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  1. Looks like a great place to check out. I'm guessing their quotes were better than what you could get from B&H or Adorama? I sold some Nikon equipment to Adorama when I moved from the D70 to the D700 and still regret giving away my excellent crop sensor lenses for peanuts on the dollar, but while I've done well buying on ebay, I don't relish the idea of selling there. What did you like about mpb?
  2. I'm keeping the 105 macro (an old non-AI one I bought on ebay eons ago but it's not like you can really use autofocus for macro, at least I don't think I could). I'm keeping the D700 and my 24-70mm and the 105mm, and selling off everything else. I was going to sell off the D700 but the folks at B&H convinced me I should keep it and a few lenses for studio work since I won't have a full frame otherwise and the bokeh/background is really better on a full frame. I can always take it out to my small garden too. I haven't sold any macro shots here, though a few abstract backgrounds keep earning me hundreds every year on those sites that shall not be named, and my flower macros have done well enough at a few pop-up and gallery shows, so my 105mm has certainly earned its keep. I also use my long lenses, especially my monster Sigma 50-500mm (sharp as a tack at 500mm and if I shoot fast I can even handhold it) for macros too. Easier to focus LOL. I'd love to know what you think of the 60mm Betty. Nice bokeh from what I can see Larbug. Really would love to figure out a flash setup.
  3. Fabulous portfolio! I'm planning to sell much of my Nikon gear and get myself another Oly mirrorless this year along with a macro lens. I'm curious, what flash are you are using? The guys at PhotoExpo told me I could use my Nikon flash with my OMD-E1 (the tiny flash that came with it doesn't work most of the time and is useless even when it does) but my Nikon SB-600 is about the same size as my camera, so I want to get something that keeps my kit as light as possible. What do you recommend and how do you diffuse it? Do you use a ring flash? Appreciate any tips. Thanks!
  4. This was for personal use, but seems like a nice one to start the year: Happy New Year to everyone! (My first sale in 2017 was also fireworks for personal use, not a bad tradition, good to start sales off early - Jan 2 in this case - now if one of those nice book sales would fall into place...thinking positive here)
  5. And congrats to the OP - nice start to your year Michael and good idea to start a fresh thread! I was happy with how 2017 ended, sales up from 2016 despite having been sick with vertigo for an entire year and barely adding anything new. Nice to know my images can work for me. It was also gratifying to see some of the few new images I uploaded sell. Hoping to double my portfolio in 2018. Even viewed through my window that moon was gorgeous. Too cold here in NY to run outside LOL.
  6. Personal use sale to France - small but fitting sale to start the New Year - it made me smile:
  7. October ended well for me with a second high-value license , $175, putting me just slightly ahead of last year in terms of revenue, with two months to go. October was not my BME but it was close. Seems to have been a good month for several here. I've seen my average sale price go up significantly over the past few months and that's very encouraging, hope the trend continues.
  8. Great video - really helpful. I also just realized that I should be placing that graduated filter differently than I have. I used Nikon Capture for ages, and then continued with the Nik filters, so I was slow to take advantage of all the newer LR develop bells and whistles, mostly taking advantage of it for organizing, keywording, initial RAW edits, and a quick way to access various filters and presets, but I am excited about how quickly it should let me get through some of my older shoots that have been sitting on my hard drive. I played around with the new CC and quickly decided it was not for me - love the PS IOS app for instgram and other quick social media posts, but not for my serious work. Thanks for sharing. I'm inspired to re-process a bunch I uploaded last week and see how fast I can get them up on Alamy.
  9. One of the first images I uploaded back in 2008 was just licensed for the first time in July 2017 - for $30 - had a bunch of others taken and uploaded before 2012 that were just licensed for the first time this year for anywhere from $15-75, and I got an email from Alamy about one from that same 2008 batch to see if it was available for an exclusive book cover for I think $950 some months back (not holding my breath, I know a lot of you got the same email). Point is, unless they are really bad photos you no longer want associated with your name, or are outdated news images and you have too many similars, I'd leave them. I deleted about 200 photos sometime in the past year or so that meet the later criteria - some rather recent ones of the US presidential campaign included. So, yes, some dust gatherers can go, but don't be too energetic. There might be some gold underneath that dust. I think I should be paying more attention to the dust gatherers on my hard drives.
  10. Was hoping it was mine but I have one of a woman walking on a man's back. (Found the story - it's about letting a man walk on your back) Oh well. Mine's been licensed in a few Fodor's Walt Disney World Guides via another agency despite having been taken at an event in NYC (for which that agency got me credentials before Alamy started their Live News - they had a long-expired 2-year exclusive). The event wasn't what I expected but that photo and another one have had some decent book sales and other secondary editorial over the years. Funny how you never know what to expect.
