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  1. 2009 - only 1 sale $38 to a Russian mag 2010 - $88 2011 - $30 (lots of NU sales) 2012 - $30 (lots of NU sales), 2013 - $45 (lots of NU sales) 2014 - $37 (lots of NU sales) 2015 - $64 (despite some very low $4-6 newspaper scheme and similar sales, prices picked up and this was my best year for revenue, nearly triple the year before) 2016 - $70 (small drop in revenue, small drop in sales volume, but pretty close to 2015) 2017- $61 (more sales, so revenue increased slightly over 2016 despite RPI dropping, even closer to 2015) 2018 - $34
  2. I was cleaning up some old files that had more than 50 keywords now that the new interface has improved, making it seem less daunting, and discovered that it is more of a mess than I had anticipated. Many of my images seem to have most of the keywords doubled, and not because I put a word in singly and then as part of phrase (although that does account for some issues) but instead some of my photos seem to have big swaths of keywords repeated in order. It's as though the system is spamming itself! Being able to copy all, put them into a Pages (Word) document and then clean them up
  3. Took this from the balcony of my hotel - used a tripod, but still not a bit of noise in that black sky. Licensed for a magazine cover ($175) which means they had to crop into it to make it a vertical image. And as I recall it was very windy so I wasn't shooting all that slowly. It was February and it was actually quite chilly in the desert - it rained 2 of the 6 days we were there and we were shivering despite having left behind sub-zero temps in New York. We stayed in Boulder, NV after this leg of the trip and the woman who ran the hotel said that dry cold feels way colder, just like you don'
  4. Here's the first one - hand held as the sun was setting in late autumn: ($250)
  5. I've had an OMD E-1 since April 2014 and love it. Have sold many images taken with it, here, to local magazines, national calendar companies, and as fine art prints. Great in good light, not bad up to ISO 1200 as long as you expose properly and don't need to recover highlights. So light and easy to carry. I didn't ge the "pro" lenses since this was my first experiment with mirrorless, I have the inexpensive and super light 40-150mm zoom (it is super sharp), and the small 17mm and 25mm f/1.8 (which make lit easier to get low light shots at night). I sold all my Nikons.(includ
  6. ....a wedding invitation comes in the mail and your hubby says, "You can't bring models releases to my client's wedding." ...you don't mind your husband's bald spot, but your considering making him wear a baseball cap on your next hike for all those "man in nature from behind " shots. ... your daughter turns 18 and you have her sign model releases for every photo in the family album. She turns 25, has a kid, and hides your camera when you come to visit. And the pix she sends you daily from her iPhone are better than anything you've ever shot...or maybe it's just th
  7. Trying your site but so confused. Can you take a look at the question I posted about lichen and see if you have advice when you have a second? Here's the link:
  8. Fun graphics and diversion Wim. I too am the dreamer Betty but I need to be paired up with an Innovator. Bryan, $253 for one photo is nice - congrats! My CTR and Views have been down. Found some old printouts from when I first started while sorting boxes of old papers for shredding/trash - I had over double the views with about 20-25% of the number of photos that I have now. Fewer eyeballs on our work coupled with lower prices is not an encouraging scenario. OTOH, I watched a webinar yesterday that talked about the explosive growth in the need for imagery.
  9. Glad for the bird ID, Bhandol. My daughter used to live in Brooklyn. If you're visiting soon, you should have nice weather. The city is rife with photo opportunities. I always feel like a tourist with my camera there, but it doesn't bother me to be a tourist elsewhere or to be out and about near my home with my camera. Maybe because my friends and I used to laugh at the busloads of tourists snapping away when I lived in Manhattan. Now it's the busloads with selfie sticks! I took some photos at my niece's baby shower a couple of weeks ago and a few people said they couldn't recall t
  10. I lived in California for a year in college (and loved it out there) but otherwise it's been NY for me, other than three years in Massachusetts, and summers in Connecticut as a kids (and a few weeks a year now), so I'm an East Coast girl too. My parents lived in Palm Coast, Florida near St. Augustine for many years. Where are you? I'm in Westchester County just above NYC so not the bitter cold of upstate, but chilly enough much of the year. Nice for you to have warm weather when you prefer to shoot outdoors, although my neck of the woods is getting pretty warm now, a bit rainy but hopefu
  11. Oh Edo I'm jealous! (that's why I gave you a greenie) 🤢😎 Hoping to get to Cadiz to visit my niece sometime later this year or next. Can't wait.
