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  1. Thanks James. I was reading that Crucial was the best place to buy it from. I wish my internal SSD was larger - Since I'm using iCloud, it now decides what really goes in the cloud and what stays on my SDD, so it's just impossible to load the catalog there - besides, with Smart Previews my Catalog is huge. I could get a large external SDD with a thunderbolt cable for my catalog (my iMac doesn't have the much less expensive USB 3.0 unfortunately). Just worried about buying pricey thunderbolt drives because I've heard that the thunderbolt to thunderbolt 3 adapters (which I'd need for a new machine eventually) don't work very well. Alternatively, I could set up separate catalogs for each shoot and run that off my SDD and then import them into a larger catalog later.
  2. I bought legacy Nikon lenses on ebay when I started out - one that I love from a photographer selling his gear - who sent me a check for $6 afterwards because he forgot to actually buy the insurance when he sent it (unbeknownst to me) and was reimbursing me, and one from B&H via ebay - all great. The first lens I sent to someone the photographer recommended to have it fitted so it would work with my old D70. And my Sigma 50-500mm which is the sharpest lens I own (only rival is the pricey Nikon 40-150) was bought refurbished from Adorama. I'm planning to sell off much of my Nikon kit and wish you were in the US. But yes, if the seller is reputable, you can get a good deal.
  3. I've got a mid 2011 27" iMac that is still zipping along nicely - since I do just about everything on my laptop other than work requiring a large monitor. It has 8GB RAM 1333 MHz DDR 3 and a 3.4 GHz i7 Intel processor ADM Radeon HD Graphics Card, and dual hard drives, a 251GB Intel 6 SSD and an Intel 6 1TB HDD. That SDD was pricey at the time but best decision I ever made. Anyway, I'm thinking of upgrading to a 24MP camera so much larger RAW files and wondering if I should get two more 4GB RAM cards (or whatever they are called) to fill in the two empty slots and upgrade it to the max 16GB RAM. It looks fairly easy to do. Will I see a big increase in processing speed and is a machine this old worth upgrading? I'd love thoughts from the tech minded and anyone else who has done this sort of thing before. I believe all the other components are conducive to the max speed I can get from this machine, and it was designed to take up to 16GB RAM. I run my LR catalog off the HDD (the SDD is too small) and have a 4TB (soon to be replaced by a 6TB) external drive for my photos attached via thunderbolt cable - v 1.0. Has been fast though working on my 500GB SSD MacBook Pro with 8 GB RAM and a 2.8 GHz Intel i7 is a bit faster - the RAM on that is 1600 MHz - so thinking the SSD and the faster RAM both help but I'm really clueless as to what does what and I read conflicting things on the Internet, so pro advice is welcome. Any thoughts on how I'm running my LR catalog welcome too. Thanks much!
  4. I have updated my laptop this past week - well, actually, for the first time, it seems my Mac did it for me - but I'm guessing I hit a button as I was nodding off or something - anyway, it's a MacBook Pro Retina 13" late 2013 (I downsized my laptop to make traveling with it easier). I haven't updated my 27" iMac (mid 2011). Sometimes the Nik filters are working - if I make one or two changes - either through LR or, if I'm in Photoshop, Color Effex was fine the first time, but then I could only get it to work sometimes and not up in filters, but using that annoying little floating thing. Define and Vivenza work most of the time, but in Color Effex if I do more than two things at a time it crashes - so all my saved presets are toast at the moment. DxO bought the Nik filters and are supposed to come out with new ones that work with Adobe products in mid-2018. Meantime, I downloaded a free trial of their software -nowhere as great, IMHO, as the Nik film emulators but they do have some interesting editing options that start from scratch with your RAW files - though I did not find that I could get the look I wanted without further work in Lightroom. They are supposed to have the U Point technology but it's a learning curve to figure out how to use the software and I'm only about 4-5 hours (one day) into it. I had hoped I could just bite the bullet and buy their Pro set of filters and other software to replace the Nik filters but I need to spend more time with their program first before I decide - I've read other reviews and found I'm not alone in finding the Nik film emulators to be the best. I've used Silver Effex for my fine art work and Color Effex for everything for years and I am really at a loss. I'll have to look into those work arounds or maybe I can open Tiffs in PS 5 and use them there. What a PITA! I hate the fact that all these companies seem to be aimed at the consumer market and are leaving us pros out to dry but at least DxO is working on integrating the Nik technology into their software - however, I don't know if it will be the same. I tried the DxO lighting fix (something I used to use in Nik Capture NX Pro which stopped working for me many OS updates ago) and was disappointed - but I haven't figured out how to access the U Point technology that is supposed to be integrated into the DxO software so maybe it will work - but right now I think that LR works much better to adjust lighting etc on RAW files. I really want Color Effex and Silver Effex back. Glad DxO bought it so hoping by mid years these issues will be moot. I can get it to work if I do no more than two steps at a time. slow going for sure.
