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  1. I've waited over a year - and once waited several months for an NU sale to clear - eventually I was less than 50 cents from a payout (back in the $250 days) and when that little one cleared - it was 49 cents - I made payout. I'm waiting on one reported in November now, and I first found it online in October, so you're in good company.
  2. I find that unless I'm on the road and have no choice, I always check for sharpness on my 4-year-old non-retina display iMac because everything looks super-sharp on my 13" Retina screen Macbook Pro. Bumping it up to 200% works but I still feel safer if I'm sending a file to a client or uploading it to QC here if I've checked on my iMac. I love the retina display on my light little Macbook - makes reading easier on these old eyes - but I'm thinking if I were updating my iMac I wouldn't pay for the upgrade to Retina because it would be too sharp and without it the screen is pretty amazing anyway. I'm assuming you can still opt between a Retina screen and a regular one. Does anyone know if you can hook up an old iMac to your new one and use it as a second screen?
  3. I had an image that had never been zoomed, which I took and uploaded in 2009, that was licensed for $400 in 2015, for a current marketing campaign. You never know what will catch a buyer's fancy - the unedited collection of unique and offbeat images here is Alamy's USP. I think buyers turn to Alamy for the plethora of authentic images that aren't "stocky," though it does mean there's a lot of stuff that wouldn't get into any edited collections. Here, the buyers make their own decisions and their zooms/ Alamy Rank regulates what photos end up on top, so people who upload dozens of similars are going to drop way down in the ranking, rather than cluttering up the first pages of searches. The new "Creative" tab that comes up as the default is starting to put a more edited collection in front of buyers. I think that has helped some of my older images move up in searches and I see both old and new images being licensed. I shoot primarily travel for Alamy - and a lot of natural travel scenes and nautical images in places that haven't changed over the years, so demoting older photos would certainly hurt my bottom line. I've often had one of a series zoomed on and then the buyer chose a different one from the series (the old "more by this photographer" helped there) - to demote others in the batch because they weren't "zoomed" when the buyer most likely looked at several wouldn't make sense. I'm glad they don't have those rules here. It does seem counter-intuitive that the agencies adding a mind-numbing number of images daily are doing better than those that are being more choosy and it's possible this has more to do with google than giving buyers more choices than anyone needs but whatever seems to be causing a surge in activity here on Alamy and what seems to be an uptick in sales for many of us is a good thing. Whatever Alamy is doing lately seems to be working. It could be partly due to the influx of photographers from Corbis as well as microstock shooters who have honed their skills in those edited agencies - even those who hate the micros have to admit that along with a lot of less than stellar stuff, there are some awesome images and some very talented photographers. When I see Alamy images online or in print, I also often see images by G, SS, F, and DT alongside them. To me, this means buyers want choices and they're open to looking here where the collection is unedited to find that gem which didn't make it to those other collections either because it was rejected or because the photographer is only here. Whatever Alamy is cooking, it seems to be working.
  4. My zooms have more than doubled so hopeful I'll see a nice trickle of sales in a couple of months. Zooms have actually been pretty strong for several months now. There were some searches where they zoomed on one, two or three images and all were mine, and another where 4 out of 8 were mine, so I'm hopeful, especially since they are images that tell a nice story together, and they include model released travel.
  5. Francesco, Sometimes when people are reading online or in print, they will notice the Alamy credit - then they search Alamy using keywords to try to find the image and post links (when available) to both. Other times, if someone is searching for their own photograph, they will use google images or tineye to do a search by photo. When they find their photo, often there will be other photos credited to Alamy and they are kind enough to share them here on the forum. Hope that helps.
  6. I switched to a Mac years ago and I'd never go back. My husband who has always used PCs is even thinking of switching after realizing how much better the trackpad on my Mac works compared to the one on his PC - he went out and bought a mouse because it was so unresponsive - and he doesn't use it for photos. I print a lot of my work for galleries and the color matching is terrific. True confession I use ICC profiles and the built in color profiles on my MACs and haven't bothered with a color monkey (can't think of the name of the gadget) in years and I haven't had any issues - I even get beautiful skin tones when I print portrait work for clients. I had heard the iMac screens were slightly blue but I have not found it to be the case. I have both an iMac where I do most of my processing - the screen is beautiful and I hear the new ones are even nicer - and a Macbook Pro for travel and when I'm working outside my house. (Or for being online with my feet up on the couch on a lazy day). The software upgrades have been free for about a year now, maybe longer. I like that I can go into an Apple store if need be and their phone support is terrific. If you're with a professional photo organization (such as the British equivalent of ASMP) check your benefits you might get a discount. Their phone support is really good and I would pay the extra $200+ to get a three year warranty with phone support, replacements etc. (assume in the UK they have similar extended warranty options). Their support is really top notch and if you go online, put in your phone number they call you back always in less than an hour. My plug was starting to fray and they replaced it even though it still worked because I was coming up on the warranty end and was concerned it would go on me without warning. I was totally upfront about it and they sent me a new one and I sent back the old one - they paid all postage. My PCs lasted longer but I do so much more processing now - I got my first iMac when I started shooting and processing photos in earnest. I'd say I've had to replace them every four years which isn't awful - by then you want the new bells and whistles anyway. I still have a seven year old laptop as a backup (the hard drive fried in year two and they replaced it). My daughter's laptop died in year two while she was writing her thesis and they upgraded her from 250GB to 500GB when they replaced her hard drive. So, they are expensive and perhaps the laptops are temperamental - they get moved around a lot of course - but my 4-year old iMac is still going strong and I don't plan to replace it - I run my Lightroom catalog on the SSD with the photos on a 4TB lighting bolt connected LaCie drive and it's seamless. Get as much RAM as you can afford and get a solid state drive plus a regular hard drive (I have a dual 260GB SSD 1 TB HD in my iMac) and with 8 GB of RAM it does everything I need. I'd get 16 if I were buying it today. It's still massively faster than my husband's new PC which has supposedly better specs. Someone else can tell you if you need 32GB RAM but I just process photos not video or 3D so I'm good with 8GB. With Photoshop CC and LR, you don't even have to worry about switching platforms anymore (in the old days Adobe let me switch to the MAC version of PS 3 back then for the upgrade price).
