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  1. I got three today all marked as "other income infringement" - all for the same image which I hadn't known about, but I'm still waiting on some I sent along for Alamy to chase down. It looks like some old reported sales were also paid today, so it will be a nice month for payouts.
  2. I've been with Alamy Live News since it started and while I've covered items even of national interest in the US - NYC Marathon, national politicians, Hurricane Sandy and other similar stuff, I find that they are getting to Alamy too late to make the UK news cycle even when I upload nearly immediately - but some of them have sold as secondary editorial even years later. I now split my images - trying to take different ones so I can - between Live News and one of the micros where they sell frequently - right away and over time - but for far less. I'm looking forward to Alamy's change to allow RF Editorial because I've been putting my best ones on Aamy and as a US-based photographer, I'm not sure that was smart. I try to shoot stuff that will have legs - and some of it has surprised me - e.g. I was in NYC for the Marathon a few years ago - just in Central Park - it was a last minute thing - I got groups of runners, funny costumes, people in the crowd, etc. - and while it took a couple of years for one to sell for a book on Alamy - I still also sell several different ones on a US-based site still years afterwards - and no one famous. Surprisingly, my images of Hillary Clinton - which I license from my own Photoshelter site and via US sites often - haven't sold at all on Alamy - and again, I have the best ones on Alamy - I also usually license some of my various news images to local publications, so I'm getting something for all the work, but I wish that the timing wasn't such an issue with Alamy - it would be great if they had a second News Editor/news team in the Brooklyn office - if they're really serious about breaking into the US News market, IMHO that would be a good start. I still submit to Live News - regular and Stockimo - and try to upload as early in the day as possible, but I see it more as building up my long-term editorial portfolio. I haven't sold a single thing from the Live News feed. Lately, I've been doing those "photo of the day" lovely or bad weather photos which can sell later as regular stock. It forces me to process new photos quickly and get them online. But I don't really expect much in the way of quick sales.
  3. The longest we were without electricity was 11 days - and we had a crew from Boston and one from Missouri helping restore the electricity after Hurricane Sandy - if they hadn't come out to help Con Ed, who knows how long it would have been. A few other times we were out for around a week. But despite the hassles we New Yorkers do enjoy playing out in the snow With all the storms we've had, we have enough firewood to last several years - and we've burned some and given a ton away. chappaqua-new-york-usa-10th-february-2013-a-snow-storm-over-the-weekend-d35x66.jpg
  4. Took this one the day before Hurricane Sandy hit: And these the day after when I was home far from the water (yes, that's my house): I tend to go out in my neighborhood and shoot when things have quieted down - or when they are starting up - I was shooting the trees blowing in the wind from my back porch and minutes after I came in, that tree from our neighbor's yard hit our house including the spot where I'd been standing - though fortunately it just put a small hole in the roof and dented up our cars - no one was hurt - so I've been more cautious since then. So sorry to hear about your sister - that's horrible. Of course, I've had plenty of opportunity to shoot in the snow: But chasing funnel clouds, you are far braver than I. I'd be down in the storm cellar well out of harm's way. Stay safe and hope you get some great shots!
  5. This is a 2015 article from Forbes.com with lots of photos of small towns and smaller cities in the US - most of them from Alamy. I don't recall seeing any links to Forbes and I've been following these discussions for a few years now - on and off but anyway, If you had a small town or city image show up for sale last year and want to find it in use, it could be here - they seemed to use flash so you might not find it with an image search - I'm not sure: http://www3.forbes.com/investing/the-best-places-to-retire-in-2015/4/ If you prefer that I don't post older articles like this in the future, just LMK - please don't give me a red arrow - thanks!
  6. Far fewer than 100 although I'd love to be able to make that my goal for months when I don't have several assignments to complete first. Most of my assignments are local and not something where I'll get outtakes for stock. I'm working on reaching 1,000 photos online here - I just hit 900 this month - so I'm way behind you. I've uploaded 77 photos so far this year here, many of the same images have gone to other traditional agencies as well as a handful to POD sites - my best month was January with 38 images, which I processed and uploaded in a few days. No uploads at all in February. I guess my realistic goal for this year is to average 50 images a month which will get me to somewhere around 1,500 images by 2017. I have a large backload of unprocessed images I'd like to get online. Like you, Betty, I don't do a lot of batch processing except if I'm shooting for live news and have a series of similar images, but even then I'll usually go in and tweak each one before uploading to get the best. Like space cadet and Jill, I have busy months where I don't upload anything at all. I'd love to be able to do 100-150 a month. IMHO you should feel good about your numbers. 30 so far for April so I should hit my target.
