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  1. Couldn't get the photo to post - didn't realize double post till now
  2. Wonderful capture LOL - it looks like a cartoon - fabulous! Lots of excellent photos here but had to a special thanks for this one for giving me a good laugh today!
  3. Just a placeholder - got notice that image T17R29 was approved. Still waiting for it to show up online.
  4. I've sent you an email. I got a warning that your email address did not appear to be valid, but it seems to have gone, so please hit reply to the email if you get it - and if not reply here.
  5. Most agencies let you advise them not to distribute your photos to the same place, though I guess if you have many different ones on different agencies it's worth the risk. Tough to get a percentage of the 40% though.
  6. Hope all of you who are ailing feel better soon. Some good advice here for ideas of what to shoot. You have some lovely shots of scenic areas and I would definitely say start with or add more to POD sites and look into local galleries/shops/etc. While prices for stock photography have stayed at the same level or dropped drastically, as prices for everything else around us seem to rise, prices for gift items and prints are not dropping, and processing and uploading beautiful images can also lift the spirits as can getting out and walking on the beach to take more when you feel up to
  7. Agree with what everyone here has told you - from the fact that "discoverability" is just asking for keyword spamming and IMHO should be removed, or at least should only take into account whether you've added 10 "supertags," that the keyword tool can help you discover relevant words you may have missed, but do not be tempted to chose 50 if your image doesn't warrant it, and especially Joseph's comment that you learn so much from keywording. I'm an info junkie and love researching my images. Some days I wish I'd majored in botany but I've gotten quite the education about the natural world, trav
  8. I just saw that 11 of your photos are in Live News, so perhaps they edited down the number you sent? They told me that 10 images was usually a good number when I asked recently, and perhaps that explains the response. Live News is the one place where they do edit what goes on the site. I've uploaded and had many more accepted at times, but I think 10 is a good rule of thumb, with a few more if you have a lot of variety. The time difference works against us here in the US as far as News is concerned, which is why I sometimes use my iPhone for the quick upload, but I'd suggest that
  9. I'm surprised at the response you received. I've been with Live News since they started in 2010 and like you I am in the US. Here's my experience, which should explain my surprise: Although Alamy has never licensed an image as breaking news, many have been licensed subsequently, including years after the fact. Some of my images were certainly news that might appeal to a wide audience - e.g. political figures such as Bill and Hillary Clinton - I live in the same home town they do in the NY suburbs, so even our local Memorial Day Parade has been news when the
  10. Thanks again! Me too - it's the first one I've had reported. I was reading the article and never heard of Wainscott NY, though I've lived here over half a century - turns out it's a hamlet in East Hampton, which makes sense since the Hamptons and all of Long Island have some of the best beaches anywhere. Looking at home prices I'm not surprised that California, your home state, is still the most expensive. I spent my junior year at Pomona College and even though I was used to the relatively high home prices in suburban Westchester County in NY, I was shocked by how expensive homes in Ca
  11. Thanks Lisa. I knew the location of this image (a small town not far from the Rhode Island border) was not the most expensive town in Connecticut -but was surprised it was Darien rather than Greenwich, CT, although both are beautiful towns, and both are NYC suburbs. Anyhow, thanks for finding my photo.
  12. Chuck, I'm always willing to listen to your advice. You've been at this a long time. We may not always see eye to eye, but I'm an open minded person and I am always eager to learn. As Michael says, the retina screens are unique. I'm quite used to them as my current 2018 MacBook Pro is my second one. I had a 13" MackBook Pro before this one, great for travel but definitely very small for checking image sharpness even at 200%, though I often used it on the road and never a fail here as a result. I mostly use my old 27" iMac to check sharpness and for detailed editing, but using the
  13. Thanks! I had checked LR before and didn't see the option. After reading your response, I realized I had clicked "get Info" on the outer folder which looks just like the icon. So, glad to see the option is available in both programs.
  14. I'm afraid they are rather dull. They need to be brighter and they need more "pop" which means they also could use some contrast, and maybe a little clarity, a levels adjustment, and maybe dehaze. What settings are you using in your camera for the light meter? If you are exposing for the entire photo, the camera will be picking up those white winter skies, thinking there is much more light than you imagine on a dull winter day. You should spot meter for the buildings. Read your camera's manual about exposure. I would guess that is where you went wrong. You might also need to hit
  15. Yep but there are many blogs that say it stand for "Insertion Order" and others from 2013 and later say it stands for input/output and makes tech sites sound techier while others, which are probably correct, like you, note that note it is a hot choice for startups for all these reasons but that it it in fact the British Indian Ocean Territory but a good choice since the .io domain is unrestricted to country: https://blog.101domain.com/marketing-strategy/meaning-io-domain Anyway, I like Cyberduck - it works well. I used to use the FTP via my Photoshelter site and this is easier
  16. So glad I discovered this. I've been told by many in the forum to check my photos for sharpness at 200% on a Retina Display screen and have been doing so for some years now on my MacBook Pro when I am out and not able to use my iMac which has a regular screen, since the Retina Display screen makes everything appear so sharp. No more! I was toodling around on Adobe's site and came across this method for making the display on your Retina Screen emulate a regular screen in Photoshop, which means I get a better sense of how sharp an image really is, whether I may want to downsize sligh
  17. I also recommend Filezilla as well as Cyberduck for a MAC. I use Filezilla for some of my clients but have Cyberduck set up for Alamy. I should use it more often, especially with larger files. Cyberduck is here: https://cyberduck.io/download/ (Although they have changed their domain to an insertion order (io), you can download the software for free from that page or make a donation or find it in the Mac app store)
  18. Since we have gotten off topic here, I'll try to offer Estelle some advice regarding the underexposed images. Set your monitor brightness at the midpoint. I don't know what equipment you have and it has been over a decade since I've used a PC, but on a MAC there is that little light icon and you should slide it so that it is right in the middle. That will give you a good idea of how your photos will look in terms of exposure. I would also say that you need to learn to trust the histogram - and if you have a well-exposed photo that has a nice spread from light to dark, tweak your mo
  19. Sigma just announced new Sony zooms: https://www.fullexposure.photography/sigma-e-mount-lenses-sony/ EDIT: I posted too soon - it looked like there were zooms from my search and then I started reading - just two prime art lenses for now with 7 more (primes) to come and rumors of zooms in the works...
  20. You're welcome. Glad it was better than just saying "good job." Thanks for asking me to look again with a critical eye. It gives you a sense of who the other folks a=on the forum are when we really look at large parts of their portfolios - a fuller picture than just these discussions. Enjoyed getting a little more sense of who you are.
  21. I understand your point of view - no need to apologize. Thanks for your response.
  22. Welcome David! Love the composition of the Bateria de Castillitos and that little boy in the red outfit (your son perhaps?) is adorable! That squirrel was certainly a great capture too. My husband and I hope to visit our niece and her husband in Spain next year. It will be wonderful to photograph your beautiful country. Best of luck here!
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