  7. TravelandLeisure.com Best places to travel in March: Two Alamy images in this one, one credited to the photographer and one just to Alamy NYC © Patrick Batchelder cropped to a horizontal And Sydney: Showing the Sydney Opera House just credited to Alamy so here's the link - I get 141 pages when I search: http://www.travelandleisure.com/slideshows/best-places-travel-march/6
  8. Tough decision. I wish we could vote for our top three in order - 3, 2, 1 - even then it would be tough - they are all beautiful! Great job - it was tough but I finally narrowed down my choice.
  9. Alamy has always said that photographers can have the same images on micros as long as they are RF on Alamy, so it would be a major policy change. I only have a handful of images on both the micros and Alamy, but those I do have seem to be licensed on both and as Mirco mentioned, most micro sites don't offer the same licenses as Alamy unless you pay for an extended license, which can cost $100, more than some of the licenses offered on Alamy. I think Alamy knows their customer base, and doesn't seem to have a problem with microstock duplication. The explosion of imagery on all sites - micro, midstock and traditionally priced agencies is causing downward pressure on prices and also meaning that the pie is sliced ever thinner as more photographers compete for the same buyer dollars. Changing the policy on Alamy to disallow micro images IMHO isn't going to change this. Alamy buyers looking for the best images may not care whether they can find an image elsewhere for less, since time is money and if an image is right for their needs, they will license it.
  10. Congrats to all of you on hitting your goals. I still haven't made my first goal of 1,000 images here so I'm quite impressed by all of you! Good job!
  11. $99.99 RF sale, not the best but not bad. It's for 5 years quarter page so like RM. Interesting.
  12. I believe that black and white is not considered digitally altered.
  13. Alamy has licensed images from this series for me a couple of times. I used a lensbaby:
  14. I haven't had any on here though I've had a few corporate web use IQ sales that include "personal screen saver use." I have, however, licensed a few for Power Point presentations from my own website and I used Alamy's pricing which seems reasonable for the use. I've licensed images for personal blogs and invitations off my website too and I think it makes sense to price these reasonably so people feel good about doing the right thing and not stealing images that in most cases you'd never find. Image theft is a sad reality today and IMHO pricing that is reasonable enough to encourage people who are doing the right thing seems like a good idea.
  15. I think one of the problems he may have is that parts of people on the micros can go RF but can't on Alamy. Those would definitely have to be RM on Alamy. Jill Good point, Jill. If that's the case, he might just want to leave those on the micros to avoid any problems and shoot new ones for Alamy.
  16. I've got this one hanging in a juried gallery show right now. I like purposely blurred images: http://mariannecampolongo.photoshelter.com/image?&_bqG=0&_bqH=eJxLTy90zAqu8o3PyzNKzfT3LKxMSU30qyxxcYm0MjIxtbKwMjQAAivPeJdgZ9u0otTUlPxc7ZL88tQiNc_40GDXoHhPF9tQkJqQLKeMUqOIyCDXdLV4R.cQ2.LUxKLkDAA7bB_K
  17. As Geoff mentioned, there's a thread about RF images you should check out. Alamy has licensed a fair number of RF images for me here; in fact they just licensed another one for me today (for $100) so your best bet may be to put your old RF images that you've removed from the micros on Alamy as RF. That way you don't have to worry about subsequent sales. Good luck here!
  18. Just had a sale show up today RF image $100 but it's like an RM as it shows it's for a magazine, 5 years, quarter page, limit on print run etc. For magazines, calendars and similar places that are used to the RM model and need a photo for a specific use, I wonder if RF/RM makes much difference to them? They may have chosen these limits to keep the price down even though it's an RF image, but I'm just speculating.
  19. Welcome! Keywording can be tricky here but you'll get the hang of it.
  20. Licensing has gotten so weird these days with some of those 25-year RM licenses pretty close to RF. I had a microstock agency license one of my RF images recently for $750 as a one-year exclusive use - but that image was with them exclusively so they could, though it doesn't really stop those who licensed it previously from using it. Then again, the RF uses on microstock agencies are really not true RF - there are limits such as print run unless a buyer purchases an extended license. Conceptually, with RM Alamy should be able to license our images exclusively since restrictions on use such as time and location are the point of RM, but by allowing us to have our RM images elsewhere - also as RM - it really doesn't allow for all of those possibilities. Of course, if an image is elsewhere as RM and Alamy asks you to license it exclusively, you can take it down from another site. I try to choose some more generic shots as RF so that I can license them on other traditionally priced agencies where RF is the only option. Some of those agencies have prime collections with prices in the $250-700 range (with 70% to the photographer), so it makes sense to me. I also have some RF concept shots that are on Alamy and the micros but most of my RF on Alamy is only available on higher-priced niche agencies, since I don't want to compete with myself. It's hard deciding which license will earn you more and where to place certain types of images for the best return. And once an RM image is on the internet, you really have no control over duration of the license. I guess that's why Alamy is moving toward these hybrid iQ licenses for some sales. I have noticed that my average RM prices seem to be going up since early 2015, I'm guess this is because RM means the image isn't all over the micros, and that's still how I place the bulk of my work both on Alamy and other traditionally priced agencies.
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