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  1. Zooms are at an all-time high and a sale popped in this morning - PU so nothing to get excited about, but I'm hoping the zooms where mine were the only images zoomed mean I'll see a good run of sales this summer. Still battling vertigo (since November) so nothing new to upload, have to work on getting more older images online.
  2. The upside: I had an RF image with another agency that had been licensed a few times before and even knowing this a client paid $750 for one-year exclusive use, I got 50%. It was more than I imagined I'd earn in a year so I went with it, though some may see this as a low price. It was an abstract design and not something I would have expected to be licensed that way. So, I guess you never know what a client may be seeking. The downside: I license images from my website and have a few exclusively with agencies. I've gotten quite a few inquiries from potential buyers about them (since my site shows images available as stock as well as other examples of my work) and then I have to send them to those agencies, where I will earn less after a commission than if I licensed them myself. On balance, some sell frequently enough (since they end up higher in searches) that it is usually (but not always) worth it The upside. Exclusive images at other sites mean those images appear higher in searches, which improves my overall rank, so it brings up my entire portfolio.The images I have exclusively also always get licensed for a higher price even when the buyer isn't purchasing an exclusive license. If Alamy did that I'd be inclined to tick it off for some photos as an experiment, but I agree that the bulk of my work should be potentially available to various agencies. I have a lot of images that are only on Alamy, but I still want to be able to license them from my website, as well as directly to calendar companies and other publishers I work with. With falling prices, I don't want to be locked in with a large part of my portfolio, but I'd be willing to tick it off for some of my regular sellers here at Alamy, if there was a real benefit. I've had a slew of searches and many zooms in the past couple of weeks for out of the way locations and I figure buyers are likely to be looking to Alamy for that sort of thing, so having them ticked "exclusive" on Alamy would be worthwhile. I'd also want to be sure that I could still sell many of these images on POD sites, even if it was limited to prints and not products, where products are applicable ( i.e. certain non-editorial images - if I think it works on a product, a buyer may want it for one too, so that again would be out). I've found that some of my scenic travel images do well as prints and here on Alamy, which is why most are RM, no personal use, and I'd want to keep being able to make print sales since they can be quite lucrative.
  3. Wow - hope it works out and you finally get it! We're lucky here in the US with Amazon Prime you get 2-day delivery on most items. And from B&H & Adorama (2 huge camera stores in NYC) you can often get overnight delivery if you order early enough in the day. Usually at no charge for delivery.
  4. Congrats on the wonderful camel photo! I had way more transport images than I thought, though most did not have that keyword. I gave up after an hour of re-keywording (still a mess when I look at old images in the new system but this isn't the venue for commenting on that. So, I'm loving this challenge. My three (chosen by my daughter, after I narrowed the field. She's visiting from Ohio on her way to 3 1/2/ weeks in Spain & Italy): United States Navy hovercraft landing in Niantic Connecticut as part of OpSail2012: A classic San Francisco cable car: Another one from Niantic Connecticut (where my family has a cottage). During the annual Fourth of July Parade, friends and neighbors help a classic car get going after it stalled. My husband is among them, though only the top of his head is on view on the far side of the car. It's funny how sometimes you get your favorite shots close to home.
  5. With around 1,000 images I'm seeing >1 sale per 1,000 per month, and they have been a mix of tried and true past sellers as well as some rather obscure news/reportage images - all but one are places or events in the US (the odd one out being a concept image sold as PU). Best price was $95 to a German magazine for 3/4 page/5 years via a distributor, the rest have all been either PU or Powerpoint. $-wise I'm behind last year (about 33% of last year so 66% down) despite more sales number-wise., due to them mostly being PU/PP. I'm hopeful this will improve since my zooms have been excellent and I've had 1-2 photos out of 2-3 zooms for a few obscure parks and beaches in the US. I often sell this sort of thing both via Alamy and off my own (Photoshelter) website - and I think people look at Alamy & PS for those lovely travel photos of hard to find places, so I'm hopeful I'll see these sales pop up this summer. I found two such sales made via Alamy on a realtor website in Connecticut for a lovely but tiny town where I have the only images. They were sold around the same time as a California web designer approached me via my site for one of the same images for a local insurance agent. So having these little niches can be helpful, especially when a sleeply little town starts getting trendy. I used to get a fair number UK newspaper sales - mostly re-sales of the same images or similar images of more well known travel spots in the US with an occasional sale of one of my Scotland photos, but haven't in over a year. As I'm finally starting to recuperate from vertigo which started in November, and the weather has turned lovely, I hope I'll be motivated to shoot more and plan to give myself some processing/upload goals for my backlog. Right now, motivation is low, so I can sympathize with the OP, but if I don't double my portfolio by next year, I am afraid my earnings will not budge. 2016 was the first year earnings dipped (very slightly) instead of rising, and I know I need to "feed the beast" if I want them to rise in 2017. Too bad I've been unable to do anything for most of the past several months. A lot of catching up to do! Motivation also down due to the new system. Uploaded 2 photos (for the latest monthly challenge) and they've been processing for over 40 minutes. Doesn't bode well.
