here, so I actually license them - usually directly from my Photoshelter site. It's a very pretty place, but not a tourist destination so it's no surprise. In terms of travel images, I find that Alamy is a good outlet for them and it is about 1/2 of what they license for me here. Concept shots also seem to sell. When I travel to shoot stock, l will shoot 1,000 images of a place but only upload a handful to maybe a dozen. I sometimes wonder if I should be less picky about it and upload everything that meets QC and grow my portfolio. Most of the shots that sell are not the major tourist venues but the details - however, some iconic landmarks shots have also done well for me here and elsewhere. Alamy has licensed some images of mine from major cities such as L.A., Boston and Baltimore, but a lot of my travel is of lesser-known spots along the east coast, and smaller cities where the competition is still stiff but not quite so daunting. When I'm shooting a travel icon, I try to think about leaving lots of copy space and how it can be used by a designer. It makes some of my work far more stocky, but also more useful for certain buyers. When I'm shooting an assignment, I try to shoot the details and tell a story, and these types of images should also work on Alamy. Sometimes my travel shots land on page one for a simple one-word place name search and sometimes I despair of ever finding them. I just hope that the agencies don't end up with all the prime spots or we won't have a chance.
  18. Interesting. People don't always understand what they are signing. Thought this other article about a site set up by people who are fighting copyright violations using improperly sourced images on their own was also interesting: http://www.vice.com/read/canadian-copyright-canipre-images-without-permission
  19. Europe's best winter getaways - some Alamy images here: http://www.travelandleisure.com/slideshows/europes-best-winter-getaways
  20. I'm in the US (New York) - Here are my results: Hotel paris Las Vegas 1216 Las Vegas Hotel paris 7106 museum interior France 5889 B5PRRT BTDGB9 BTDM9G I searched RF and RM with "Relevant" images. "Creative" would certainly limit the number. My thought was that the country you're searching from would make a difference too because some RM images could have restrictions. I do my best to keyword in a way that makes sense but find weird glitches too. I worry most about word order and getting the most important words into Essential. With 60 Million images I think it's a miracle that some of mine end up on page one for simple searches. I wonder if Alamy cycles the images so that not everything in the database shows up for every search?
  21. I haven't been able to upload an avatar since I joined. Tried to link to one without any luck too.
  22. For 2015 my sales are B - 6 C - 3 D - 1 E - 1 Five of them are repeat sellers. Best price was $400.00 for one of the B's so older images are still working for me. My newest image was licensed for less than $10. My total number of images with those prefixes seems to jive roughly with my current year sales from each B - 264 C - 173 D- 81 E - 141 Interesting that B's are the best-sellers. I wonder if there are proportionately more images that start with the letter B in the entire collection?
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