  5. M - I thought that too. Just returning my second WD MY Passport Wireless - this one doesn't turn on after charging - the first wouldn't charge up at all. I have many WD drives including two from 2000 that are still working - old archived stuff backed up elsewhere too (not tempting fate) - this is the only one that's been a total bust. Also, without a little screen, how do you trust the photos are on there? I guess you can look from your MyCloud phone account? No clue since I never got mine to work. Is that how it works? Gen - I'm looking at new pro lenses - macro and zoom - for my Olympus OMD-E1. It's been great for traveling light. But definitely general travel and landscapes. I'll let you know how the other lenses work out but I'm no bird photographer and I have to think that for specialist work like that the larger glass may well be better although I tried the 300mm (600mm equivalent) at PhotoExpo two years ago and the detail was superb. Can you rent mirrorless or is there a camera store near you with a 15-day return policy that you could try out a mirrorless system? What about a hard case you can send through? Costly if it's three flights I'm sure. I wrote about the ease of traveling with mirrorless here: https://www.greatescapepublishing.com/articles/travel-photography/light-and-quiet-mirrorless-cameras-are-perfect-for-shooting-stock/ That's my daughter in the photo - which they licensed from Alamy I'm happy to say. I've actually got a series of articles about Alamy coming out later this month and next.
  6. Betty, best of luck with the move! I'm so overwhelmed with 20 years of stuff here, hoping to get it on the market and then I get started ... and give up thinking, oh well, maybe next year. At this point it looks like we need to replace our oil tank (above ground at least) - maybe I should take a few shots as they do it. And yes, packing and unpacking are good opportunities. Good luck!
  7. I've sold lots of snow photos to local magazines and calendar publishers, and have even sold iPhone snow shots . I had a bunch zoomed here back in November and December, but no snow sales showing here yet (it could be a couple of months before any show up - I had some zoomed twice for very specific locations, fingers crossed. I think it's a very viable subject - not available everywhere and less likely to be shot due to the cold. I've had seasonal images sell here - even a Thanksgiving photo, so I will keep photographing the snow. It gets me out when I'd rather stay inside.
  8. About 10% of my sales have been portrait in the past few years - and about 5% were square photos. I noticed that while I make an effort to shoot both portrait and landscape, especially as I started out shooting for local magazines and newspapers back when portrait orientation images sold more often (horizontal seems to be the preference on the web), I have not uploaded as many as I thought. I'm not sure why. I tend to crop a lot of portrait orientation images square, because they show up better as thumbnails, and that may be why. I should probably upload the horizontal, square and portrait versions. I'm not sure the percentage of portrait images in my portfolio, but a quick look through confirms that it is more than 10%.
  9. Anywhere from 1-30 with the low and high ends tending to be news uploads, regular stock seems to be more like 5-8 from a shoot. Haven't had a fail in a very, very long time but that doesn't influence me anymore. Right now I'm working my way through my huge backload so thinking I'll probably upload 10-20 at a time as I go through various shoots. I tend to edit very tightly, too tightly I think. A couple of years ago I started going through old shoots and uploading stuff I hadn't processed before, and had some good sales from those previously neglected images this past year. My idea of what makes a good photo and what makes a useful photo for stock has changed since I've been at this for nearly a decade now, and I'm hopeful that with my faster processing and decision skills, I'll get a lot more up. In the past, I've tended to shoot way too many photos at once, do a ton of bracketing, and then get bogged down when faced with too many choices, so I've resolved to shoot a lot less with the hope that I'll be able to actually process what I shoot and get it online. As I go through my old backload, I'm hoping to process both the "wow" photos - suitable for calendar clients and the like - as well as the practical stock photos - and upload about 10-20 a week here - that's my goal anyway. With the frigid whether we've had here in NY lately, other than some snow photos, it's a good time to hit my backload and then shoot new work come spring.