  6. April Showers Bring May Flowers: My creativity is at an all time low, so here again: April Showers Bring May Flowers: I'm going to upload something new tomorrow - too tired right now. But not sure it'll get to QC on a Friday in time.
  7. Have been suffering from vertigo on & off since November so no vino for me these days. Just this: (shush, don't tell anyone it's from that app) and this:
  8. Good luck getting this resolved! Opting out shouldn't have to be the answer.
  9. Congrats! Gorgeous work they chose for the blog post. Love that starry sky. Gave you a greenie of course - and a like and a retweet too.
  10. Looking back a couple of years my best RM sale was $400, best RF $250, lowest of each was $6-7, and many prices in the $35-$100 range for both, so no big advantage either way on price. I had an RM image licensed to a large reputable publisher and they paid two licenses for the same image to be used inside and again in the frontispiece (good) but when I advised Alamy that the photo was re-used in a new version of their guide book, despite "One Time Use" in the license, Alamy said that was permitted under the actual license. So they've made RM so much like RF anyway, I don't see the need to go through and change my licenses. I may change a few, but I don't like the idea of images I sell on POD sites ending up on art.com, so RM is the answer there. Not to be political, but I had hoped my neighbor Hillary Clinton would be president and was looking forward to editorial RF giving me the option of licensing her images here and elsewhere without having to decide "where do I place them?" Life is full of disappointments.
  11. Excellent point John! +1 However, I also appreciate Bill's experience. Some buyers might be directed by their bosses or clients to only search for RF, not knowing they can get a hybrid license from Alamy. In the past, I always had more RM sales than RF, but last year RF images accounted for 2/3rds of my sales and they only account for 1/4 of my images. It's not an easy decision, but I think for spot news I'm leaning toward the RF model so it can get out on as many channels as possible.
  12. Thanks Betty! I think I was editing my post it while you were typing LOL - I wrote way too much but I'm trying to figure out what's going on with the search. Bottom line is, it seems to be boosting my numbers, and if we're both seeing good results, then I'm happy for both of us! Your productivity as well as that of many others here always blows me away!
  13. I think I was responding to the wrong thread in my earlier post, so I'll try again: In my case, strong zooms and strong sales seem to be independent of the new IM. The only files I went in and tagged and supertagged so far are some lighthouse images and though three have current zooms, that's not unusual, and for some the only change I made in the new IM was to take them out of PU. I haven't touched any of the other zoomed images since the new IM. Some are previous sellers, but many have never been zoomed before despite having been online for 5 to 9 years. At first I attributed my strong CTR (0.83 total) to the ratio of more zooms to fewer views, since my views are still down about 30-40% from my usual average, but as of today the past month's zooms are close to my yearly high just in sheer numbers. The last time my total CTR was higher, was March 2016. Sales since the new IM are all older images (circa 2005-2012, uploaded between 2008-2012), one sold before but the others were never zoomed nor sold previously. Some are obscure subjects, some popular searches. The new search algorithm is bringing up both well-ranked images as well as images that may have never been anywhere near page one or two before. About half my zooms and four of my last five sales were from my news pseudo, which only has a rank of 0.46 compared to 1.81 for my primary pseudo, which could confirm others' suspicions that pseudos may well be linked. I know earlier experiments I performed seemed to indicate this was true, and the performance of my portfolio overall seems to bear this out. However... ... there is another conclusion that can be drawn from those same facts. Older photos from lower-ranked pseudos may be popping up as a result of some other feature in the new algorithm that recycles old images into the mix. Although at or above average for the better part of the past year, my total CTR went from a high of 0.85 last March to a low of 0.23 in October, then up to 0.5 and back down to 0.21 in December - I can't recall it ever being that low before, but despite this I had above average sales starting in October and they have stayed strong since then, even though my CTR didn't go back up until last month. This randomness makes sense, because if all your photos showed up based on your pseudonym's rank, how would that rank ever change if it was low? I think that there are two things going on here, highly ranked pseudos (and possibly those with a good total CTR) are given an edge, but this is tempered by some randomness in the algorithm to let those gems hidden in average and below average pseudos get seen. That's why if you've got the highest rank of the many photographers who shoot a certain subject, the entire first page isn't made up of just your images. They are spread out. If a buyer doesn't like one photographer's style, they might look elsewhere rather than scrolling to page two, so Alamy makes sure they have a variety of choices. This makes good business sense for Alamy and also encourages photographers to keep shooting, knowing they have a chance for their rank to change, and for their photos, even of popular destinations such as London and NYC, to be seen.
