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  1. It looks like the same system that FAA has - they sometimes have breaks like that after phrases but not always and have no spaces before or after commas. I'll just be glad when the new system is on board and we can see how it all shakes out. It will be good to keep phrases together but even with my smallish portfolio the thought of re-keywording everything is a headache. I'm guessing there will be commas between every word and we'll have to go in and delete those that are interrupting phrases. I did a random check and have found weird restrictions or am missing restrictions on some photos but I figure I'll wait and sort it all out in the new year (early in the new year I hope) when the new manage images is up and running so I only have to review everything once.
  2. Watching a hovercraft at the opening celebrations of OpSail 2012 in Connecticut:
  3. I just sent contributors@alamy a message asking how to handle it. I uploaded a photo for the current contest last night and found the commas today too. Also asked when we'll actually see the new keywording tools. I'm holding most uploads until then. Will report back when I hear. Meantime, I'll read the blog.
  4. I just sent contributors@alamy a message asking how to handle it. I uploaded a photo for the current contest last night and found the commas today too. Also asked when we'll actually see the new keywording tools. I'm hold most uploads until then. Will report back when I hear.
  5. = L U V Cheers, Philippe No emoji for embarrassed. These will have to do. I had to zoom way in even with my reading glasses to tell those were hearts LOL.
  6. Did it myself for the third time in a row. Got about US $75, around the same as last year (they took out VAT or it'd be more, but it's $85 each year to file with the IRS to get what you need to send to HMS Revenue and not have VAT withheld, so it wasn't worthwhile filing the non-resident tax papers). I had more magazine uses but not enough to get me into the next bracket. Lots of my UK licenses via Alamy are newspapers so no help. I had some book sales from elsewhere, which is why I self-claimed, especially as I'd already done it twice before. It arrived in my bank on Monday. Looking forward to the day that it's worth it to file to get VAT refunded. Merry Christmas!
  7. I had one personal use sale a few months ago: $19.99 It was a photo taken in California, a US buyer, and I'm in the US. Glad it wasn't a political question or I'd be (that's embarrassed right?) Same image sold for $400 last year.
  8. Looks good though thinking I'll probably have to go back to old ones if things like New York City end up as separate tags. I like the idea of "supertags" and it will finally put to rest the old do we use [ ] or "" to get them to work. Still, a welcome change - it should make keywording easier and better, IMHO. Also glad about the editorial RF. Being in the US, it's been hard deciding if my work should go to a US-based site that only permits RF or Alamy which only permits RM so this is a change that I'm happy about. I've had work split between the two and it will be nice to just upload to both. Thanks Alamy. Will we get an email when the new system is ready?
  9. Since I'm 98 cents short of $75 at the moment, happy to see the change moves my next payout to December 1. Sorry that it may be a reflection of lower prices, but it could also mean they are carrying more debt with all the new first-time contributors who have joined this year. In any event, it works out for me this month so I have to
  10. You can pick any folder you want to import them to. Just hit "Import" and then on the right side, choose the folder you want to put them in.
  11. I have the OMD EM-1 and am planning to sell my Nikon kit - a D700, D5100 and many lenses and get a second OMD - probably the MK2 - as a second body. Love the lightness, excellent quality images. Haven't had a fail from this camera in the two+ years I've had it even shooting in adverse conditions with a high ISO.
  12. Congrats on your win last month - great idea for this month tough competition already! Beautiful images!
  13. Art.com has really low prices. I have a few stock images that I sell often on POD sites for far more, so I'll be opting those out. But I recognize it's a good concept as another means of revenue. Just wish the prices were realistic instead of so low. I wouldn't mind getting 50% of Alamy's cut if the prices were high enough.
  14. It took several months, 150 images, but that was back in 2009. Different time. I have had such a wide assortment of images sell here for prices all the way up to $400 (last year), so as Mirco says, one good sale can top what you make in a month or so on other sites.
  15. 3 sales, best $50, $94 slightly above average monthly earnings (since I had $0 in September that killed my average). Down from this time last year. Added new work but also deleted a lot from my portfolio. This could be the first year since I started here that my income goes down or remains flat. Interestingly, the two RF sales are limited to 5 years. And they include UK magazine use so that will be good for DACS.
  16. Most of mine were for pennies but I got one novel use sale a few years back for $50 which was novel indeed! I also shot a set of concept images where one sold for $250 and another as NU for pennies a month or so later. I haven't seen one in a couple of years. Once I was something like 35 cents short of a payout and an NU sale nailed it for me. Glad it doesn't affect your rank.
  17. Indeed it was very difficult. I could have easily added another 10 including yours of the lighthouse. Thanks! Love all your choices on this one and the subject of the contest.
  18. It looks like art.com sells prints 30" x 32" for about $35. I make more than that on a small print on most POD sites and split 3 ways it seems like our cut would be little more than the PU price for download now. Their prints appear to be posters, rather than actual fine art prints, but I'm still hoping the new tools let me bulk restrict the images that I sell as fine art. I understand that Alamy is looking to new markets so I can't criticize them for trying.
  19. You're lucky you could pick 8 - narrowing it down to one was really tricky - beautiful work!
  20. Not the best month for $$$ but so far October has seen the highest number of sales in one month for me here this year.
  21. Sold two today - one was a B, one of my very first images and the other was a C. Sale earlier this month was an F. That's about the same average for the past year - about 2/3rds older images, B & C and the rest E & F (mostly F). Alamy also collected on some infringements, but I'm too lazy to try and figure out those Letters. Nice to know the old stuff is still selling, and just as nice to know new stuff is selling too.
  22. Congrats Edo and you go girl Betty! - sure you'll make it! I'm within easy distance of 1,000 at last - a goal I've missed for too long now. I deleted 70 images this year and was afraid I wouldn't make it, but with 2 1/2 months to go I'm just 11 images short of my goal (if I counted my Stockimo images, I'd already be there). Betty, take pix of shoes and justify the purchase by how much you'll make on the pix? I just started a diet using an app on my iPhone that encourages me to take photos of the food I eat. A new direction for my photography? Following in Edo's footsteps?
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