  10. Coastal Living magazine, January-February 2018 20 Best Places to Live on the Coast in 2018 https://www.coastalliving.com/travel/top-10/best-places-to-live-2018#20-best-places-to-live-2018-santa-cruz In print and/or and online from Alamy: EM4W11 Sean Pavone, Annapolis, MD (print and online) C1P7G0 Mira Images, Chatham, MA (print and online) https://www.coastalliving.com/travel/top-10/best-places-to-live-2018#20-best-places-to-live-2018-chatham-massachusetts JG5684, St. Simons Island, GA, Dawna Moore, Alamy (print and online) HA471Y, Beaufort, North Carolina, Rose-Marie Murray - horizontal online, cropped vertical in print I licensed a lighthouse image from Newport, RI directly to Coastal Living from my site late last year for this article on the 20 Best Places to live. In the magazine, in print, It's cropped vertical, although they licensed a horizontal image from me. What's interesting is that they have a different horizontal photo from another photographer in the online version, from another traditional site (not Alamy). Another time they licensed one of my photos from Alamy and it was on their facebook page but they had a different one in the online magazine. They paid me the day they licensed it back in November, so it works for me. Anyway, I wanted to share the Alamy images in the article. If you want to see mine, this link works if you're interested. https://mariannecampolongo.photoshelter.com/image/I00007vhg2CxuMCs (I should upload my image to Alamy - I have a ton from Newport, RI that I thought were online since Alamy has done well for me with those I have uploaded, licensing to DK books and others. I think my goal of adding 1000 new images this year will be easier than I thought. My backload is really huge.) Interestingly, although the first photo in the article is from a micro that shall not be named, when I searched tineye for the photos, I found some licensed from Alamy were also on the micros. Additionally, the photo from Mira Images, only on traditional sites, is also on their Photoshelter site, which is where my site is hosted. I guess you never know how a photo editor’s search is going to work. In 2012, Alamy licensed one of my photos of boats from Chatham, MA to them (another town on the same page as Newport, RI in the magazine) as well as another one last year. Wish they’d licensed another Chatham, MA pic to them for this. I have images from Annapolis too - it would’ve been a trifecta. They were the first national magazine that I licensed images to directly back in 2011 (boats from Rockland, ME). I searched google images first and it only showed 2 results for the first Alamy image, from Annapolis, this one from Coastal Living and another editorial use, while tineye had 24 results, including various sites from which the photo could be licensed. Google images only says in tiny print, when you click on find the image, that it might be copyright protected. Google images used to show all the sites where you could purchase images, even if they shared a giant copy people could appropriate. Now the images are smaller. I was able to find the images using the photographer's names, city, and "Alamy" on google, because all the info was already in the article. Glad some magazines still credit properly.
  11. Done in the first poll and this one. Nice choices all around.
  12. Yes Betty, I agree. It seems sometimes that the focus is on extending life at all costs, even costs that people would rather not bear both physically, emotionally and even financially, rather than improving its quality. But I'd freak out if a long life meant I only had 6 years left. These days 65 is the new 40 LOL. Working at least part time as photographers, we get to keep our bodies and minds active, since it's not really something you retire from, so let's hope that keeps us young.
  13. Episode 18 had me crying so funny but I think I liked the kittens and bubble wrap best because it was so random. I should be processing my huge backload of photos. You folks are a bad influence. Thanks
  14. I ended up in a different episode but OMG I know how I'm wasting my afternoon. Thanks for sharing. This show is fun. Not one I've seen on my side of the pond before.
  15. You're more than welcome Betty. Whatever the cause, it's such a tough situation for both of you. The local Alzheimer's Associations have great resources for patients, caregivers and their families and I would imagine they have great resources that will help with any kind of memory issues. They can help you find respite care and give you ideas of how to approach different issues. They are all volunteer and have offices across the country as well as being available by phone. If you haven't explored what they have to offer, I encourage you to do so. I know my good thoughts can't make things better, but I wish they could. Good thoughts and hugs for you too Allan. Getting old ain't for sissies, that's for sure. I'm always shocked when I meet someone in their 90's who is sharp as a tack and still able to live on their own. It seems so much rarer than when I was a kid/young adult in the 1970's. I had lots of elderly great aunts and uncles, some who lived into their 100's, and some very elderly neighbors who all got on very well. Nowadays I can think of only three elderly acquaintances who made it into their 90's or to 100 with good enough mental and physical health to manage well with very little outside assistance (all gone now). Those Big Macs and all our horribly processed foods haven't helped, I'm guessing.