  11. 1. I've got some raw footage but need to learn how to edit it. Something I hope to learn. 2. Yes. Also have had several gallery shows the past few years in the NY metro area, with some nice sales and a couple of pop-up shows locally as well. I actually made more from print sales (gallery and POD sites) than stock in 2016 (perhaps because I was sick most of the year and didn't add much to stock agencies, but had agreed to several shows and got into a few juried ones as well). 3. No. 4. Yes. My primary source of income. Both writing and photography assignments. I also have clients I license stock photos to regularly. And I get some direct stock photo licenses and print sales from my website. I had hoped that stock photography would be a much larger piece of the pie back when I started in 2008 (I began my photo career in 2006 although I've been taking photos for pleasure since the 1960's, when I inherited a Brownie camera from my grandmother at age 6). Despite the changing landscape, I still see it as a valuable way to earn income from my work. Writing was a second career for me, as a way to spend time with my daughter when she was young, and photography came even later than that, when she was older. Now, as I near retirement, I see the value in being able to earn money, especially when I travel, since I enjoy travel writing and, in terms of both stock photography and print sales, my travel photography has been the strongest earner for me. I also see it giving me a focus that gets me out and active as I get older, and, as an empty-nester, the fine art aspect has been a great way to meet new people though gallery exhibits and local art groups, as well as a way to grow as an artist. My husband is a lot younger than I am, so he's not retiring anytime soon, so it's great that I have a job that I can do forever. He is also patient when we travel together. He loves to walk and at times we will split up so I can get the shots I have planned. He used to be great about carrying all my heavy equipment when he travelled with me, but now that I've gone mirrorless, he gets a break. He is also a great model, as is my daughter. Health issues really curtailed my plans to grow my portfolio, but the fact that stock doesn't have deadlines is a good thing in that respect too. It lets me work when I can. I'm hoping as heath improves I can see my portfolio and earnings grow. The fact that earnings have nearly held steady without "feeding the beast" for over a year, and that old files are still selling is encouraging. My RPI on Alamy is over $0.60 this year (and if the mean is $0.10 then I guess my travel images, which are usually not random vacation snaps - I generally travel with a shot list and detailed plans - are worth uploading), so I think that making an effort to grow my portfolio here makes sense in terms of one piece of a part-time income. My biggest fault is that I edit way too slowly. I edit very tightly and while that may help my RPI, I think I might be better off uploading a bit more and just getting through my backlog of images. When a photo I took in 2010 and uploaded in 2015 was licensed for $250 recently, and I realized that if I hadn't been re-organizing that folder I might have never uploaded it at all, it made me wonder how much money I lost in those four years. In some respects, I am experienced, but in others I have so much to learn. Some days I'm happy with my work and other days I feel like none of it is good enough. Anyone else feel that way? Artistic temperament?
  12. Best laugh I've had in a while - gave you a heart for that one - thanks! I'll go back and make it a greenie if you're keen on collecting them, but to me the heart really means I LOVE it - not the photo so much as the belly laugh! (If it really was for his personal use, he sure has a wonderful sense of humor) Anyhow, thanks for the laugh. I was on my second cup of coffee and so glad I'd swallowed the last sip before I scrolled down this far.
  13. Going to catch up on twitter soon and will RT. It's so frustrating that these huge companies seem to be abandoning their core markets and following consumer trends. When instagram fades and they find out the consumer market is only interested in free apps it will be too late. I've been heartened by the fact that I've seen more high value stock licenses here in the last few months than I have in the past couple of years, and also by similar trends elsewhere (I know we can't really discuss other sites so I won't) but at the same time the constant move toward dumbing everything down and making it so easy for the consumer to make photos that look amazing on a small screen continues. The art world seems to love instagram, and I succumbed this summer to market some openings I had. PS Express made my iPhone pix look amazing for quick uploads there, but it's not the same as something I can print 3' x 4' or larger and hang on a gallery wall. I tried a few of the LR CC presets in the wee hours this morning, and while they looked nice on my laptop screen, at 100% I could see a lot of noise - fine for instagram but not for anything serious. And I still can't even figure out what it uploaded into my 20GB of cloud storage. I gave up. I was happy to see that all my Nik filters still work in "Classic." It deleted all the old PS & LR versions when I updated and even Adobe said they wouldn't work, but they do. I won't have to buy On One yet.
  14. Hi Ian: I sent a private message via another forum I'm on to someone I know at Adobe (a liaison with stock photographers) asking if he'd pass a link to your blog post on to the right people. He's probably at PhotoPlus Expo in NYC this week and if I get there I'll mention it to him. He's a good guy and from past experience has the best interests of photographers in mind, so hopefully at least it will get a look. That doesn't mean anything will happen but I figured it was worth bringing it up with someone who works there and whose job is dealing with stock photographers. I tweeted it too. If we're sharing via social media - we'll get farther if we help each other with re-shares. I tweeted - it's where I have the most followers - but I was sick the past few weeks so my engagement is probably down - would appreciate some retweets from this crowd and will return the favor. I'm @campyphotos Separate from the keywording suggestions - all of which were excellent - I was shocked that the mobile app - the new Lightroom CC vs "Classic" LR - actually strips keywords - what a mess - no mobile support for keywording, which is really what they should be doing - and it grabbed a bunch of stuff from my hard drive - randomly it seemed but maybe they were photos that I had processed in PS mobile over the past month or so - it was mostly stuff I'd shared on social media for recent gallery shows and some stuff I put on instagram - and pulled it all into new "albums" without asking me. That 20GB will fill up from simply opening the program. I was actually thinking about buying the 1 TB of backup but without keywords it'll just be one big mess.
