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  1. I have a Sigma 50-500mm (or my Nikons) that is tack sharp all the way to 500mm and a Nikon 70-300 that is headed for eBay. I've noticed they are both better on my D700 than on crop sensor cameras, why is that? My inexpensive Olympus 40-150mm (80-300mm equivalent) is super sharp throughout.
  2. Last July I had a couple of sales including one for $400, so that would be hard to beat in today's market. Only one so far this month and lower value than last July. One day left maybe something else will pop.
  3. There is no way under this new system to block sensitive uses. For those of us who shoot any lifestyle images, this is a huge problem. Alamy already made it so that you couldn't have RF lifestyle if you wanted to restrict sensitive use, now this will also be the case for RM images. All the micro sites specifically restrict sensitive uses in their terms of service. I guess I may be moving my lifestyle images. This is really disappointing and not the way, IMHO, an RM site should work. You also can't just restrict a certain industry which again is the benefit of RM and being able to set specific restrictions is the reason some people are comfortable modeling for RM images. I'm really unhappy with this. Meantime, I don't see anything about RF editorial which they've been promising for months. As an American, it makes sense for me to put my newsworthy photos on the micros and/or on other higher priced sites that are solely RF as well as on Alamy, and I've been looking forward to this change. Very disappointed.
  4. Took this with a lensbaby: Lots of greenies here - I like to see the creative touch - especially love the football net. I usually don't chance shallow DOF but sometimes my bravery is rewarded.
  5. I just deleted nearly 50 images based on the new contract terms, but I also have had conversations with the media folks from a couple of places I'm visiting later this week that have very restrictive photo policies and have gotten permission to shoot there. It's a bit more trouble than just showing up with my camera, but really not more involved than if I was showing up for an assignment. Just one more step in my photo trip planning. Hoping this trip will give me enough new work to replace the images I've deleted and get me closer to my goal of 1000 images here. Uploaded 18 last night and just keyword them now, so getting there slowly but surely.
  6. I have some Bronx Zoo photos as well as some Central Park photos, but I had permission in both cases - a press pass - to shoot for editorial use notwithstanding their "no commercial use" policy. I still don't have property releases notwithstanding the permission, so they are RM and marked as No Property Release. For one shoot at the Bronx Zoo I had kids in the pix and have model releases but not property releases so they have to be RM. I'm not sure how it would work if I went back and wasn't on assignment; I'd probably contact the appropriate department and ask for permission. Safest bet especially with the new contract terms here. Not sure how it would work after the fact but the contact person is very nice, so why not call and ask?
  7. Congrats Doug! Nice to be giving out lots of greenies on this forum today! The excitement over $7 sales does trouble me, but I also feel that we should encourage people trying to sell here who I hope will learn to expect more for their work. It's not their entirely their fault that they expect so little given the state of the industry, but you're right that we need to show them that they should expect a lot more. I hoped by posting my well-priced sale I could lead by example while still encouraging newbies and gently leading them to realize that there was more out there. With a crowd sourced model you're going to get pros who are in this to help them make a living as well as amateurs who would probably let their work be published for free just for the publicity and if they are in the forums hopefully they'll learn that their work has value. But I fear that putting them down will only chase them away.
  8. Glad you're excited gardenbush. Congrats to you and the other newbies who've started seeing sales! On a sales over $100 positive note, got an educational/editorial license for $149.00 today, half to me. Made me
  9. Lovely image. Do most of your private clients agree to give you model releases for stock?
  10. I've had Alamy help me get credentialed for news events when I haven't had an assignment, and I'm willing to remove items I've shot from uncredentialed events, but I'm more concerned about large agencies like Alamy that have way more clout than we do as individual photographers, giving in to the desire of other types of venues open to the public to prevent photography - even for editorial use - and by Alamy's desire to put the onus on the photographer when they are in a better position to know which venues really are a problem, and to try to work out an understanding with those venues that benefits the venue with publicity and gives photographers a chance to make a living. I've read the language of some photography policies which clearly state that licenses are required by crews or photographers with models when they will interrupt the free flow of people throughout the venue, but have called ahead and been told by the bureaucrats in charge that any photographer has to pay for an expensive license to shoot, because they don't even understand their own policies. I've been welcomed to shoot for publication in venues that have a "no commercial photography" policy and I know how to ask for credentials, but I still find Alamy's putting the onus on photographers troubling. If the AELTC is like the US Open, then to get credentialed you need to shoot all day every day, for starters, and it is a very complicated procedure. I'm not a sports photographer so I wouldn't presume to try to get a spot, and I'm in New York so I'm afraid a trip to Wimbledon isn't currently in the budget anyway. Nice thought though
  11. I'm no expert, I expect Alamy to know what's up and not put that entire burden on us to determine whether we can offer a photograph to be licensed - they can have boxes for us to tick off - did you have credentials, do you have a property release, etc. and then make a determination. We tell them if a photo is digitally altered, if we have releases, and that info goes to the buyer who should ultimately be the responsible party. When you start getting into the British Rail stuff and other buildings and logos in a skyline, I think that as one of the largest image libraries in the world, Alamy should be fighting for us to get access, not caving in to those who want to limit photographers' rights to take newsworthy photographs. This new language sounds like they want us to just cave in for them. It's disappointing.
