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  1. Many from all around Europe here: http://www.travelandleisure.com/slideshows/25-secret-european-villages Here are just some of them: Lavenham, England T.M.O TravelAberdour, Scotland Gistimages Giornico, Switzerland age fotostock Getaria, Spain Alberto Paredes Marvão, Portugal Photolocation Ltd … and many more from Alamy, I didn’t have time to get them all but if you have villages in Europe take a look - or even if you just like travel
  2. Zooms and CTR have been up for me significantly overall this year - sales are up too though given a huge spike in CTR in June and July, with several images zoomed twice, often by their file number, I haven't seen a corresponding spike in sales which I would have expected this month or last. My CTR has been excellent the last couple of months, so I don't think the large thumbs are having any negative effect. Ironically, despite a huge spike in zooms in my main pseudo, the image that Alamy licensed for me today has never been zoomed. I've never had a big correlation between zooms and sales. Overall I'm feeling much more positive about Alamy than I have in the past and am happy to see some of my images make it to the first pages for certain searches. Overall views are up too. I added about 125 new photos this year and deleted some too - so went from about 700 to 800 and it seems to have made a big difference. I'm hoping to add another 200 images by the end of the year, though I'm not sure I'll make that goal. Zooms and sales seem to be a mix of oldies from way back in 2009 and new stuff taken and added in the last year.
  3. Small sale dropped in today bringing my all-time sales to 80. I finally have 800 photos online, so it seems like a neat milestone.
  4. Got an email from PayPal on the 12th - no email from Alamy which is unusual, but I agree with Niels, I prefer the notification that the $$$ is in my account rather than the note that it will be forthcoming, if I have to choose between the two.
  5. The center looks like some sort of sunflower. I agree with Phillip and Tim as to where to start.
  6. It looks like the same photographer is with Zoonar and they have submitted it to Alamy as a distributor. The other agencies I'm with either require exclusivity so this doesn't happen, or require you to opt out of certain distributors if you supply them directly. I'm not with Zoonar so I don't know their process. No idea how often this happens but that's probably a failure to remove the item from distributors is probably the explanation for why this happened.
  7. I know this is an older thread but rather than start a new one, wondering if anyone has bought this - it seems to be sold out a lot so thinking it's popular. The photos on their site look amazing but hard to judge how they'd be printed large of course. do you need their software to use it? Guessing they'll be at PhotoExpo so hope I'll have a chance to check it out there.
  8. No issues clicking through to find the keyword used for the one zoom I got yesterday - only used October 7.
  9. Maybe due to fewer images on a page if a buyer opts for the new larger thumbnail view rather than small thumbnails? If they scroll through the same number of pages - or even fewer because they may find what they like faster with the larger thumbnails? My views are also down but zooms are at or close to an all-time high for me. A few photos being zoomed more than once, hoping it translates to some new sales.
  10. Historic Mystic Seaport: You can see them all here http://tinyurl.com/pwyyeam
  11. Historic Mystic Seaport, Connecticut See bellow - I changed browsers and got it to work.
  12. Lovely portfolio! Welcome and good luck!
  13. My 35mm is sharp across the entire image - no QC fails. The Sigma 18-35mm sounds excellent.
  14. I love the lens because it's so fast and you can shoot really close up with it - I have some images that look like they've been shot with a macro lens - It's very versatile - great for cityscapes and landscapes too - but the CA can be a problem. Usually correctible in LR but sometimes I have to go into Adobe Camera RAW and use the brush tool to get rid of all of it. I get a lot of dual red and green fringing (e.g. a white building will have red fringing along one wall and green fringing along the roof) but LR usually deals with it.
  15. I have put the thumbnails up simply by right clicking on the image thumbnail in Alamy and pasting it into the "Image" box, but how are you able to link it to the larger image when the thumbnail is clicked on in this conversation? Some of us requiring advice please! Kumar Go to the page where the larger image is. Right-click on the larger image and select "Copy image URL". Go back to your post, click on the thumbnail in your post, then click on the link button (left of the image button) and paste the URL of the larger image into the URL field. Click "OK" and save changes. This should work. You can use the same method to link anything (thumbnails, large images, text…) to anything else (images, the web page dedicated to an image, your portfolio, a specific search into your portfolio…). Thanks for the help.
  16. Found two in this Travel and Leisure slideshow: http://www.travelandleisure.com/slideshows/13-affordable-trips-europe/4 Fedor Selivanov - Rome Marshall Ikonography - Istanbul
  17. I like the new look. Our photos look more appealing and hopefully that leads to more sales.
  18. Lots of excellent concepts - thanks so much for including one of mine.
  19. Numbers comes with the newest MAC OS and doesn't cost anything - and you can export any Numbers file to Excel, work on it on your PC and then open the Excel file in Numbers again on your MAC.
  20. I didn't know that about the sliders. So glad I popped into this thread. I try to keep RAW sharpening to a minimum but RAW files need a little bit of sharpening - I scale back if it's noticeable. Only one fail (for SoLD) in last few years so assume it's okay. Output sharpening is something the printer should be able to do, which is why they will fail you for over sharpening which can ruin an image.
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