  16. They say if you write something down - with pen and paper - you are more likely to remember it than if you type it on the computer. That's why paper calendars still make sense for a lot of people even though our iPhones will ping and remind us we have an appointment. Retracing your steps from the beginning can help you remember what you got up from your desk to do -- as well as where you left your reading glasses somewhere along the way. Sending hugs your way Betty. It really is one of the cruelest things to watch a loved one suffer with.
  17. I had the same thing happen with my D700. It was just out of warranty, around 8,000-12,000 clicks (I forget exactly - it was back in 2010). I was taking photos of two young kids jumping their horses and suddenly the continuous shooting stopped working. Embarrassing to be out with a client and of course I was still relatively new to this and did not have a backup camera - now I am never without one. I called Nikon to see how quickly I could get it fixed and they did it for free and even had me send it to their Long Island (NY) location since it was much closer to me, and rushed the repairs so I could get back out and re-shoot. Excellent customer service. I would hope Fuji would do the same. And perhaps under UK law they have to ... most warranties here in the US have language that basically says the warranty is #x years unless your state provides something different (i.e. longer). Good luck!
  18. Thanks Larry! I'll see if I can find that Meike 320P flash. I was hoping to buy lenses while Olympus had their sale, but missed the deadline. I may wait until it warms up a bit to get the 60mm. It's been hovering just about 0 degrees (Fahrenheit) here in NY so not much call for outdoor macros at the moment, though I guess I could use it for snowflakes.
  19. John, I use my Nikor close up lenses on the end of my 40-150mm Oly zoom as a cheap macro now (a $150 lens that is super light and very sharp - I'm keeping it even though I plan to get the pro zoom because it weighs nothing). I have a legacy 50mm Zuiko lens (from my OM-1 film days) - never figured out that backwards lens thing, Wim. I bought the extension tube to use my legacy 200mm on my EM-1 but it is useless or more likely I'm doing something wrong. Some other stuff I plan to sell... Bryan, I'll have to try the 50mm with my EM-1 and that tube thingy. Guessing the bokeh will be nice.
  20. Looks like a great place to check out. I'm guessing their quotes were better than what you could get from B&H or Adorama? I sold some Nikon equipment to Adorama when I moved from the D70 to the D700 and still regret giving away my excellent crop sensor lenses for peanuts on the dollar, but while I've done well buying on ebay, I don't relish the idea of selling there. What did you like about mpb?
  21. I'm keeping the 105 macro (an old non-AI one I bought on ebay eons ago but it's not like you can really use autofocus for macro, at least I don't think I could). I'm keeping the D700 and my 24-70mm and the 105mm, and selling off everything else. I was going to sell off the D700 but the folks at B&H convinced me I should keep it and a few lenses for studio work since I won't have a full frame otherwise and the bokeh/background is really better on a full frame. I can always take it out to my small garden too. I haven't sold any macro shots here, though a few abstract backgrounds keep earning me hundreds every year on those sites that shall not be named, and my flower macros have done well enough at a few pop-up and gallery shows, so my 105mm has certainly earned its keep. I also use my long lenses, especially my monster Sigma 50-500mm (sharp as a tack at 500mm and if I shoot fast I can even handhold it) for macros too. Easier to focus LOL. I'd love to know what you think of the 60mm Betty. Nice bokeh from what I can see Larbug. Really would love to figure out a flash setup.
  22. Fabulous portfolio! I'm planning to sell much of my Nikon gear and get myself another Oly mirrorless this year along with a macro lens. I'm curious, what flash are you are using? The guys at PhotoExpo told me I could use my Nikon flash with my OMD-E1 (the tiny flash that came with it doesn't work most of the time and is useless even when it does) but my Nikon SB-600 is about the same size as my camera, so I want to get something that keeps my kit as light as possible. What do you recommend and how do you diffuse it? Do you use a ring flash? Appreciate any tips. Thanks!
  23. This was for personal use, but seems like a nice one to start the year: Happy New Year to everyone! (My first sale in 2017 was also fireworks for personal use, not a bad tradition, good to start sales off early - Jan 2 in this case - now if one of those nice book sales would fall into place...thinking positive here)
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