  12. I thought that in the past if you ticked "no property release" it would be up to the buyer to determine if they wanted to take a chance on an uncredentialed photographer in a sports forum or a visitor to a site.I have not heard of a court case here in the US or elsewhere as to whether such terms are binding in those situations. But I'm no expert, I expect Alamy to know what's up and not put that entire burden on us. When you start getting into the British Rail stuff and other buildings and logos in a skyline, I think that as one of the largest image libraries in the world, Alamy should be fighting for us to get access, not caving in to those who want to limit photographers' rights to take newsworthy photographs.
  13. I was hoping the new contract would include the new option for "Royalty Free Editorial Use Only" as has been discussed earlier. Being in the US, specifically New York, I would like to be able to submit newsworthy images to Alamy and an unnamed micro site here in NY simultaneously, as this would give me a better chance for sales, so I was really hoping I wouldn't have to keep deciding which agency to use each time I shoot something with good immediate and secondary sales potential. Alamy, any idea when that change will occur? I've advised them I'll be collecting from DACS on my own as the time involved doesn't justify losing half of what I've collected the past few years. It's a shame that they will be making us remove images taken where arguably we have a right to photograph newsworthy events, notwithstanding a venue's language to the contrary, when that determination hasn't been made by the courts or other law. Shouldn't the end buyer be able to make a decision about use as long as we've ticked "no property release?" I was worried that there would be changes to our commissions so despite the above concerns, I have to say kudos to Alamy for keeping us at 50%. Not thrilled with the new contract, but I can live with it.
  14. My most recent sale here on Alamy: $7, the one before that here was $250. Pretty wild swings. I got 50% of each. Not worried about someone taking a ferry to Nantucket to copy this LOL. The $250 image was also from Cape Cod, on the mainland so easier to get to. And the one before that $99 was also from Nantucket - a different lighthouse. ( Had a run of infringement payments in-between). Funny coincidence the pix are all from the same area but different buyers, different uses and countries.
  15. Maybe not quite a worm's eye view but I can't resist sharing my favorite photo from our town's Memorial Day Parade with President Bill Clinton wearing bright blue sneakers (I think in the UK you call them "trainers.") Gotta love those blue suede shoes!
  16. My first refund several years ago was for $250 so I contacted MS and they said the buyer scrapped the project. Fortunately since then it's been buy-refund-buy for same amount - contacted the first time that happened and they said it was a double-billing accounting error which made sense. Ask MS. Sorry to hear, it always feels like it's out of your pocket even if you haven't seen it yet, especially for a nice amount.
  17. I deleted a couple hundred at one point over the space of about a year. I edit very tightly in most cases, but less so with news images where speed is important, so I sometimes cull them later on and of course deleted some stuff from when I started out in 2008 (lots of new/weather stuff lately plus some oldies I should've uploaded long ago). These days, I'm working toward meeting my goal of 1000 images (50 to go!), but still do some culling from time to time, and try to work on cutting keywords too - when I started I used up all 800+ characters in Comprehensive Keywords -"over-enthusiastic" and then some - & I still have many pix to fix - and of course from time to time I find duplicates since I'll go through old shoots and process additional photos or re-process old ones. I also find that all my Live News images end up in my main pseudo which I really want to keep for US travel and lifestyle, so I need to move those around and try to keep things tight. I have a separate pseudo for deleted images where I put in gobbledy-gook too so it doesn't bring up old doubles or other stuff to bring down CTR.
  18. My zooms increased this week after adding 16 new images and a few more via Stockimo (which I'm guessing has no effect). My main pseudo is on page one so hoping it stays there in the upcoming re-rank. 208 at once! Wow Betty! I think 20-something is my limit.
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