  7. A few more from Alamy here - with the rest from shutterstock - a good reason to keep the two portfolios separate: http://www.cntraveller.in/story/5-great-summer-alternatives-to-europe/#s-custaustralia-and-new-zealand (pix from Canada from alamy too)
  8. I was thinking that too. May just re-upload. EDIT: I just uploaded the "digitally altered" version.
  9. Can anyone identify the insect on this beach rose? It was taken in Rhode Island in July. I'm thinking may some sort of gnat? Thanks! If it's not clear enough in this, how would I set it up to place a close up crop in dropbox for people to see? Does it matter for keywording since it's small in the photo? Any help and advice welcome. Thanks!
  10. Jammed with work so no time to find them but here is an article with 15 of America's best baseball stadiums most of them from Alamy: http://www.travelandleisure.com/slideshows/americas-best-baseball-stadiums
  11. Electronic signatures are often valid, but I too don't quite get the concept of this community. Is there a link so we have a better idea of what you're talking about?
  12. It was an interesting trip down memory lane. My first accepted submission consisted of photos from Edinburgh taken in 2007 with my old D70 and uploaded in 2008 when I first discovered stock photography. Two of those photos were licensed in 2014, one in May and one in July. Others from that trip were uploaded later and licensed sooner.
  13. Reykjavik, Iceland: New York, NY Baltimore, Maryland
  14. I like the CC subscription - I used to wait to upgrade - went from LR 1 to 3 to 5, PS 3 to 5, so missed out on some of the bells and whistles in between - much nicer to have the new toys as they come out. I do most of my processing in LR - especially for editorial images - but I also like to use textures, make composite images and otherwise play around in PS for concept and artistic images - as well as cloning out pesky power lines and the like - or for stacking focus - so I can't imagine going without PS even though after more than a decade of using it I still feel like there are things I could learn - there's so much there it's unlikely you'll ever take advantage of everything but it's nice to know you can learn new things and spark your creativity.
  15. I thought Novel Use was phased out over a year ago. I got a bunch of micro-priced sales through the scheme - but a couple years ago got one for around $50 and a few above $10 each - but haven't seen an NU sale for a couple of years so I'm assuming it is now phased out. Not thrilled with the UK newspaper scheme but as I'm from the US and don't have a direct connection to approach UK newspapers myself, I'm opted in there.
  16. I'm never sure of the dates on these but got this link in an email today: Travelandleisure.com Best Places to Travel in April (they didn’t plan on this week’s snow LOL) http://www.travelandleisure.com/slideshows/best-places-travel-april Sean Pavone US Virgin Islands Helen Sessions Chicago Sai Yeung Chan L.A. Frans Lemmens The Netherlands LOOK Die Bildagentur der Fotografen GmbH Savannah, GA
  17. Thanks for the info on the FB forum. I just put in a request to join. An option to make certain discussions such as "How was your month?" private would make sense. I'd think it would be in Alamy's interest too.
  18. Welcome - lovely photos. Just FYI I think that FRT47B is not a barrel cactus.
  19. Best month of the year for me so far $-wise (of course it's only March) and most zooms ever so hopeful that I'll see some more nice sales soon.
  20. I use Easy Release and email the release to myself and the model. It sends both a pdf and a jpeg. You then upload the release when you upload the photo. Once you've uploaded a release it will be available to attach to other images so you only upload it once.
  21. On the one hand, I think a mix of RM and RF makes sense - RF for the garden variety images (pun intended ) and RM for those rarer shots or those where you know not just the genus but also the species and other details to make yours stand out from the crowd. On the other hand, since there are a lot of flower photos on the micros, uploading them as RM might assure buyers that they are not on the micros, but if you license images yourself and have clients who might prefer the ease of RF, or want to entice Alamy buyers who prefer the ease of RF, I'd go for the 50/50 split.
  22. If they want an image for print Adobe RGB is still the standard. Mine look okay in Safari and Firefox, will have to check in Chrome.
  23. Love my D700. Also happy with my D5100 which is much lighter and which is great especially in good light and will work with all your lenses. If I were to add anything to my Nikon arsenal at this point, I'd go for a refurbished/used camera.
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