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  1. Well, I'm going to have to downsize some of my images. It's weird, it looks like the night photos I took at ISO2500 actually passed as at least some of them went through first but then one I took at ISO200 failed for noise. I'll have to look closer to figure that one out. Most looked clean to me at the full 7900+ on the long side, and the few that I took very late at night with a midnight blue sky, I knocked down to about 24MP and .they looked clean, I also cropped some down for verticals, and it was one of the daylight photos that failed for noise. Meanwhile they all passed in a few hours els
  2. Phil, I just had a 🤦‍♀️ moment. Yesterday, I uploaded a little over a dozen images, and only had one vertical that I shot and was happy with. I was wishing I had more. I know buyers can and do crop that way (I've had a few horizontals of 16MP shots cropped to verticals for 1/4 page magazine shots), but hadn't thought about doing it myself to make sure I had all my bases covered. With 42MP, I can double my shots when I forget to turn the camera on its side. And I can fill out that shoot. Duh! 🤦‍♀️ Thanks!
  3. Betty you were checking in an hour ago - it's 11:48 pm EDT, certainly would think that there are some late owls here on the east coast and others from the midwest and western US who are checking in, but I'm logged in and get a 0, so it's not even seeing me. Guess you're special. 😎 Too bad it's not working, it's nice to get a sense of who's around when you are interested in a topic and can get that nice back and forth convo going.
  4. No one's online at the moment, not even me. (Maybe they can't see me across the pond).
  5. My last license on there netted me $25, so not bad at all. Ey***m, which I'm not on, just stopped "subsidizing" sales (so people got $2/per sale) and now some have received even less than a penny. Gotta love the big G. The article reminds me of the time my daughter was all excited about the new show she found, The Brady Bunch. But she was 8, so it was an understandable mistake.I worry about the future of journalism even more than I worry about the future of photography!
  6. New cameras do have their charms. I just uploaded a batch taken at ISO 2500, 7600+pixels on the long side and I didn't downsize, assume they'll pass, even my D700 which I loved couldn't give me a clean image at that high an ISO. Also shot outside at night (after dark, not at twilight) at 1/8 to 1/20 second and the IBIS is a big help, I got a lot of detail, shooting at f/5.6 or higher. So, on the whole happy I switched from the 12MP Nikon to the 42MP Sony, more for the tiny size and clean high ISO images, than for the MP (checking for dust spots on such large images takes much longer) but yes
  7. Edo & Allan hope you are both feeling better soon. Edo, three bits of advice - first, see a doctor, if bronchitis goes into pneumonia, not only do you risk your life, but you will feel exhausted for months after you recover. The first time I had it at age 9, I still remember being wiped out after missing an entire month of school. I had been the fastest bike-rider among my friends, and turned into the slowest for what seemed like forever. For all of you over 65s (or those like me with compromised health who are younger), there are two pneumonia vaccines that you get a year apa
  8. Thanks so much! I'll give it a try soon! Very much appreciate your taking the time to help me out!
  9. Thanks. If I have 1083 images, I'll need to change the formula each time. so that it's D2, D3, D4 etc? So cut, paste, change, x 1083? So I might as well just count them. I'm not sure how this saves me time, but perhaps I'm missing something obvious?
  10. and EFWGWA (this one has a vintage processed look so it's a little darker than the sea star but the original may have been bleached - it's more the spiny pattern that seems to be distinctive here and this one shows the pattern well: Again. Thanks for any help! In terms of size, the tin buckets are those little $1 ones from Target, not the size of ones you'd use at the beach, so the starfish looks huge. The flip flops are normal ones, women's size 6. It's about 20cm or 7 3/4 inches from the tip of one leg to the tip of the opposite one.
  11. I've had these up on Alamy for a while and realize that I never identified the species of sea star (or starfish to us old-time beachcombers). I did a ton of research and I mean I spent several hours searching online scientific databases as well as Alamy and SPL and other reputable sources and some of what I found must be wrong because these have been identified as a common sea star, which is apparently the same species as a Northern sea star, Asterias rubens also known as Asterias vulgarus a Forbes sea star, Asterias forbesi. The description of the Forbes sea star
  12. Thanks so much Harry - but one important question! I saw this formula in the links posted but the dumb question I have is, do I enter this as a formula in an empty space at the bottom of the column with the supertags or where do I write the formula? I don't know what my first step is. Do I just substitute it at the end of a column where I'd normally have a SUM formula, or do I do something else? Thanks.
  13. What program do you use? Is it something I can get for a MAC? And, if not. lmk anyway. My husband uses various database programs, I might be able to have him run it for me if it's something he knows.
  14. If you download the CSV you can see if there are no supertags easily. Maybe there's a way in excel/numbers settings to see if under 10 in that column? Can someone tell me how to get the Alamy LR plugin please? Thanks!
  15. I agree it really stands out. Lots of excellent pix so far.
  16. New York has always been pro photographer when it comes to editorial at least. Given how many magazines & newspapers are headquartered here it's no surprise. Given all we have to feel bad about these days nice to know the good ole USA is doing something right.
  17. Me too. ...It's called not having slept the night before. Much easier to type in my tablet today 🃏
  18. Your part of the world is so different than mine but we both seem drawn to boats & beaches (ignore the 30 illustrations on p1 of my portfolio. The upload had stopped & I only thought I'd sent about a dozen. Good thing I have some more beach scenes to overrun them. But at least I got some zooms on my digital art). I like that you interspersed shopfronts & those surfers. Most of my stock sales here & elsewhere editorial or not are taken by the sea. A few seem a bit redundant maybe because the similar ones aren't grouped together to show different angles. Get some closeups of thos
  19. I get the feeling these laws are to protect real privacy with the advent of cells phone everywhere, teens & adults publishing private pix & videos for revenge. The law may be drafted broadly but a judge would need to balance competing interests of the press, free speech, etc i didntsee anything that severe. Nodding your head or smiling at the camera is consent imho ( keep those outtakes). And food doesn't have a right to privacy does it? But perhaps animals do have a right to credit for their pix (it's always a monkey trial isn't it?)
  20. Have to get a pair. I knew all that junk in the basement was good for something 😎
  21. I'm with you on this one Bill. No matter how much research I do beforehand, I always find something new while I'm researching keywords.
  22. Thanks. I will. Harry I think it must be a legacy of the old AIM. Admins are already on top of this as you can see. I have to say I am always pleased by Alamy's staying on top of things and dealing with us directly. I'll ask my other questions in that email too and go from there. Lots of images to check, meantime, I uploaded about 3 dozen new photos today so that should keep me busy tagging. 😎
  23. ...your forgot your bug spray but you still spend hours with gnats and mosquitoes circling your face on the beach to get that perfect blue hour, then that perfect nighttime image, and you have the bites to show for it. ...you read this forum and realized you donated your daughter's old knee pads when they could have become part of you kit for free... saving countless pairs of jeans.
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