  14. Licenses do seem to be so fluid these days. I've had RF images licensed as one-time use for less than they'd pay for true RF - not sure if it was through Alamy or elsewhere - and I have licensed RF images directly to clients that way too - some publishers have set fees and only want one-time use and don't mind how an image is being licensed elsewhere. And I've had plenty of RM images licensed here as though they were RF. I think RF editorial makes sense for me mostly because I do well with US editorial images on other sites that are only RF. For example, I had a fair number of images of Hillary Clinton taken over the years, and had put some early ones from a 2006 magazine shoot on the micros because in the old days before reportage and Live News opened up, I had to upsize a 6 MP image to 48MB and they weren't all going to make the cut. Later on, when file size wasn't an issue, I would have liked to put them here. - just as I had some on Alamy as RM taken in later years that I would have liked to put elsewhere too, since those types of images were selling well from a US-based site. Now there's no rush to do so, sadly. Personally, I had hoped that the change to RF editorial would have come during the run-up to the election. I'm glad going forward if I shoot any events of interest that I can quickly upload all to both sites and not waste time deciding who should get what, are they too similar, can I only upload to one site, etc. With newspaper deals here, I generally do better elsewhere, but I didn't want to give up on Alamy Live News. I've also had a couple of images uploaded as Live News licensed to magazines and books some years later for $100-150 (both US subjects), and I wonder if that reflects that there is still a strong market for RM? In those instances, I was very glad I didn't have the option of RF editorial since I might have been tempted to upload them outside of Alamy, where they wouldn't have commanded those prices. I guess going forward I'll treat it as I do my other RF images. I have some that are spread among several agencies that I expect to see licensed often so that small sales add up quickly, and others that I consider to be rarer that only go to Alamy or similar mid-traditional stock agencies. I like the RM model much better. What photographer wouldn't? But I have local media clients who can't wrap their head around the concept of RM and figure if they've sent me on an assignment and paid me for the photo, they can use it again and again, despite my refusal to ever sign a "work for hire" agreement. So I compromise and they get to reuse the images, but so do I, and I keep my copyright. That, they understand. They often hire local portrait photographers who are just happy to see their work in a local magazine as free advertising, so I need to stay flexible, and make it worth their while to pay me. We all have to adapt to changing circumstances and figure out the best way to maximize the profit from the photos we've taken.
  15. I use Nik Silver Effex for black and white, have done for years. It's a filter for both LR and PS. It's been available free from Google for a few years. Really great control, you can emulate your favorite films from analog days, gorgeous results. I often use Analog Pro as well - it's a bit of a gamble but each change starts a new layer, so it's easy to undo. I love my digital darkroom. Get it! https://www.google.com/nikcollection/ I show (and sell) my black and white fine art images in galleries so certainly won't put those on Alamy for PU, but I might upload some more prosaic black and whites that sell for me on that unnamed art site. I get much more there, but Alamy has a different audience, so it may be worthwhile. Still a bit reluctant to let someone make a print for only $20. Hate to compete with myself. Something to think about. For those of you who sell prints on that unnamed site, what are your thoughts? Wish PU was $50, still low but since they're making their own prints, I could live with that. Hope I'm not hijacking the thread by asking this.
  16. Thanks! It turned 13 a couple of years ago so the shiny new car is sitting in my driveway, many photos to sell before it's paid off but thanks for the good wishes!
  17. Just under $100 despite a "quantity discount" for inside use to a German magazine. It's a photo of a tree that fell on my car during Hurricane Sandy. Always good to turn lemons into lemonade.
  18. Nice video Jools. Thanks for sharing. It got me thinking of the time I spent biking through the Loire Valley back in the fall of 1989 - what a gorgeous landscape you have to work with, especially on sunny days! And those chateau! As an American unused to castles, you can imagine what an amazing experience it was to visit so many in about a weeks' time. On our last day we went to the "Sleeping Beauty Castle" and luckily for us, it was the only day that it was gray and drizzly. Despite having lovely weather for nearly the entire 3 weeks I was traveling throughout France with a friend, and the many rolls of film I shot as an amateur (I was practicing law in Manhattan at the time, so photography was then a hobby, and the chance to travel for 3 weeks was a rare gift), I was still disappointed that a beautifully framed shot of that castle with roses in the foreground was marred by a gray sky. Sometimes cloudy weather can give you that beautiful moody light but sometimes it's just flat and gray. Lucky for you that you can go back another day. I'm heading off to check out your portfolio now.
  19. I had a lot of similar editorial images from a recent shoot and deleted more than half as soon a the new IM came out. They seemed to disappear immediately. This was some weeks ago. The rest are still there. Wondering if you might have clicked on one of your images, then more since you can't unclick unless you clear all your selections?
  20. Just like January, more "Personal Use" in February - but each of those sales were higher than the presentation sale I got today for a sum that shall not be named. No $100 sales like I had last February. So, while I'm ahead in sales volume, revenue is well below this time last year. CTR was close to my one-year high in February with a flurry of zooms right at the end of the month. Hopefully that means a good spring.
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