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  1. Best month of the year for me so far $-wise (of course it's only March) and most zooms ever so hopeful that I'll see some more nice sales soon.
  2. I use Easy Release and email the release to myself and the model. It sends both a pdf and a jpeg. You then upload the release when you upload the photo. Once you've uploaded a release it will be available to attach to other images so you only upload it once.
  3. On the one hand, I think a mix of RM and RF makes sense - RF for the garden variety images (pun intended ) and RM for those rarer shots or those where you know not just the genus but also the species and other details to make yours stand out from the crowd. On the other hand, since there are a lot of flower photos on the micros, uploading them as RM might assure buyers that they are not on the micros, but if you license images yourself and have clients who might prefer the ease of RF, or want to entice Alamy buyers who prefer the ease of RF, I'd go for the 50/50 split.
  4. If they want an image for print Adobe RGB is still the standard. Mine look okay in Safari and Firefox, will have to check in Chrome.
  5. Love my D700. Also happy with my D5100 which is much lighter and which is great especially in good light and will work with all your lenses. If I were to add anything to my Nikon arsenal at this point, I'd go for a refurbished/used camera.
  6. If they are reportage - i.e. have editorial merit even if they are of current subjects, they can also go the reportage route. It is meant for images taken under difficult circumstances that are worthwhile but may have flaws. I can't find the link I was looking for but when you upload images you choose "Archival" and then you'll be able to choose "Reportage." If they are creative images with grain, however, you are probably out of luck. EDIT: I found the language I was looking for describing reportage vs. archival: Photojournalistic images illustrating a story but captured under difficult circumstances and might not pass our standard QC checks. Examples include photo essays or features.
  7. I think a flagging system would be a good idea. You can be helpful and also help deal with keyword spam - both laudable efforts. My heart goes out to all those in Belgium today. Horrible. I can understand Phillippe's distraction.
  8. In doing my tineye and google searches of recently zoomed images I found this one which was licensed a while back. I really like how it works here. It's funny I licensed it directly (for more) for another local business about a month before Alamy licensed this corporate website use: Image ID: DNF7BG http://www.williampitt.com/community-real-estate/shoreline/niantic-ct/ I was hoping to find some of those slideshows where they use a lot of Alamy images but I'm only finding old ones, nothing very current.
  9. I think it would be great if Alamy enabled us to write to the photographer directly or let us notify them (Alamy). It harms the site's reputation when there are such mistakes, muddles up search and would be helpful to have a way to flag mistakes. Here and on another site I had an place mis-identified and someone brought it to my attention. Since being properly identified, that image has been licensed several times.
  10. I tried to tweet my live news images directly from Alamy today but the share link didn't work. Anyone else have this issue?
  11. Welcome. Nice portfolio. I ticked yes to all the schemes figuring every little bit counts.
  12. Though I bypassed QC I was happy to see my photos of our spring snowstorm here in New York up on Live News early this afternoon less than an hour after I uploaded. I had been having processing problems uploading to Live News and this batch went through quickly on the first try. The snow is already gone but it looked lovely if odd to see it on flowering trees.
  13. Ed beat me to it - tinyurl.com works great - you can even customize the URL
  14. I was in a toy store and saw one of my lighthouse photos on the cover of a puzzle - it was one of many lighthouses on the cover but easy to recognize as mine. I get a daily email from travelandleisure.com and occasionally have found one of my photos in a slide show - before the sale shows up on Alamy. Always makes me smile. Another time I was on Facebook and a post from Coastal Living showed up with a photo I took when I first got a digital camera back in 2006 - since then Alamy has licensed it a couple of times. Totally unexpected. All of these were nautical images which seem to be my best-sellers and which are my favorite images to take.
  15. Stunning and moving work. I plan to get down there to see it. Thanks so much for sharing.
  16. A little girl and her doll in the airport on a holiday to Paris
  17. About 9 months with a couple hundred images. That was in 2009 though so there's really no way to tell - but you've only got a handful of images and have been here such a short time that it's way too early to feel discouraged. Your work looks to be of high quality so keep it up.
  18. I uploaded one photo via the Reportage route around 6 hours ago and after over an hour it didn't show up so I uploaded it again with one more photo. 5 hours later all three have shown up as one batch still "processing" - hope it will complete by tomorrow so I can finalize the keywords etc. I don't get fails via the Reportage route - they just sometimes don't show up for hours, which is what happened tonight.
  19. I've had my 4S for over 4 years keep it on nearly all the time and the battery is still going strong. I haven't uploaded a ton of images to Stockimo but like it and plan to upload more - have sold a lot of iPhone pix on Fotolia Instant, shutterstock and dreamstime. Have been planning to upgrade to a 6S for ages (I get a pretty good deal since I'm overdue for a new phone with my plan) but the 4S is still working fine. I hear the 6S camera is a big improvement. Wondering if I should opt for a 5S instead since it will be so much cheaper?
  20. travelandleisure.com 3/12/16 http://www.travelandleisure.com/slideshows/great-spring-weekend-getaways Great Spring Getaways Hiking Pinnacles National Park, CA - Tom Bean Mount Hood Wildflower Walks, OR - Spring Images Coulee Corridor Bird-Watching, WA - Rolf Nussbaumer Desert Wildflowers in Tucson, AZ - Dennis MacDonald Explore Mount Desert Island, Maine - Colleen Miniuk-Sperry Other images here from Zuma Press, many from iStock - a good reason not to have the same images on Alamy and the micros IMHO.
  21. Travel + Leisure (.com) 3/13/16 Best Places to Travel in 2016 http://www.travelandleisure.com/slideshows/best-places-to-travel-in-2016/15 Belize - Peter Donaldson San Antonio, TX - George H.H. Huey Interesting that they had 50 photos including many from individual photographers (perhaps from other articles?) as well as from Getty, Corbis, EyeEm, Image Brief, and others. It shows me that they will look all over to find the photo that they want, which is encouraging.
  22. The link works. No clue without the bill and the legs though so sorry I can't help. Nice capture.
  23. POD means Print on Demand - agencies such as redbubble, Fine Art America, Crated and the like. I have some illustrations that I've made from photographs that sell very well for me on microstock sites. I didn't just use a "painterly" filter but did a lot of work "by hand" via my pen and Bamboo tablet - mostly very specific travel images. I think they might have done well on Alamy too but felt that most Alamy buyers are looking for straight unmanipulated travel images. I wouldn't say don't try them, but I'd say start with straight photographs and build up your portfolio before you start taking chances. Maybe search the term "illustration" along with a keyword or two that would fit the images you have in mind and see what comes up. That's probably the best way to judge it.
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