  15. 🎉 Congrats to everyone on this thread but just had to single these two out - really exciting news! 🎉 Thanks for sharing. I feel inspired!
  16. Wow - lots of great news here - congrats to all! Had a $250 sale on Friday the 13th. Thought that was fun and was quite pleased, but nothing like those four-figure sales a few have mentioned this month - really awesome you guys! And refunds for more money! Loving these trends.
  17. Licensed on Friday the 13th and it brought me good luck! $250 I shot this in 2010 and didn't upload it until 2015 when I was organizing some new shots from Cape Cod and wondered what I had been thinking to leave it mouldering on my hard drive. It makes me want to be out on a beach and not home with the flu, which, sadly, is where I am. I don't think I realized that the shots I liked, those with more complexity, made good stock photos too. Not every buyer wants simplicity. I love it when my favorites sell. It's a first for this one. Happy dance.
  18. A lifeguard chair in the Hamptons, licensed for travel marketing. Had a zoom for a search for that specific beach less than a month ago, so nice to see the sale pop up. It's the second photo of a lifeguard chair Alamy has licensed for me since July. The other was in Rhode Island. With this one, my # of sales for 2017 ties with 2016, but revenue stands at 50%. We're headed out to the beach in Connecticut tomorrow morning, so incentive to shoot. The fact that it will be sunny and between 83 and 87 degrees (F) for the next few days, true Indian summer here on the east coast of the US, is incentive enough.
  19. Me too! Glad our short holiday at the beach for Labor Day is coming soon however, I am not ready for the summer to end!
  20. There are so many things that say "beach" to me. In fact, today I put together three photos for an upcoming show, one of a Ferris Wheel, one of a hummingbird, and one of reeds in a marsh near a lighthouse, that all say "beach" to me because they were taken on trips to the New Jersey or Connecticut shore. But I know this is so much more literal. My portfolio is filled with boats and lighthouses, some of which do show the actual beach, but I decided to share these three, which are actually of the beach, that sandy space where we relax before heading into the sea. I love the beach - a perfect summer subject - great choice! It's rainy and dreary here in NY today, so nice to view lovely weather images and think about an upcoming vacation to the beach (the same one shown in the first photo here): A father and child fishing off the pier at the beach in Connecticut where I've spent at least a tiny part of the summer since I was 10. (Miss those childhood days when it was all summer). A lifeguard chair at Misquamicut State Beach in Rhode Island. A favorite spot when we want to go to the ocean from Connecticut. Long Island blocks the entire Connecticut shore, so we only have the quieter Long Island Sound there. I also have a lifeguard chair from a beach in the Hamptons taken in silhouette at sunset that I considered for this challenge, especially since I am a New Yorker, but I opted for this one that sold last month. A grandfather and granddaughter at the same Rhode Island beach. The water there is incredibly clear. The waves were good for my daughter to boogie board that day, but not great for body-surfing. I took these two photos right after I joined Alamy in the summer of 2008, when I had just discovered stock photography, and I was clearly thinking about copy space (I guess I didn't realize that I needed to check my horizons, but I like the authenticity of the moment).
  21. I thought the exact same thing when I saw it! Amazing shot Genevieve! But I love the beach so I'll probably share 3 shots anyway, though I have nothing that comes close, just for the fun of it.
  22. Good - more sales than usual and my "average CTR" is just below its all time high. Mostly Alamy's bread and butter editorial images, and all this month for magazine or editorial website use, lowest price $27, and thankfully no PU sales, though no $100+ this month either. I haven't added anything new since last November, other than the occasional mobile phone photo, so it's nice to know things are working here even when I can't "feed the beast." Some older images have been licensed lately (2008-2012), as well as images taken in 2016, so that's good to see too - a nice mix of files selling. Hoping I will have time to upload new images soon. Looking forward to more regular updates of "client wants" for ideas.
  23. Me too Glad you'll be doing more with letting us know what buyers want. Always helpful. I voted for email but I like the idea of email and a thread on the forum. I'm on twitter but like many here rarely see Alamy's tweets unless I search for them specifically. Thanks! I'm assuming Edo is tongue in cheek, but will you ever do another get-together at the office? I went to one years ago and I got lots of good info. It was great to meet folks in person to get an idea of your process as well as how buyers thought. Things have changed so much since then - I think it was in late 2010 or early 2011 - it would be interesting to get a new perspective.
  24. Haven't been in here in a couple weeks - lots of greenies - good to see some nice sales and other milestones - congrats to many of you. And love that portfolio Ann / Ams Images - gorgeous! No news on that book cover - looks like there are lots of possibilities they're considering. I wasn't holding my breath. Hope one of us makes the grade. It'd sure be nice. Three sales in a row this month - all decent amounts so that's something.
  25. Fingers crossed I got an email that one of my images is being considered for a 5-year exclusive book cover at a very nice price. Go Alamy - will let you all know if it works out. Very glad that I kept most of my images RM. Just got full calculator price on another image so feeling hopeful today.
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