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  1. A bunch of Alamy photos here - I didn't have time to locate them but if you have photos of American small towns, check it out: http://www3.forbes.com/investing/25-best-places-to-retire-in-2016/2/
  2. This image has been in four gallery shows, was on loan to the NY State Thruway Authority, and I just delivered a metal print to a buyer last week, so it's out for personal use, but the Tappan Zee Bridge will be gone in the next few years, so given the historic significance, it seemed like one that should be on Alamy, and this contest spurred me to finally upload it, so thanks. I love lighthouses but hadn't visited this one although it's about 20 minutes from my home, until two years ago. I always think of lighthouses on the sound or ocean, but this one is on the Hudson River. Pulteney Bridge in Bath has been standing strong since the 1700's. Gorgeous image deserving of a greenie! The Tappan Zee Bridge was built in the 1950's and it's in such bad shape that it is being replaced at a cost of $3.9 Billion (if it stays on budget), then the old one will be taken down. So much for modern engineering - or was it the builders who cut corners? The State that neglected it for too long? The battered little Tarrytown Lighthouse is also slated to get a facelift soon.
  3. OpSail 2012 Connecticut (More than one image, but they are all mine - did you mean just one image or that all results for a specific search are yours?)
  4. Great idea - so many terrific images so far. Tough competition, but I may as well throw my hat in the ring. I just uploaded one more today that will be my third. Have enjoyed seeing all those uploaded so far. Thought my British pals here would enjoy this view of the Thames River in New London, Connecticut : Gullfoss Waterfall on the Hvita River, Iceland:
  5. The scariest thing is that, not surprisingly, many people believed the story! Too hard to call is right.
  6. Thanks! Sometimes it's hard to stay positive about the future of stock photography so those good days certainly help! Encouraging to see good prices Alex and Abiyoyo. Wish this thread was busier!
  7. At 72% of last year's sales in terms of revenue, but only 66% as many sales, so price per sale is actually up this year. (Notwithstanding a personal use sale in August of an image that Alamy licensed for me last year for $400, very few tiny value sales this year). With the last quarter of the year left, and with October through December usually being my best quarter by a long-shot, I'm cautiously optimistic. Hope my optimism is rewarded Hope we all have a great last quarter!
  8. It was nice to get a sale early in the month - it was only $50 but is one I took of Ohio State while visiting my daughter, so it has some sentimental value, I saw it in "Balance of Account" last night. Also licensed two RM images not yet on Alamy directly yesterday of an out of the way little town for editorial web use at good prices to a UK online magazine, and turned in an assignment to a local urban NY magazine with two more RM licenses, so I feel optimistic about traditional RM licensing at the moment and don't often have a day with 5 full-price sales unless I'm working on a large assignment. Hope you all don't mind me sharing all this - it was nice to end a good day with an Alamy sale. September was the first month in a long time where I didn't have one so an early in the month sale is encouraging. I find that October and November often end up doubling my stock photo and POD site income for the year so fingers crossed!
  9. Not sure of the accuracy. With Creative ticked I'm still on page 1 for my main pseudo. Not so for Relevant but I may have just searched Creative on the last re-rank. Anyway, three of them - all different pseudos with widely different CTRs - are then clumped together on page 7 when I search under Relevant and a few rows down on that same page I seem to have two more from two of those same pseudos. Shouldn't the BHZ photos from the same pseudos be together? (A mistake on my part to have more than one BHZ image per pseudo I realize, but instructive here). Before I landed on page 1 of Creative, I think my pseudos were all between pages 13 and 18 so I guess overall things are moving in the right direction. I'd like to see my main pseudo on page 1 of Relevant some day soon. Interestingly, my best pseudo in terms of CTR (#4) isn't showing up at all so I'm guessing I must have moved a BHZ from there to another one. I have them set up: straight editorial, USA travel, Europe travel, and concept images/RF Had a sale today on an unzoomed image, so wonder if that helps or not. More zooms than in the past this year, though sales are pretty much the same as they were last year despite adding new and I think better photos this year, and deleting around 50 old ones. Anyway, I should be glad that my small USA travel portfolio is moving up in the ranks.
  10. No time to search them out but some Alamy pix in this T&L story about beautiful coastal towns: http://www.travelandleisure.com/slideshows/most-beautiful-coastal-towns/17
  11. That's so funny. Was it a Granny Smith's? You get a greenie for that
  12. I'm with Betty on freeing ourselves from making strict comparisons between systems. I know my mirrorless Oly doesn't have quite the same bokeh or low-light capability that my D700 has, but when I went to spend close to a week on Cape Cod shooting stock and spent an entire day on Martha's Vineyard starting with a two-hour hike and then a total of 8+ hours hiking around with just a light backpack and my Oly with three lenses, and felt great the next day, no neck or back issues, I knew my decision to leave the Nikons at home was the right one. I can get on a plane with just a carry-on bag with clothes and my camera rig, rather than using my entire carry-on allowance for equipment. It's liberating. I've been reading up on the XT-2 and it sounds great.
  13. I had the same issue when I first updated Betty and now it's working normally again. Maybe shut down the computer/restart? No idea why mine did it or got fixed. I too thought PS wasn't working and then finally saw it open underneath. Gremlins, I suspect.
  14. That's excellent for relatively few images. Page 1 of BHZ too huh? You must be doing a fantastic job with your images and keywording. I'm on page 5 of BHZ, and at the previous re-rank was on page 17 (with the 120 per page setting). I'm anxious for the next very overdue re-rank to see where I end up then. Thanks Marianne, good luck for sales of your zooms too! Geoff. Thanks Geoff!
  15. I'm ready to sell my Nikon gear and get a second mirrorless as backup for my Olympus - I love it - but I wish they would come out with a 24MP model and would love it if the sensor was larger like the Fuji, though I get good DOF and bokeh with my fast primes. I have to update my firmware and try the new mega focus stacking option. I'm tempted by the XT-2 but it would be expensive to go with two completely different systems. It would just be so nice to have two small cameras in my backpack - one with a nice zoom and one with a wide prime so I'm not stymied by the inability to switch lenses say on a windy sandy beach when I want a change in view and for news events the need for two cameras with varied lenses is also important. Plus, it's not a true backup camera if it can't take the same lenses if something goes wrong with one camera. Has anyone tried both the Olys and Fujis to compare? Any thoughts on having a collection of different cameras with incompatible lenses? A waste of time and space in your bag? Anyone compared the Fujis to the Sonys? Would welcome your thoughts.
  16. I got six zooms for one location last week, and then a seventh for the same location today where mine was the only zoom. These are all new photos of a location which has been a good seller for me in the past, and which I just shot again two weeks ago (though those photos have yet to be reviewed and processed) so fingers crossed it translates to sales. My primary pseudo is on page one of BHZ - both for creative and relevant searches - so hoping activity like this keeps it there. Hope you have luck - sales - as well Geoff!
  17. Two more: The beauty of a sunset over the Hudson River, not far from where I live: I think NYC is even beautiful on a rainy night:
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