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  1. EDIT: Last month, I downloaded a file as a "client" would from Alamy and that is the file I thought that I was checking. It had AdobeRGB as the imbedded color profile. Unfortunately, it turns out that while I checked the color profile correctly, the image that I checked was the edited file which I had saved with the Alamy file name, but it was not the original that I downloaded from Alamy. The file that is in my downloads folder, which has not been edited, is, in fact, untagged. I thought I was checking the unedited file. So, it appears that the files are untagged. It still looked fine and s
  2. It would be helpful to see the full caption of the image Wim posted, but, as noted, it has been pulled. You would think that even the small amount of context in the photo would have been sufficient to alert a photo editor to the fact that they should investigate who shot the image, and the caption may well have credited the original photographer. We can't be sure that the google image that showed up hasn't cropped out more of the context, but even if it hasn't, it is certainly troubling that a photograph of a photograph was used on a magazine cover, when the magazine could and should hav
  3. I'm not sure why you don't think my test wasn't objective? I downloaded an image that was uploaded as AdobeRGB and it opened properly in that color space and looked perfect when I soft-proofed it. I didn't print it since my photo printer is currently on the fritz. I'm interested to see what you've found but I'd like to understand why you are discounting my observations.
  4. As Michael said, the 4th is a big US holiday. Many in the US took the entire week off - or at least Wednesday-Sunday - so I wouldn't fret. And not everyone posts their sales here. To be honest, since I don't sell here that frequently, I might go a week or more without checking my sales or posting on the forum even if I have one. Hopefully, there will be a bunch of posts Monday - just like the end of the month rush. In summer a lot of people are on vacation too - buyers and Alamy photogs.
  5. I don't think they are mishandling anything. The images I referred to were my own, and they all looked good - both the AdobeRGB and the unmanaged one. They had all been uploaded as AdobeRGB and when I color proofed them in AdobeRGB and sRGB they looked fine. We have had this discussion before and I thought that Alamy suggested that we use AdobeRGB to give all clients the largest color space. It is easy enough to convert from AdobeRGB to sRGB and bump up the vibrance and/or saturation depending on what the image needs, since an AdobeRGB image will look more muted if yo
  6. My experience is that the free preview images open as unassigned RGB but a full size regular download opens as AdobeRGB. The metadata is also stripped from the preview image but not from the full size image you would receive as a client. I'd go with AdobeRGB. Both types of images look fine in the proof setup of either one of my calibrated color spaces, sRGB and aRGB.
  7. Beautiful work. I can only see the keywords in German, can't get it to change to English, but it looks like you've got some good advice above.
  8. Michelle, I see that Joseph gave you a very thorough answer. When I saw the reference to Gamla Stan, I had to check out your portfolio. Great variety and lovely travel images around the world.
  9. Actually, Betty, we have them in NYC and I've seen them in many small towns up and down the east coast (the original 13) as well as out in Columbus, Ohio. What we often think of as "cobblestone" is sometimes actually 'Belgian block" but they both have the same feeling - uneven but long lasting unlike our asphalt which gets potholes every winter. There's an area in Columbus called Victorian Village that has cobblestones, Belgian Block, red bricks in different patterns, each street seems to vary. Where my daughter used to live in Clintonville (another area of Columbus) also had several cobblest
  10. When I have images printed by a pro lab that was recommended to my by several top wedding photographers, they always have me convert the files to sRGB for prints, and, as I soft proof them, they always come out true to what I see on my screen, but when I shoot for magazines, they always prefer AdobeRGB, although some eventually convert to CMYK when printing. A calendar publisher I send my files to also requests Adobe RGB. As far as I recall, Alamy has always preferred AdobeRGB so that it gives customers who plan to print images the widest space to work from. I'm surprised that some
  11. I've opted most of my RM images out of PU - at least all the landscapes and seascapes and such that I sell as prints on POD sites, on which I usually make $$$ rather than the $6.99-19.99 fees I've received for PU sales. I wish I could opt out my RF images as well, or that we could set our own PU prices. The only saving grace so far is that all my PU sales are images I tend to sell as greeting cards. I think most people looking for framed prints aren't looking here, but worry it's only a matter of time before there's an "Alamy Collection" on FAA. That would hurt my POD sales and I'll have to co
  12. I don't know about credibility, but in a perfect world I would list all of those I have available on POD sites as RM here, to insure they could be marked not for sale for PU, however, since I have some photos available on other sites as RF, I can't do that with all of them. I also have many artistic images that aren't available as stock, but find that many photos that sell well as stock are also photos that people like to hang on their walls, so there is a fair amount of overlap. It's funny, a boutique macrostock site contacted me a few years ago inviting me to list some of my work
  13. @Michael Ventura I like the idea. And @Allan Bell I've got that dry sense of humor too, inherited from my dad. Not just a Brit or Irish thing - 😎 @Betty LaRue if you're on a MAC, you can right-click on the photo and choose Get Info - it will tell you make, model, lens, f/stop, speed, even some other settings. No need to open Photoshop or Lightroom.
  14. Really hard choice - all so moving - glad I have a few days to think it over. Congrats to all the finalists!
  15. Glad to hear. Relax and take it easy and keep recuperating well!
  16. Just a couple of $$ sales, Alamy & iPhone - but interestingly while I'm at just over 50% of last year's volume, I've broken even with last year's revenue ,so that's a great thing. Additionally, zooms and CTR really ramped up in May and June, so I'm hopeful that the year is going to be a good one.
  17. To be fair, while I do see a pattern here, I also have analyzed my sales here as part of a much bigger pattern across other sites (both stock and POD) as well as my own direct stock photo sales. In analyzing it all, I see similar patterns across most of them, which helps me to decide what is worth shooting, but I also look at trends and other marketing analyses. I also look at my zooms and the other photos that come up for words that aren't zoomed and see if I can improve on them. I have many more US photos than European ones, as I've only been to Europe twice since getting my fir
  18. I lose what I write if I upload more than two pix at once - hopefully third try is the charm: Seeing these brings back good memories too. It's a fun city. Ironically, I'd uploaded these with some daytime shots taken at ISO 100, and one of those got me my first fail in quite a few years. These sailed through on their own (on my second try without the ISO 100 pix) with no problem.
  19. From a series I took at Louisville at night at ISO 2500. Love being able to shoot so cleanly at this ISO. Similar ones have already sold, so that's nice too:
  20. June was in the doldrums for me last year, but two sales here so far this month (and guess it's the end as the 30th falls on a Sunday). Also quite active elsewhere, including a nice POD sale from the same 2012 live news shoot from which I got my latest Alamy sale yesterday. With the massive glut of images on Alamy and elsewhere, I'm happy to see at least some consistency with a port of around 1,100 images. Some months I see fewer sales here (and elsewhere) than a few years ago when I had many fewer images, but I realize that the market is far more cluttered and glutted than ever b
  21. Congrats! I'm hoping to hit 1,500 but thinking that's a bit ambitious; compared to you I'm on the slow road. Great job!
  22. Funny about the new homeowner's guide: I'm working on updating some sections I've written along with new pix for an update to one I worked on for my hometown 5 years ago. It will come out in the fall with the new school year.
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