  12. Lisa found one of mine in late March in the "Have you found any Alamy images?" thread on the site that shall not be named (although it's connected to Alamy) so figured I should check to see if it's shown up yet. That photo hasn't but had another iPhone image sale that showed up for April, so that's two for the month and one in the wings, I guess for May. All boats or beaches, guess it's good that summer is around the corner.
  13. This is also sailing - but please let me know if it's permissible Michael. It is the US tall ship Eagle, the US Coast Guard training ship for cadets. Here they are furling the sails before to docking In New London, Connecticut after a regatta. If this isn't "sport," since they are cadets, although they were part of a regatta made up of both Naval ships from around the world and "regular" folks on their yachts and other boats when this was taken, let me know, and I'll chose something else. Thanks!
  14. Thanks Colin. Yep you popped up while I was trying a new browser. I forgot, Safari doesn't work anymore for drag & drop, only Chrome. But when I tried dragging in a second photo (I tried 4 times!!!), my post disappeared and it got plugged into the internet ether. But at least I can post. Thanks for answering!
  15. #2 - also sailing: this one is between Niantic and New London, CT
  16. Congrats Michael! Sailing off Newport Rhode Island: I have to do one at a time - if I try to drag a second photo in, I lose my post. Here's #1:
  17. Well the fat lady hummed a short tune - had one drop in last night - UK sale - worldwide editorial use Unlimited duration for an RM image. $44. Earlier this year I had an RF image licensed for 5 years. I don't know why I bother worrying about RF or RM since Alamy doesn't honor my choice anyway. Since I was able to download through April 30, I'm guessing the (Alamy) month is over, although it isn't 5 PM here yet. Last minute licenses popping up elsewhere so at least that's something. The image was zoomed and it's a location I was thinking of returning to soon as I love visiting
  18. I've had a Manfrotto 190 MF4 carbon fiber (made in Italy) for over 15 years now and I've used it in salt water (dried up after) and it's light and still very solid. I used it when the Slik tripod I got as a college graduation gift (along with a couple of lenses for my very light Olympus OM-1 SLR) broke while I was shooting with my then new D70 -on assignment. I had no clue that tripods were rated for weight - fortunately I was holding the part that broke off. I got the Manfrotto at Adorama for around $200-250 back in 2006 which seemed like a small fortune back then when I was just starting out
  19. That bottom bird is especially beautiful. Sorry, all I've ever managed to id from California were gulls. My bird book is only for the Eastern US - I'm from NY - I've never seen anything like it. Best of luck I'm sure someone here will know.
  20. Hi. I'm wondering if any of you can id this tree and the lichen growing on it? I took the shot on a cloudy day this past Sunday on my way home from opening our family cottage near the beach in Connecticut. It is growing by the backwaters, a tidal salt marsh fed by the Long Island Sound close to where it meets the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of Rhode Island. (We used to "surf" on a friend's canoe where the waters would get rough when I was a kid - a bunch of us balanced on the benches, winner was the last one standing). Anyway, I think it could be a fruit tree of
  21. I just got a mega powerful MacBook Pro 15" with 32GB RAM blazing fast. I'm on the fence about selling my old MacBook Pro 13" (8GB RAM) but thinking of keeping it since the thought of taking this mega expensive laptop on the road scares me a bit ...so, not trying to highjack the thread but I am interested in what you decide. Here's my take on the various models I've used. The 13" does an okay job with LR and PS, even with 8GB RAM, 500GB SSD, even on my very large files, but with 42MP Sony files I found it was just filling up too fast and moving too slowly for me for everyday us
  22. I was annoyed to receive it since when they first started with reportage and then later with Live News, I was invited to submit - I even initially had to set up a second account so I had access (required by Alamy), that's how long ago it was. The Live New team have been great to deal with over the years and even helped me get a press pass to an event in Connecticut where I didn't have contacts (in most other cases I was shooting for an editorial client or didn't need a press pass). Honestly I've done better licensing directly, even to small local papers, which may be due in large p
  23. Quite a horse race 😎 Thanks for choosing one of mine! I helped you out with a tie-breaker but it was a tough choice - I like all the finalists!
  24. Nearly as old as I am! I was thinking of "The Spy Who Loved Me" and how long ago I went on my first date - my mother drove us to the movies LOL - but I was wrong again about the movie - it was actually "Live and Let Die." They may be formulaic, but I always love a good Bond flick. Sean Connery is still my fave. You youngsters don't know what you're missing! Never Say Never...
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